Sunday, October 07, 2012

Here's a way to help and support your favorite bloggers and it DOESN'T COST YOU A PENNY!

Oct 7th, 2012 - You guys are doing a great job! Please keep clicking on ads when you visit the blogs. Don't go crazy but a few clicks each day is great!
UPDATE: Please keep it up~ You are doing a great job! Ad revenues are up BIG TIME!
When you go to blogs you like please click on the GOOGLE ADS - they look like the below ad... In doing so the blogger makes a few cents per click. It cost you nothing and it helps our fellow bloggers! Thanks!
The GOOGLE ADS have been removed on this blog by GOOGLE... No big deal... Just make sure you click on the ads on the blogs listed on my blog listing to the right.
They will look like the above ad or have "AD CHOICES" in small letters at the bottom of the ad.