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GET WELL SOON TO A GREAT V.P. - Dick Cheney undergoes heart transplant surgery

Dick Cheney said that getting a donor heart is one of the best gifts in the world...The only thing that could have made this gift better was if the heart was donated by Barack Obama....

Former GOP Vice President Dick Cheney is recovering from heart transplant surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Northern Virginia, a spokeswoman said Saturday evening.

In 2010, Cheney had a left ventricular assist device implanted for treatment of end-stage heart failure. The former vice president has been on the cardiac transplant list for more than 20 months.

Though he and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift, the spokeswoman also said.

Cheney, who is in intensive care, expressed his thanks to the teams of doctors and other medical professionals at Inova Fairfax and at George Washington University Hospital, where he also has been treated, for their "continued outstanding care.

Newt Gingrich released the following statement offering his and wife Callista's well wishes.

"Vice President Cheney is in our thoughts and prayers tonight, as he recovers from surgery. Callista and I hope that his recovery is peaceful, and we wish him and his family all of the best. He has been a colleague and friend for many years, and we are glad that the surgery went well," the couple said.

Cheney, 71, served under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009. He has a long history of cardio-vascular disease, having had five heart attacks since age 37.

Cheney was born in Lincoln, Neb., and served in the Nixon, then the Ford administration, for which he was chief of staff. He was elected to the House in 1978 as a Wyoming congressman and won reelected five times.

Cheney was secretary of Defense under much of George H.W. Bush’s administration, overseeing Operation Desert Storm. He was also chief executive officer for the Halliburton Co. from 1995 to 2000.

Cheney has remained a strong voice in the Republican party and has been an outspoken critic of President Obama.

He has undergone several bypass surgeries and other procedures, including the one two years ago. Cheney also had a mild heart attack in June 2010.

More than 3,100 Americans currently are on the national waiting list for a heart transplant. Just over 2,300 heart transplants were performed last year, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. And 330 people died while waiting.

The group also reports 332 people over age 65 received a heart transplant last year.

The majority of transplants occur in 50- to 64-year-olds.

More than 70 percent of heart transplant recipients live at least five years, although survival is a bit lower for people over age 65.

New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman

FOLKS... The civil war is going to start soon... Keep a good supply of arms and ammo...
Photo: The New Black Panther Party said Saturday it is calling for a mobilization of black men to search for and arrest George Zimmerman.

The New Black Panther Party put up a $10,000 reward for the capture of Trayvon Martin’s shooter, the Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday, following a demonstration by the group in Florida.

The party called for black men to mobilize and capture George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who said he shot the teen as an act of self-defense. He has not been charged with a crime and has not made any public statements since the Feb. 26 incident.

A report from the AFP describes a poster from the group seeking Zimmerman “ALIVE… not dead or harmed.”

From the Sentinel story:

When asked whether he was inciting violence, (New Black Panther Party leader Mikhail) Muhammad replied defiantly saying: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The bounty announcement came moments after members of the group called for the mobilization of 5,000 black men to capture Zimmerman…

Muhammad said members of his group would search for Zimmerman themselves in Maitland and Jacksonville — where the 28-year old worked before the shooting, employees there told the Orlando Sentinel. But he declined to say when they will begin their hunt….

“If the government won’t do the job, we’ll do it,” Muhammad said, leading his group of eight party members in chants like “freedom or death” and “justice for Trayvon” while making the iconic gesture of raising their fists into the air.

Muhammad told the paper the national organization has begun fundraising for their efforts and hopes to collect $1 million by next week.

The connected friends of Chicago Ald. Edward M. Burke & Gery Chico get $162,000,000.00 in over priced milk contracts from the Chicago Public Schools

Milk money: Clout-heavy family got $162 million in contracts from Chicago Public Schools

Chicago is the biggest school district in Illinois and buys far more milk than any other district — but if often pays more for the same milk. The beneficiary: a Chicago company with ties to powerful politicians.


New York Cop in 50-Shot Death Loses Job, Pension

A New York Police Department detective who fired the first of 50 shots in the controversial shooting death of groom-to-be Sean Bell will lose his job and pension. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly on Friday upheld a departmental judge's decision to fire Detective Gesnard Isnora.

"There was nothing in the record to warrant overturning the decision of the department's trial judge," said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

Isnora and two other cops fired 50 shots at Bell's car outside a Queens strip club on the morning of Bell's wedding in 2006. The officers said they thought someone in Bell's party had a gun, but no weapon was found.

