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Colored Civil Rights Group Welcomes U.N. Official’s Call for Reparations in Trayvon Martin Case

So the U.N. (United Nations) has something to say about the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin???? The same U.N. who's officials have been caught raping and torturing black woman in every third world country they travel to??? FUCK THE U.N. and FUCK THIS BULLSHIT over a justified shooting of a piece of shit shithead in Florida!

A Florida advocacy group spearheading protests over the racially-charged Trayvon Martin shooting has welcomed the intervention of the United Nations’ human rights chief, who has called for the shooter to be put on trial and “reparations for the victims concerned.”

“We believe that the United Nations involvement can help prevent another Trayvon Martin situation in other counties across the world,” J. Willie David, president of the Florida Civil Rights Association, said in a statement provided to on Monday.

“The shooting death of Trayvon Martin and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law have created a worldwide movement that calls into question how justice is delivered to victims of color,” he said.

“The Florida Civil Rights Association is calling on the police and prosecutors to end their questionable practices of operating in secrecy when it comes to African Americans.”

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay commented on the Martin shooting during a visit to Barbados on Thursday.

The unarmed 17-year-old was shot dead in Sanford, Florida, on February 26 by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who says he acted in self-defense after being attacked by the black teenager. Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law provides immunity from prosecution for “justifiable use of force” in cases where a person reasonably believes there to be a threat of imminent death or serious bodily harm.

The incident triggered a massive outcry, and prompted investigations by the Sanford Police Department, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement – at the behest of Gov. Rick Scott – as well as the Department of Justice. A special prosecutor appointed by Scott on March 22, Angela Corey, said on Monday her investigation was continuing, although she ruled out using a grand jury.

Although local, state and federal inquiries have been underway for weeks, Pillay called for “an immediate investigation” into the shooting.

“Justice must be done for the victim,” she told a media briefing in Hastings, on the southern end of the Caribbean island. “It’s not just this individual case, it calls into question the delivery of justice in all situations like this.”

“In this particular case it was the family itself, their distress that became known to the general public – once again people pressure that has drawn attention to this case. It shouldn’t be so,” Pillay continued. “The law should operate equally in respect of all violations. So, like every other situation such as this, we will be urging an investigation, and prosecution and trial – and of course reparation for the victims concerned.”

Pillay, a South African jurist, was appointed U.N. rights chief in 2008 and is based in Geneva, at the home of the U.N. Human Rights Council. She is a former judge at the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Vice President Joe Biden charges U.S. Secret Service $20,900.00 for rent - His protection detail was staying in a guest house on his property

How ironic, the Secret Service can pay Joe Biden rent for his quest house but they can't pay for the sex they had with hookers in Colombia!

Part of Vice President Joe Biden's income last year came from the Secret Service, according to White House Dossier.

The agency paid Biden $20,900 to host agents on his property -- for his protection, reports Keith Koffler, who runs the White House Dossier website. The rent was for a “cottage” on Biden's property.

Not only did Biden bring in some extra income from the federal government, he also got a break on his taxes. His deductions for mortgage interest and taxes on that property means he only must report $12,653 of the $20,900 on his federal tax return, White House Dossier reports.

UPDATE: Misconduct alleged against U.S. Secret Service agents in Columbia - Agents refused to pay the hookers

Secret Service agents busted because they refused to pay hooker: source - Scandal was revealed Friday before President Obama arrived in Colombia for Summit of the Americas

The dozen Secret Service agents sent home after a prostitution scandal in Colombia were busted after at least one of them refused to pay a hooker, sources said.
The scandal — a black eye for the United States’ reputation abroad — was revealed Friday before President Obama arrived in Cartagena for the Summit of the Americas.

The 12 agents were part of an advance team meant to secure a local hotel before the summit began — yet their attention apparently turned to taking advantage of Colombia’s policy of legal prostitution.
“They had arranged to have a bunch of prostitutes come by and one of the agents refused to pay a prostitute,” said author Ronald Kessler, one of the leading experts on the Secret Service. “Yes, doubly good judgement there.”
Kessler, who was briefed on the investigation by his sources within the agency, told the Daily News Saturday that the spurned hooker went to the police to report the lack of payment. The local authorities then notified the U.S. officials, who immediately recalled the 12 agents back to Washington.

“Their careers are over,” said Kessler.

“Number one, it is against basic ethics to go to a prostitute,” he continued. “Number two, it is incredibly embarrassing to the White House.” “And number three,” he continued. “It could leave them open to blackmail and a possible assassination attempt.” Kessler said two of the agents were supervisors who attempted to cover up the mortifying incident.

A former Secret Service member told The New York Times that only one one agent tried to purchase the services of a hooker — but the whole team was recalled as part of the investigation. Prostitution is legal in Colombia, as long as it is conducted in so-called “tolerance zones.” Though the exact boundaries of the zones frequently change and are rarely enforced by police, the coastal city of Cartagena is a popular destination for prostitution and sex tourism, according to the U.S. State Department website.

It was not immediately clear where the incident occurred. The agents were staying at the beachfront Hotel Caribe, which is also hosting the White House staff and the traveling press team. Guests at the swanky hotel told reporters that several of the agents had been spotted drinking heavily during their week-long stay. Obama landed in Cartagena Friday night and attended a formal dinner with the other world leaders at Castillo San Felipe de Barajasajas, an historic Spanish fortress.
The President, who has a full day of summit events scheduled for Saturday, has not addressed the Secret Service scandal. He is not staying at the Hotel Caribe. The Secret Service did not release any details on the allegations Saturday. The night before, the agency — which is charged with protecting the President — confirmed that the officers were pulled back to Washington.
“The Secret Service takes all allegations of misconduct seriously,” agency spokesman Edwin Donovan said in a statement. “These personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security plan that has been prepared in advance of the President’s trip.” Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, told The Washington Post the accusations relate to at least one agent having involvement with prostitutes in Cartagena. The newspaper also reported that several of the agents are married.

All of the agents are based in Washington, D.C., according to Kessler, author of “In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect.”
The matter was turned over to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which handles the Secret Services’ internal affairs.

Midwest storms: Tornadoes, severe storms threaten country’s midsection

Below are continuing updates tracking the severe weather battering parts of the Midwest. Forecasters have cautioned that Saturday could be a day of "life-threatening" storms, according to the Associated Press. The area at risk stretches from Texas to Minnesota. All times are Central Standard.

3:19 p.m. (CST): The severe to strong weather is expected to affect parts of the central and southern Plains this afternoon and tonight, says the National Weather Service. The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting the development of strong to violent long-track tornadoes in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

2:16 p.m. (CST): The National Weather Service in Dodge City, Kan. has confirmed a tornado 8 miles northwest of Spearville, Kan.

2:15 p.m. (CST): Baseball-sized hail crashed through windows in northeast Nebraska and at least three possible tornadoes have been reported in parts of Oklahoma, according to an AP report.

1:50 p.m. (CST): The University of Nebraska cancelled their Spring scrimmage as hail and sharp lightning moved through the area 90 minutes before the scheduled kickoff. The Associated Press reports officials decided to cancel rather than delay the scrimmage because of the threat of more strong storms and possible tornadoes later in the day.

1:04 p.m. (CST): The National Weather Service in Hastings has issued tornado warnings in North Central Kansas. Warnings are for Northwestern Osborne County and Southern Smith County.

Another Bee Gee on the way out.... Robin Gibb on death's door....

Singer and songwriter Robin Gibb -- who with his brothers, Maurice and Barry, made up the Bee Gees -- is gravely ill in a London hospital, according to British media reports.

Although past reports have said he was battling liver cancer, Gibb has not acknowledged that publicly. Until recently Gibb, 62, seemed to be making what he called a "spectacular" recovery from surgery to remove a growth from his colon.

Then, late last month he was hospitalized for intestinal surgery.

According to the Sun newspaper, which cited a family friend Saturday, he now is in a coma.

The newspaper and the Press Association news agency said family members including wife Dwina and brother Barry were at his bedside.

Maurice Gibb, Robin's fraternal twin, died at 53 of complications due to a twisted small intestine, which an autopsy determined was a congenital condition.

In August 2010, Robin Gibb had surgery for the same sort of blockage.

Gibb's publicist, Doug Wright, declined to comment, but Gibb's son has acknowledged that the 62-year-old musician is seriously ill in a hospital.

In a career that peaked with the disco music of 1977's "Saturday Night Fever," the Bee Gees have sold more than 120 million records. Closely associated with disco, the Bee Gees were also prime targets for the backlash against the genre.

But many argue that dismissing the group as less-than-worthy is a mistake. In 1997, the year the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Times music critic Robert Hilburn wrote:

"Those views are shortsighted. Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb injected an infectious dance floor pulse into their hits of the '70s, but the records had a style, individuality and grace that made them far superior to the standard disco fare of the period."

The group has had 15 top 10 records in the United States, including six consecutive No. 1 singles in the late '70s, and won six Grammy Awards.

Andy Gibb, the family's fourth brother and a solo artist, died of heart failure in 1988 at age 30 after years of struggling with cocaine addiction.

Porn actor SLEDGE HAMMER dead after clash with LAPD officers

The porn star known as Sledge Hammer died early Friday, five days after he became violent with paramedics and was stunned with a Taser and restrained by Los Angeles police officers, authorities said.

The incident began Sunday when authorities responded to a call of an attempted suicide in the Reseda area. When paramedics and officers arrived they found Marland Anderson, known as Sledge Hammer on screen, with his girlfriend. Anderson had suffered a knife injury, said Lt. Andrew Neiman.

The girlfriend told officers Anderson tried to hurt himself with the knife and she pried it away from him, Neiman said.

He was then handcuffed to a gurney by police for transportation in an ambulance. Once inside the ambulance, Neiman said, Anderson tried to stand up, but acted with such force that he broke the gurney free from a floor lock and broke the handcuff.

To restrain Anderson, an officer then used a Taser but it failed to stop the agitated actor, Neiman said. Several officers eventually managed to restrain Anderson, Neiman said. He was taken to a hospital, where he died Friday morning, Neiman said.

Man fatally shot by Dolton, Illinois police after being seen shooting another man outside colored nightclub

A man was killed in a shootout with police after they witnessed him shooting another man outside a nightclub in south suburban Dolton, a village spokeswoman said.

About 2:25 a.m., police heard gunfire and saw a man shoot another man several times, said Village Of Dolton spokeswoman TaQuoya Kennedy.

Police approached the gunshot victim and the gunman. The gunman fired shots at the police and ran a half block, Kennedy said. Police returned fire.

Click here for the full news story

The good old days of police work! Thanks to CFD Billy K!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel goes bananas about the longer school day


If you recall, I valiantly tried to save Mayor Emanuel from the mess he got himself into when he unilaterally declared that, from here on out, the public school children of Chicago would have to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes.

Whoops—wrong decree.

That's the one dictated by the nutcase dictator in Bananas, one of my favorite Woody Allen comedies.

In some ways, the underwear decree makes more sense than the one where Mayor Emanuel ordered all public school grammar children to spend another 105 minutes in the classroom each day. Even if they don't need that extra time, and many do not, as they’re already among the highest-achievers in the state.