A grand jury declined to file charges against the cops.

Two other officers who fired at Bell -- Detectives Marc Cooper and Michael Oliver -- will be forced to resign from the NYPD, The New York Times reported, citing law enforcement officials.

The officers' supervisor, Lt. Gary Napoli, who was at the scene but did not fire at Bell, will also be forced to resign, the Times reported.

Chicago police shoot man on South Side during domestic disturbance

A Chicago police officer shot a colored man wearing a hoodie on the 9300 block of South Vernon Avenue at 11 p.m. Friday, authorities said.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Geraldo Rivera blames hoodie for Trayvon's death; critics tell him to shut up for telling the truth....

Zip it up. That was a common reaction Friday on the Web and elsewhere to Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera’s comments that the hoodie was as much to blame for Trayvon Martin’s death as the shooter.

“Geraldo Rivera of Fox News has lost his mind. He's saying #Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie helped cause his own death?” CNN commentator Roland Martin, who is black, tweeted.

“Hey Geraldo, Black kids have gotten shot not wearing hoodies. Dude, that's just dumb.”

Rivera stirred up a firestorm when he said on Friday’s “Fox & Friends” that the black Florida teen might not be dead had he not worn a hoodie the night he was shot by a community watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

“I believe that George Zimmerman, the overzealous neighborhood watch captain, should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law, and if he is criminally liable he should be prosecuted. But I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies,” Rivera said.

“I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”

He added: "You have to recognize that this whole stylizing yourself as a gangsta, you’re going to be a gangsta-wannabe, well people are going to perceive you as a menace."

The outspoken “Geraldo at Large” host, who is Latino, expressed similar sentiments in a column Friday titled, “Trayvon Martin Would Be Alive but for His Hoodie.”

Chicago Mayor calls city violence ‘unacceptable;” Garry McCarthy retools anti-gang strategy

Pounding the podium with emotion, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday he’s outraged by the bloodbath of violence that claimed the life of a 6-year-old playing on her porch in front of her parents and nearly killed a Chicago Police officer......

On Friday, police Supt. Garry McCarthy detailed some elements of the strategy for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Next week, for example, beat cops in 10 of the city’s most dangerous districts will receive the results of “gang audits” that describe which blocks are controlled by which gangs and the names of the gang members, McCarthy said. Eventually, the department will conduct such audits for all 23 districts, he said.

Cops will initially get printed reports of the audit results, but the plan is to make the information available to them on their in-car computers, McCarthy said. Beat cops can move more quickly to stop retaliatory shootings if they know the players on both sides of the conflict, he said.

In another part of the strategy, McCarthy said tactical officers will no longer leave their districts without the approval of him or his deputy superintendent — except for emergencies such as police shootings. Their sole focus will be on stopping gang violence, he said.

In the past, tactical officers were often assigned to duties outside their districts, such as patrolling the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, because their schedules are more flexible than those of beat cops, McCarthy said.

McCarthy also said the department will launch a new effort to document how many gang conflicts are happening in the city at any point in time. If a conflict results in a shooting, the department will try to learn all the factors that led up to it to “connect the dots,” he said.

And McCarthy said the department will work with the courts and prosecutors to figure out which laws aren’t being used to their fullest to fight gangs and whether new legislation is needed.

Chicago’s latest wave of gang violence included the fatal shooting last Saturday of 6-year-old Aliyah Shell in broad daylight in front of her parents as she played on her family’s front porch in Little Village. Two teenagers, both alleged street gang members, have been charged with her murder.

Two days later, decorated Chicago Police Officer Del Pearson was shot and seriously wounded by a 20-year-old who had boasted on his Facebook page about his ties to a gang.

Click here for the full news story

Paul Huebl's Crime File News Blog - Chicago Cops Arresting Reporters, Not a Good Idea

Paul Huebl examines the incident the other day when Chicago police officers locked up some tv news reporters....

Click here to view this posting.

97-year-old white man victim of home invasion by black female in Evanston


Two 19 year old students found dead in 2 different dorms on ISU campus - But they may be NATURAL DEATHS???? Wow, kind of hard to believe.....


Two students have been found dead in two campus dormitories at Illinois State University, but school officials say no foul play or criminal activity is suspected in either case.