Ryan O’Neal Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer - Ron Huberman said it was like hitting a giant speed bump with his little wee-wee!

U.S. actor Ryan O’Neal has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. “Recently I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer,” O’Neal says in a statement released by his rep exclusively to PEOPLE.

O’Neal has had some difficult struggles with life recently, battling leukemia and losing his longtime partner Farrah Fawcett, who died at age 62 of anal cancer. O’Neal was treated in the late 1990s for myelogenous leukemia, which causes the bone marrow to produce too many white blood cells.

“Although I was shocked and stunned by the news, I feel fortunate that it was detected early and according to my extraordinary team of doctors the prognosis is positive for a full recovery,” the statement adds. “I am deeply grateful for the support of my friends and family during this time, and I urge everyone to get regular check-ups, as early detection is the best defense against this horrible disease that has afflicted so many.”

O’Neal is right: Early detection leads to more positive treatment outcomes for men with prostate cancer. A celebrity like O’Neal making this statement increases cancer awareness and will hopefully encourage more men to get checked.

The price of sex - Coach Petrino loses 18 Million Dollars over affair & Best Buy C.E.O. loses job & millions over affair with Best Buy female employee

Photo: Coach Bobby Petrino and his 25 year old homebreaking gold-digging gal-pal Jessica Dorrell

When Bobby Petrino arrived as Arkansas coach in 2007 he was hailed with shouts of “Woo Pig Sooie!” On Tuesday he was dismissed in disgrace for having “knowingly misled” the university regarding a relationship he maintained with a school employee half his age.

Petrino, 51, was fired with cause by athletic director Jeff Long. Petrino is expected to lose over $18,000,000.00 in salary and endorsements.


Long’s decision came after he reviewed the relationship between Petrino and Jessica Dorrell, an athletics department employee who was riding on the back of Petrino’s motorcycle when he crashed into a pit on April 1.

Petrino, who is married with four children, did not tell his bosses that Dorrell was with him at the time of the crash. He suffered four broken ribs, a cracked vertebrae in his neck and numerous abrasions on his face.

Read more:


Photo: CEO Brian Dunn says he lost a stack of cash this high over some bad stanky putnany!

Best Buy: CEO Brian Dunn resigns over 'personal conduct' issue - "Schlepping the hired help"

Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigned abruptly Tuesday, April 10, amid a board investigation into his "personal conduct," the company said. "Certain issues were brought to the board's attention regarding Mr. Dunn's personal conduct, unrelated to the company's operations or financial controls, and an audit committee investigation was initiated," Best Buy said in a statement.

"Prior to the completion of the investigation, Mr. Dunn chose to resign."

The Richfield-based consumer electronics giant disclosed no further details.

Cheryl Petzel: Village provided a happy egg hunt for Oak Lawn families

Typical of what is happening everyday in Oak Lawn... The highlight of the Easter Egg Hunt was the colored boys seeing how many Easter Eggs they could steal from the white children.

Greetings fellow Oak Lawnians and all the new Oak Lawn Section 8 colored dwellers! The village of Oak Lawn’s annual Easter Egg Hunt took place recently on a stunning spring day that brought out crowds of families to the Village Green to get a jump start on Easter.

Children in pre-school through fourth grade were able to participate in each of the three egg hunts, which were scheduled for 11:30 a.m., noon and 12:30 p.m. Festive Easter decorations surrounded the area where the egg hunt took place and this year’s event featured a special surprise for the kiddies. Several eggs had a note inside letting the children know they had won an Easter basket.


3 Murdered - At Least 7 more shot & wounded in African American Chicago Violence overnight

Three people are dead and seven others were wounded during shootings by colored folks throughout the city Friday night and early Saturday. Two men and a woman were shot dead early Saturday throughout the city. At 1:23 a.m., a 52-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the neck in the 6400 block of South Langley Avenue, police said. David Loggins, of the 6500 block of South Champlain Avenue, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. A man was shot in the chest in the 6600 block of South Racine Avenue at 2:44 a.m., police said.

The 31-year-old man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead at 3:43 a.m., according to the medical examiner’s office. The victim’s name is not being released pending family notification. The victim was an on-duty cabdriver from Lansing, a source said. At 4:33 a.m., a 21-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the 3900 block of West 19th Street, police said. She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

At least seven other people were wounded in shootings throughout the city.


Sheriff Tom Dart: Homewood Cemetery not burying free Section 8 burials! Even in death these colored folks deserve a free place to stay!!!

The Cook County Sheriff's office is investigating a south suburban cemetery after 11 unburied caskets containing African American bodies were discovered Friday afternoon. Our tax dollars paid for these free burials and the caskets should have been buried by now.

Investigators were notified Thursday after a person was told their loved one had been buried but found the person was not, said sheriff's spokesman Frank Bilecki.

When investigators arrived at the cemetery Friday morning, they found 11 unburied bodies at a chapel at Homewood Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Thornton, Bilecki said.

All the unburied bodies were public aid burials that the manager of the cemetery had put off burying, Bilecki said. The state pays $1,600 for public aid burials.


Lingerie Football League goes on hiatus for 2012 season - Say good bye to the naughty nightie gals!

The Lingerie Football League is hanging up its garters for the 2012 season.

League spokesman Jim Wallin announced Friday that the LFL will go on hiatus until April 2013 so it can get on a warm-weather schedule in the spring and summer. Until then, players will go on promotional tours in Australia and Asia.

The seven-on-seven female league was created in 2009. Eleven teams played in the 2011 season, which culminated in a third straight championship for the Los Angeles Temptation. But, there I go, acting like the league is about football and not bras and panties and unattached garter clips.

Plans to expand into more U.S. cities and Canada will be explored during the hiatus.

Pretty Unusual - Colored man gets 12 yrs in prison for ironing his work shirt on baby's back.... A colored man with a work shirt is the unusal part..

ROCKFORD -- A Rockford man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after burning a toddler by using her back to iron one of his work shirts.

The Rockford Register Star reports that 43-year-old Elliott Moore pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated battery to a child before being sentenced.

Rockford police were sent to Rockford Memorial Hospital on Feb. 5, 2010 to take a report on the 18-month-old child, who had a large, open burn mark in the middle of her back.

The child's mother says Moore lived with her and watched her children while she was at school.

Moore admitted to detectives that he ironed one of his work shirts on the child's back because he was having difficulty ironing with the child sitting on his lap.

Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr., 31, fatally shot by California Orange County Sheriff Deputy is buried in Illinois hometown

The unarmed U.S. Marine who was fatally shot by an Orange County sheriff’s deputy in a darkened high school parking lot in February, was buried Friday afternoon after a service in his hometown of Joliet, Ill.

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr., 31, was sitting in his white GMC Yukon in the parking lot of San Clemente High School with his two daughters, ages 14 and 9, when a sheriff’s deputy -– who later said he feared for the safety of the girls -– opened fire on him in the predawn dark.

The Sheriff’s Department said Loggins had crashed his SUV through the parking lot gate, acted erratically and ignored the deputy’s orders in the Feb. 7 incident.

Loggins, whose friends described him as a consummate Marine and a deeply religious man, frequently went to the high school track for morning “prayer walks” with his family.

The shooting has driven a wedge between the Marine Corps and sheriff's deputies in San Clemente, a beach town in south Orange County where the uniforms of both are a common sight. Camp Pendleton, where Loggins was based, is nearly adjacent to San Clemente, and sheriff's deputies patrol the city's streets.

Loggins was buried at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill., after a service at Refuge Mission United Holy Church of America in Joliet.

The Orange County district attorney’s office is investigating the shooting.
The Loggins family attorney, Brian Dunn, said he expects to file a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department within weeks.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Black wildebbest brawl over last available polish sausage at Maxwell Street Style Restaurant after the bars close

A group of fat nasty black wildebeests get into a fight at a Chicago Southside Maxwell Street Polish Sausage Restaurant over the last Polish Sausage being sold.

Since Illinois is so deep under water in debt, U.S. Navy to name new submarine - U.S.S. Illinois

CHICAGO — The Navy has named a new Virginia-class attack submarine the USS Illinois.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced names for five new submarines on Friday. They will be named the USS Illinois, the USS Washington, the USS Colorado, the USS Indiana and the USS South Dakota.

The Navy says none of the five states has had a ship named for it for more than 49 years. The USS Illinois submarine is the second ship named for Illinois. Illinois is home to the Navy’s Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, north of Chicago. It’s where all enlisted sailors begin service.

The next-generation submarines have sophisticated surveillance capabilities and special warfare enhancements. They can attack with Tomahawk missiles. The submarines weigh 7,800 tons and are 377 feet long.

Liberal Harvard Law Professor Says Charges Against George Zimmerman Won't Hold Up - The case is bullshit!

Oregon company with ties to Rahm Emanuel given million dollar plus Chicago bike sharing contract - The only thing going green is the cash envelopes!

Photo: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein congratulating each other on another CHICAGO WAY inside deal...

Council panel gives Oregon firm OK to run bike-sharing program
An Oregon company that once hired Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s transportation commissioner as a consultant got the go-ahead Friday to offer 4,000 bikes for rental at 400 stations for the next fifteen years.


Cracker Barrel shooting: Gunman angered over wife leaving him kills two before cops gun him down at Ohio restaurant

BROOKLYN, Ohio - Police shot and killed an armed man at a crowded Cracker Barrel restaurant where a woman and a girl had been killed and another person was wounded, sending customers fleeing out the back door.

The restaurant said the violence appeared to be the result of a domestic dispute between two customers. Authorities said a woman called 911 from the restaurant Thursday night, saying her husband was upset because she told him she was leaving him. He left the restaurant and was circling the parking lot, the woman told police.

Officers heard gunshots when they arrived and saw an armed man leaving the restaurant, which is located in a busy commercial corridor near Interstate 480 just south of Cleveland.

Police Chief Scott Mielke said officers shot him when he refused to surrender. The wounded person was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center but no condition was available.

Investigators remained at the scene until dawn Friday.

Police couldn't immediately say Friday whether the other victims were shot or describe any relationship between the victims and armed man. The names weren't released.

An eyewitness inside the restaurant, Robert Lovelace, told WKYC-TV that the shooting scene was chaotic.

"We all ran," Lovelace said. He said people in the restaurant didn't know what was happening. "We just told them, `Look, let's get out of here,'" he said.

The manager helped move people to safety through a rear door, the company said.

The restaurant will remain closed until the investigation is completed, Cracker Barrel spokeswoman Julie K. Davis said in an email from corporate offices in Lebanon, Tenn.

"This appears to be the result of a domestic dispute between two guests and no Cracker Barrel employees were involved," she said.

International Private Investigator Paul Huebl - "Why Chicago’s Deadly Violence is Nearly the Exclusive Province to African-American Criminals"

CRIME FILE NEWS BLOG, created by retired Chicago cop and international private eye Paul Huebl, has a new posting up - "Why Chicago’s Deadly Violence is Nearly the Exclusive Province to African-American Criminals"


Cullen Mutrie, 29, suspected killer of New Hampshire police chief found dead

Shot and killed police chief, shot and wounded 4 police officers during a search warrant of his residence.