The first death was reported at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday inside Manchester Hall, and the second was reported after midnight at Hewitt Hall, according to ISU spokesman Jay Groves, who said the cases are considered unrelated.

Illinois State campus police and the McLean County coroner’s office were investigating. The coroner's office was not releasing the students' identities.

The deaths were disclosed in a letter by university president Al Bowman on the school's website.

"It is with deep sadness that I must alert you to two tragic incidents that occurred on Illinois State’s campus during the evening and overnight hours," he wrote. "Two students were found deceased in their residence hall rooms.

"I want to assure you that the incidents are unrelated, and that there is no foul play or criminal activity of any kind involved in either incident," he said.

Kim Kardshian ‘flour-bombed’ at California event or did she open a big bag of Coke in the wind?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Sheriff’s deputies say a woman threw flour on Kim Kardashian in the lobby of a West Hollywood hotel where the television personality was hosting an event.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says deputies were called to the unidentified hotel on North San Vicente Boulevard shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chicago cops shoot it out with armed suspect(s) at one had a sawed off shotgun

Shots fired by and at the police at approximately 8 PM tonight at 10500 Block of South Green Street. Three possible suspects, one armed with and shooting a sawed off shotgun at the police.

One suspect in custody, who has been shot three times....

Police officers are OK!

More info when available....

Coroner: More drugs found in Whitney Houston's system than found in a Walgreens Drug Store

Whitney Houston has a new record out today... 45 Days Clean and Sober!

Whitney Houston's sister-in-law and manager issued a statement saying they are thankful to finally know how the singer died.

"We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure," said Patricia Houston, the singer's sister-in-law and manager, in a statement to the Associated Press.

The coroner's report released Thursday determined that Whitney Houston died accidentally as the result of drowning. The coroner said heart disease and cocaine use were also factors. Toxicology tests showed a cocktail of drugs in the pop star's system. Traces of marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl were also found, but officials concluded that those drugs did not contribute to her death.


Audit: Chicago State unable to find $3.8M in equipment - Around colored folks...everything gets stolen, fact of life report say....

Chicago State University has been unable to locate $3.8 million worth of equipment, including 950 computers that could contain confidential information, according to a state audit.

The review released Thursday by Auditor General William Holland continues a string of reports of poor financial oversight at the university. But the school issued a statement saying the number of problems discovered had dropped because of a new administration's “proactive approach” to correcting them.

The audit also found problems with scholarship awards, lax contracting oversight, overspending a federal grant and improper spending on a New Orleans tour.


Rekia Boyd shot by off-duty detective on West Side dies... Let's all whip out the tissues and cry..... OK maybe not!

One of two people shot by an off-duty police detective on the West Side has died, while the other person has been charged with assault, officials said.

Rekia Boyd, 22, of the 3400 block of West 79th Street, was pronounced dead at 1:15 p.m. Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

The other person wounded by the detective, Antonio Cross, 39, of the 7100 block of South Ridgeland Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood, was released from Mount Sinai Hospital about being treated for a gunshot wound to the hand.


Riverside police say race behind road rage attack - Really???

A 41-year-old man yelled racial epithets and used his car to repeatedly cut off a woman driving with her son in Riverside this week, authorities said today while announcing charges.

Alexander M. Borrego, of the 8700 block of Lyons Street in Hodgkins, was charged with assault and reckless driving for the Sunday attack on the 3400 block of First Avenue in Riverside, according to a news release from the Riverside Police Department.

The victims said Borrego drove up next to their car and for no reason (Which every driver says... even if she cut him off 12 times in a's always...I have no idea why he was picking on me and radiator hose son) began yelling racial slurs and spitting at them, and then used his car to repeatedly cut them off as they tried to drive away, police said.

The woman and her son both feared for their lives before Borrego turned off First Avenue near 31st Street and drove away, police said, but the woman was able to take a clear cell phone picture as he fled.

No physical contact took place during the attack, police said.

Police were able to track a license plate and the victims were able to identify Borrego in a photo lineup before a lookout message went out to Cook County authorities, and Borrego was arrested late Wednesday in Hodgkins, police said.

"The driver (victim) was a female white and her adult son was a piece of shit African American. The offender used the 'Nigger' word several times during the disturbance," Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said in the release.