Cullen Mutrie suspected of killing Greenland’s police chief and wounding four other officers was found dead inside his home early Friday morning, police said.

Cullen Mutrie, 29, who lived at 517 Post Road, where the officers were shot, was found dead from gunshot wounds after a tactical robot was sent into the home at 2 a.m. A female acquaintance, who has not been identified, was also found dead, possibly from a double suicide or murder-suicide, said Attorney General Michael Delaney.

Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney, 48, was with the department for 12 years. He was set to retire in one week. Delaney said he was shot and killed trying to gain entry to the home while serving a drug-related warrant.


Black Cigar Man.... Treyvon Martin & black slaves

Greenland, NH - Police Chief days from retirement shot and killed 4 other officers shot in drug raid

GREENLAND, N.H. -- Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney was killed and four officers were injured in a shooting in Greenland tonight that has now turned into a standoff. The officers were serving a search warrant as part of a drug investigation.
Maloney, who was with the department for 12 years, planned to retire in a week.

Police were confronted by an armed suspect at the home on 517 Post Road at about 6 p.m., according to Attorney General Michael Delaney. That suspect and a female were still inside the home Thursday night as police tried to negotiated a peaceful resolution.

Photos From Scene - Click here

Post Road was closed south of Breakfast Hill Road after the shooting. Police have told nearby residents to go into their homes and were telling people to avoid the area. Portsmouth Regional Hospital was on high alert, and vehicles from several departments were arriving at the hospital. Gov. John Lynch was also on his way to the hospital.

Early Friday morning, Attorney General Michael Delaney released information about the other four officers who were injured:

•Detective Gregory Turner, 32, a six-year veteran of the Dover Police Department, was treated and released after gunshot wound to shoulder.
•Detective Eric Kulberg, 31, of the University of New Hampshire police, was treated and released after a gunshot wound to the arm.
•Detective Scott Kukesh, 33, a 10-year veteran with the Newmarket Police Department, was in the intensive care unit with a bullet wound to the chest. He was waiting for surgery.
•Detective Jeremiah Murphy, 34, a seven-year veteran of the Rochester Police Department, was in the intensive care unit after surgery for a gunshot wound to chest.

Greenland is a small seacoast town of about 3,500 residents, just west of Portsmouth.

The Greenland Central School was set up as a staging area for authorities and was closed for school on Friday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Paper Target for Pistol Range - Hoodie Hoodlums - A Trayvon Martin inspired target

7 Year Old Girl and 9 Year Old Boy among handful shot Thursday in Chicago - All before 9 PM - More to come all night long as black violence soars

A 9-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man were both wounded late this afternoon in a shooting on the South Side in the city's Chicago Lawn neighborhood.

Preliminary reports stated the boy and the man were shot about 5 p.m. on the 6100 block of South Maplewood Street, police said.



A 7-year-old girl was shot in the thigh about 7:10 p.m. on the Far South Side by one of two men who started arguing after a basketball game, police said.

The girl was shot in the Golden Gate neighborhood, just wast of the Altgeld Gardens, on the 13200 block of S. St. Lawrence Avenue.

Two men were playing basketball nearby and started arguing when one of them grabbed a gun and opened fire, police said, hitting the child but missing the apparent target.

The girl is in good condition at Metro South Hospital, police said.

About the same time, three men were shot, one fatally, on the 600 block of West 115th Street in the Roseland neighborhood.


7 Year Old Girl and 9 Year Old Boy among handful shot Thursday in Chicago - All before 9 PM - More to come all night long as black violence soars

7 Year Old Girl and 9 Year Old Boy among handful shot Thursday in Chicago - All before 9 PM - More to come all night long as black violence soars

Police fired more than 90 rounds at man after high speed chase - Suspect is now Swiss Cheese Dead

Eight Los Angeles police officers fired more than 90 rounds at an unarmed 19-year-old man who had led them on a high speed freeway pursuit and called 911 to threaten them with a gun, authorities said.

The shooting played out on live television after Abdul Arian refused to pull over when police tried to stop him for erratic driving. He led police on a chase onto the 101 Freeway, where he stopped in dramatic fashion -- turning his car and stopping across eastbound lanes.

He jumped out of the car and ran. Then he turned and appeared to run backwards. Police said he assumed a "shooting stance" and appeared to raise his arms and appear to point a weapon, prompting them to open fire, killing him.

No gun was found at the scene, but police released statements Arian made to a 911 dispatcher in which he claims he has a weapon and makes it clear that he's not afraid to use it.

"I have a gun," Arian said.

"I've been arrested before for possession of destructive devices; I'm not afraid of the cops."

He also said: "If they pull their guns, I'm going to have to pull my gun out on them."

According to a news release, the dispatcher pleaded with Arian to surrender peacefully, saying, "I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Arian responded with expletives and a threat: "... these police, they're going to get hurt."

The department's force investigation division kept the freeway closed all night as they collected evidence and conducted interviews. Department officials will review several factors related to the incident, including communication tactics and whether the large number of rounds fired endangered other freeway motorists.

No breakdowns were available about how many shots each officer fired.

Gov. Pat Quinn gives Rahm Emanuel $10 Million Dollars to clean up Chicago River and to open nude gay beaches

Get your swimsuits ready — Gov. Pat Quinn says it won’t be long before the Chicago River will be clean enough to swim in.

The governor on Thursday couldn’t contain his enthusiasm — and sounded like he was ready to dive right in — after announcing $10 million in state funding will be used to help disinfect discharges into the river.

On a picture-perfect Thursday, Quinn stood on the banks of the Chicago River beside Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson and dreamed of a day when the Chicago River will be clean enough for swimming.

“Mayor Richard J. Daley once said many years ago that he wanted to be able to fish in the Chicago River at lunch time. We’re not ready yet. But we want to realize the dream of Richard J. Daley to make the Chicago River as clean as possible,” the governor said.


Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel defends new crime strategy against gangs, says it should have been done sooner - Throwing Garry McCarthy under the bus

Due to black violence, Chicago murders shot up 60%... So what's a big city mayor to do? Throw your police superintendent under the bus! And blame him for not starting a street gang audit sooner... The only problem with that is - A STREET GANG AUDIT WON'T DO A SINGLE FUCKING THING TO LOWER THE MURDER RATE! It's not gang murders... IT'S BLACK VIOLENCE! And when your too fucking scared to mention the truth, NOTHING GETS SOLVED!

Under fire for a 60 percent surge in Chicago homicides, Mayor Rahm Emanuel pointed fingers Thursday without naming names.

The mayor ticked off the steps he has taken, so far without success, to stop the bloodbath. They include: gang audits, a stricter curfew policy, increased spending for after-school programs, shifting 600 police officers from desk jobs to street duty and cracking down on liquor and convenience stores.

Then, he asked a fundamental question.

“You can say, are you doing it right? [But] the question is, why were those policies not done before? Why was it the police department was not organized to have a gang audit to do pro-active efforts to intervene on reprisal shootings that are driving the numbers? We’re doing that,” the mayor said.


Judicial Tyranny Reigns Supreme in Illinois for Drew Peterson and Everyone

Paul Huebl our resident expert in the legal field, chimes in on the recent appeal's court decision to allow hearsay evidence in during the Drew Peterson murder trial.
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If you don't think George Zimmerman was charged due to political & black pressure...

George Zimmerman to be held without bail in a 2nd degree murder charge.....
I have NEVER EVER seen a person charged with a 2nd degree charge held without bond!
Florida politicians are pandering to the the shitheads on this one!

BUMPED UP DUE TO DEMAND! This Just In To The DSLC News Room....Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is actually Miss Piggy!

Congratulations to Florida State Attorney Angela Corey!!!! She just broke the all time download record on Detective Shavedlongcock! This image of Angela Corey and her identical twin sister Miss Piggy.... was downloaded over 26,000 times in the last 24 hours! Thus breaking all previous download records on DSLC News!

Detective Shavedlongcock grants a rare media interview on his 4th birthday! Dave Smith of the International Business Times


Happy 4th Birthday to Detective Shavedlongcock

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My gal Julia Roberts is looking FANTASTIC at 44! Julia Roberts in her bikini!

Not bad for 44! Beach mum-of-three Julia Roberts shows off her fantastic figure as she frolics in sea with her family
She has three children under the age of eight.

But while other mothers might fret about their figures or feel shy about their stretch marks, Julia Roberts was happy to show off her enviable beach body.

She proved that giving birth hasn’t stopped her from staying in shape as she splashed in the sea with her cameraman husband Danny Moder and their children – twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, both seven, and four-year-old Henry.

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Once again Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times has her head so far up her giant ass....She can't see the real truth

Too many black victims of crime wait in vain for justice, by Chicago Sun-Time's MARY MITCHELL:

Despite the divisive nature of the Trayvon Martin shooting controversy, the teen’s death has forced the nation to take notice of how the criminal justice system fails black people.


Detective Shavedlongcock Says:

You have it 100% wrong as usual Ms. Mitchell. It's not that the Government or the Justice System that has failed the black people, it's that the black people themselves who has failed the black people. In Chicago over 99% of the shootings and murders of black people are done at the hands of the black people. In most cases the the victims (in cases where the person shot survives) and the witnesses refuse to speak with and/or cooperate with the investigating police agency. So get off you race baiting horse and open your racist eyes.... Quit blaming everybody else for what your own people are responsible for.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chicago Homicides up 60% over last year!

Homicides in Chicago soared by 60 percent in the first three months of 2012, continuing a troublesome trend that began late last year. Nonfatal shootings also rose sharply in the first quarter, Police Department statistics show.

The worsening violence comes as the Emanuel administration touts its efforts to combat gang crime and add officers and resources to some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Chicago police blame street gangs for much of the violence. Another contributing factor for the rise in homicides was the unseasonably warm weather this past winter, according to criminologists, but Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy scoffed at that explanation earlier this year. The reason is pure and simple, African Americans are out of control and their lawless actions are skyrocketing the murder rate.

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Florida State Attorney Angela Corey annonces charges as she says TRAYVON 100 times - She doesn't sound too bias here does she????

If I was George Zimmerman's attorney, I would play this video at his trial. The Florida State Attorney Angela Corey made it sound like she and her team were 10000% bias against George Zimmerman as she pandered and kissed the asses of the Martin family. Corey spoke like Trayvon was her own son who was an angel!

Double Standard: Black Men Named Trayvon Get Killed all the Time, But The Left Doesn't Care

UPDATE: 2nd Degree Murder Charges Announced by Florida State Attorney General as she panders for prayers for Martin's family.....
Placing a bad charge against Zimmerman just to appease the blacks will explode in their faces when he is found not guilty or the charges are dropped....

Illegal Beaner Chitling brings 50 bags of Heroin for his classroom "Show & Tell" Step-Daddy Santos Roman arrested

Photo: Santos Roman, 35, was arrested Monday after arriving at the school where his 5-year-old stepson brought 50 packets of heroin in Roman's jacket for show and tell.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A 5-year-old boy found dozens of bags of heroin inside a jacket he had taken to school and showed them to his kindergarten classmates, the school superintendent said Tuesday.

Bridgeport Superintendent Paul Vallas (former Chicagoan) said he believes the boy took his stepfather's jacket to school on Monday without knowing the drugs were inside it.

"Children bring to school what they find at home," he said.

Police have told the Connecticut Post the boy took 50 packets of heroin out when it came time for a show-and-tell presentation, but Vallas said the boy only waved the heroin around at his cubicle. Police did not respond to messages seeking comment Tuesday.

The boy's stepfather, 35-year-old Santos Roman, went to the school and recovered the jacket, but police had already seized the drugs, officials said. He was arrested when he returned to the school after apparently discovering the heroin was missing, Vallas said.

Roman was arrested on risk of injury to a minor and drug charges. He appeared Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court and was ordered held on $100,000 bail. He wasn't available to comment from jail, and there was no phone number listed for his home address.

The Department of Children and Families placed the boy in the custody of his grandmother, even though his mother went to the school to take him home, Vallas said.

Vallas praised the reactions of the teacher who initially noticed the drugs, worth about $500 on the street, and of others involved in the response.

"I think everybody operated like clockwork," he said.

It's slowly happening - A group of camouflaged Arizona gunmen open fire on pickup truck carrying illegal beaners, killing 2

Authorities in southern Arizona say two men in a pickup truck carrying illegal immigrants were fatally shot near Eloy.

Pima County Sheriff's officials say it appears the truck was ambushed by an unknown number of people dressed in camouflage and armed with rifles late Sunday night.

Border Patrol agents and police officers from Eloy and Coolidge responded to a report of shots fired about 10:30 p.m. in an area known for human smuggling activity.

Authorities say one man was found dead inside the bed of the truck and another victim was located in a wash near the vehicle. Their identities haven't been released.

Detectives say it appears shot were fired at the truck by the ambush group.

Several illegal immigrants were found hiding in the desert near the truck.

Cops don't know why the gunmen targeted the pickup, but the area has been plagued by human trafficking activity, Dawn M. Barkman, a spokeswoman for the Pima County Sheriff's Department, told the Arizona Republic.

In the past, violent crews have ambushed groups of illegal immigrants coming across the border to rob them or hold them for ransom, the Republic said.

Barkman said "every possibility is being investigated."

RICHLANDS, N.C Police Chief Thomas Bennett can't pass the pistol range.... he's on suspension now

RICHLANDS, N.C. -- The police chief of a North Carolina town has been prohibited from carrying a badge and gun because he couldn't shoot straight.

Police Chief Thomas Bennett was suspended as a law enforcement officer after failing his recent annual firearms qualification exam.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reports ( that Bennett has been police chief in Richlands, near the Atlantic coast, since 1999 and plans to retire in July.

Bennett's suspended certification also means he cannot turn on the blue lights on a police cruiser or make a traffic stop.

Bennett says he is still able to perform job duties related to managing the police department.

Town Administrator Gregg Whitehead says Bennett has been asked to take the firearms test again.

As Chicago area murders SKYROCKET - Rahm is pushing for tougher gang laws! We need double secret probabtion!

As murder skyrockets in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling on the Illinois General Assembly to pass a law to target gang members with federal-style racketeering cases. A bill sponsored by Rep. Michael Zalewski (D-Riverside) passed the House with bipartisan support in March 2011.


(UPDATE: Second major quake rocks area) - 8.7-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesia, triggering tsunami watch

This is the 3rd powerful earthquake to strike the Indonesia and Japan area recently... This area is going to be wiped out soon with a super earthquake...

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Two massive earthquakes triggered back-to-back tsunami warnings for Indonesia on Wednesday, sending panicked residents fleeing to high ground in cars and on the backs of motorcycles. No deadly waves or serious damage resulted, and a watch for much of the Indian Ocean was lifted after a few hours.

Women and children cried in Aceh, where memories are still raw of a 2004 tsunami that killed 170,000 people in the province alone. Others screamed "God is great" as they poured from their homes or searched frantically for separated family members.

Patients were wheeled out of hospitals, some still lying in their beds with drips attached to their arms. And at least one hotel guest was slightly injured when he jumped out of his window.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the first 8.6-magnitude quake was a shallow 14 miles, hitting in the sea 270 miles (435 kilometers) from Aceh's provincial capital.

An alert that followed from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii advised countries all along the rim of the Indian Ocean, from Australia and India to as far off as Africa, that a seismically charged wave could head their way.

Two deadly tsunamis in the last decade -- the most recent off Japan just one year ago -- have left the world much better prepared.

Sirens sounded along coastlines and warnings spread like wildfire by mobile phone text messaging. Though often chaotic, evacuations began immediately with streets clogged with traffic, especially in Aceh.

The only wave to hit, though, was less than 30 inches high, rolling to Indonesia's emptied coastline.

Just as the region was sighing relief, an 8.2-magnitude aftershock followed.

"We just issued another tsunami warning," Prih Harjadi, from Indonesia's geophysics agency, told TVOne in a live interview.

He told his countrymen to stay clear of western coasts.

Residents in Aceh could hardly believe it.

"What did we do to deserve this?" cried Aisyah Husaini, 47, who lost both her parents and a son in the 2004 tsunami. "What sins have we committed?"

"I'm so scared, I don't want to lose my family again," she said, clinging to her two children in a mosque in Banda Aceh, where hundreds of people sheltered.

Again, though, the threat quickly passed.

Experts said Wednesday's quakes did not have the potential to create massive tsunamis because the friction and shaking occurred horizontally, not vertically. The earth's tectonic plates slid against each other, creating more of a vibration in the water.

In contrast, mega-thrust quakes cause the seabed to rise or drop vertically, displacing massive amounts of water and sending towering waves racing across the ocean at jetliner speeds.

Roger Musson, seismologist at the British geological survey who has studied Sumatra's fault lines, said initially he'd been "fearing the worst."

"But as soon as I discovered what type of earthquake it was ... I felt a lot better."

The tremors were felt in neighboring Malaysia, where high-rise buildings shook, and Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Those countries, Sri Lanka and the Maldives evacuated buildings and beaches and readied relief efforts in case of disaster.

The World Meteorological Organization said communication systems set up after the 2004 tsunami appeared to have worked well.

"Our records indicate that all the national meteorological services in the countries at risk by this tsunami have received the warnings in under five minutes," said Maryam Golnaraghi, the head of WMO's disaster risk reduction program.

The alert was sent out by U.S. National Weather Service, which operates a tsunami warning station in Hawaii, she said.

Indonesia straddles a series of fault lines that makes the vast island nation prone to volcanic and seismic activity.

The giant 9.1-magnitude quake and tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004, killed 230,000 people in about a dozen nations.

UPDATE: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Group of blacks beat white guy stealing everything including his clothes - AND NOT ONE WORD ABOUT IT BEING RACIAL


UPDATE: Chief Bealefeld: Downtown beating by 20+ blacks on white tourist is not a hate crime - Police chief warns of racial tensions over a crime he says was 'drunken opportunistic criminality'

Baltimore's top cop warned Tuesday against "race-baiting" amid rising tensions across the nation, citing the Trayvon Martin case and cautioning that a video generating outrage on the Internet of a tourist being beaten and stripped in downtown Baltimore does not appear to depict a hate crime.

Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III, appearing on WBAL's "The C4 Show," said the attack on a 31-year-old white man from Arlington, Va., appears to be nothing beyond "drunken opportunistic criminality." The comment came in response to a caller who said that if the victim had been black and the assailants white, civil rights leaders would be descending on Baltimore and the attackers would be charged with a hate crime.

Bealefeld, the white police commissioner in majority-black Baltimore, warned against "fear-mongering."

"There's no doubt it's a crime," he said. "We need to vigorously hold criminals accountable, and we have to be careful not to be pulled into this race-baiting.

"I want to caution people, because I think there will be ample national noise as we progress through the Trayvon Martin and the [Oklahoma shooting] cases," Bealefeld said. "As these things get going, I will urge caution of Baltimoreans to distinguish between criminality and racially motivated crime."

Protests continue over the killing of Martin, an unarmed teen shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Fla. A prosecutor said this week that the case would not go before a grand jury. The mayor has called his town a "kindling box," with the New Black Panther Party offering a bounty for the shooter's capture and reports of neo-Nazis on patrol. In Oklahoma, several people were killed in a shooting rampage that authorities say might have been race-based retribution.

Hate-crime charges are relatively rare and used as a sentencing enhancement for underlying crimes, and local law enforcement officials say they require evidence that race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability was the motivation in the attack.

Recent high-profile hate-crime cases include the beating of a transgender woman at a Rosedale McDonald's and an attack on an elderly black fisherman in South Baltimore by a white man with a Hitler tattoo who told the victim the beating "wouldn't have happened if he was a white man." The assailant in the McDonald's attack was sentenced to five years in prison; the white supremacist received 31 years.

The Baltimore beating video went viral after first being uploaded to social media and popular shock video websites. It showed a seemingly disoriented white man standing with a group of young black people. As a woman danced against the victim, someone took an item from his pocket. When he moved to recover the item, he was punched in the face and fell to the pavement. The victim was then stripped of his clothing by laughing assailants.

Police said initially that they did not have a report on the incident. Then, with the video gaining wide attention, police were able to connect the incident to a report taken March 19 from a man who said he was assaulted and robbed of a watch, car keys and cellphone but could not remember where the attack occurred.

Outraged viewers of the video tracked social media to pinpoint an apparent suspect, who had discussed the incident on his Twitter account before shutting it down. A call to the man's phone indicated his voicemail might have been hacked, with a message from someone claiming to be the suspect and boasting of the attack.

No charges have been filed against the man — identified in social media accounts as a 20-year-old from Rosedale — but Bealefeld said the investigation is continuing.

"I'm confident [detectives] are following procedures, dotting i's, crossing t's, and working with the state's attorney's office to develop a good, solid prosecutable case and the evidence we need," Bealefeld said.

Of the efforts by citizens to track down the suspect, Bealefeld said in the radio interview: "I thought they were very creative in some of the things they did, but there's a difference between what private citizens do and what detectives do in the legal construct of developing a case."

Bealefeld also addressed recent reports that officers had gone into a school to handcuff and arrest a group of 8- and 9-year-olds who were charged with assaulting classmates off school property. The American Civil Liberties Union said police had overstepped their bounds, and relatives of the juveniles said the arrests were mishandled.

Bealefeld said the arrests "have raised a number of questions inside the Police Department that we're working through. I hope people have confidence in us that if we made mistakes, we're going to address that and work to avoid it."

But he said debate over the arrests distracted from the crimes committed and problems in the Morrell Park community. The students were accused of holding a youth's head underwater and another's against train tracks during a fight. Television reports said the children referred to themselves as "The Hit Squad."

"Sure, we could've done it better. But at the end of the day, we can't lose sight of why we were there to start with. ... We twist away from what's happening with bullying, what's going on in that neighborhood," Bealefeld said. "What's going on in that neighborhood that these violent assaults are happening? They didn't wake up one day and say, 'I'm putting my friend's head underwater.'"