"We cannot outlaw bigotry," Weitzel said. "But law enforcement can send a clear message that these crimes matter, that our society takes them very seriously." (Really???? Every day in Chicago blacks either murder, rape, rob or beat white victims FOR NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL...and in these thousands of cases each year...nobody every mentions anything about the offender be BLACK!)

Court information was not available.

A King is arrested for threatening the Chicago Mayor.... King Heard called 311 and voiced his displeasures about Rahm Emanuel

A 64-year-old man was ordered held in lieu of $750,000 bail today after he called 311 and threatened Mayor Rahm Emanuel, prosecutors said.

King Heard, of the 4500 block of North Sheridan Road, called the city's 311 line on March 7 and threatened the mayor, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County State's Attorney's office.

The man said told the 311 operator that the mayor "don't own Chicago" and added, "I'm going to vacate everybody and I'm going to lay whitie down," according to prosecutors.


3rd teen charged in rape of drunk girl near theater

FIVE BLACK MALES drag a YOUNG WHITE SUBURBAN GIRL out of a Chicago Downtown restaurant and rape her and beat her into a coma.... NOT ONE MENTION OF THE RACE OF THESE OFFENDERS... The news report it as a drunk girl... Do you think if FIVE WHITE GUYS RAPED AND BEAT A BLACK GIRL INTO A COMA AND GANG BANGED HER... The city would say it was a drunk girl?????
Where is Rev Al Sharpton on this one....Oh I forgot the VICTIM IS WHITE and the OFFENDERS ARE BLACK!

A third teen was charged as an adult in connection with the rape of a young Highland Park woman who became separated from friends last New Year's Eve outside a theater on Chicago’s Northwest Side, Cook County prosecutors said today.

Prosecutors said Charles Chuning helped carry the drunken 18-year-old victim to a more isolated residential street near the Congress Theater and looked on as co-defendant Terrance Ford sexually assaulted her.


Liquor salesman fights off gang of colored thugs with bottle of tequila

For liquor salesman Willie Whitehead, the tools of his trade came in handy when a gang of youths surrounded him in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

As the muggers pulled on his briefcase and ripped his suit, grabbing for his cell phone, the 71-year-old Whitehead said he lifted a sample bottle of tequila over his head.

“I told them to come on with it. I was going to hit them with it,’’ Whitehead said.

The youths ran off and Whitehead said he got in his car and called police. Officers arrested two suspects near the scene, and the rest after chasing them on foot. They ranged in age from 11 to 18.

Whitehead said he had been leaving a sales call at a liquor store in the 5900 block of South Halsted Street Wednesday afternoon when four youths surrounded him while another stood waiting at the corner.

“Two distracted me and two came behind me and grabbed my bag’’ Whitehead said. “We did a little scuffling.’’

Whitehead said his suit was ripped when one youth tried to grab his phone out of his pocket. Finally, he lifted the bottle of tequila above his head and threaten the youths. They backed away, and Whitehead said he retreated into his car.


Similiar to all the CHA residents they shipped to the suburbs...JoJo the gorilla moving from Chicago zoo to `burbs

JoJo the silverback gorilla is leaving Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo for a new home in the suburbs.

And zoo officials hope he'll start a family once he's there.

The 31-year-old is being moved from the North Side to Brookfield Zoo in the western suburbs.

There are female gorillas at Brookfield who zoo officials hope the 485-pound ape will mate with.

Two female gorillas are also leaving Lincoln Park Zoo as part of a breeding program. They'll go to zoos in Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio.

A goodbye birthday party will be held for JoJo on April 10.

In more moves, two young male apes will arrive at Lincoln Park this summer to share a habitat with two other males who live there.

Chicago Black Violence Hits National News - McCarthy Discusses Recent Rash Of Violence In Chicago

Yahoo / MSNBC News: Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy joined Bill and Walter on the CBS 2 News at 6p.m. to discuss the recent rash of violence in Chicago, as well as the spike in homicides this year compared to last year.

Piece of Shit Career Colored Criminal charged in shooting of Chicago Police Officer Del Pearson

•On his facebook profile, Paris Sadler posed for photos throwing the hand sign of a gang with a chilling name: The Every Body Killers.

According to charges filed by the Cook County State’s Attorney, it’s a name he tried to live up to. Sadler — a 21-year-old McDonald’s employee — is accused of the attempted murder of Chicago Police officer Del Pearson. He allegedly shot Pearson, 47, in the chest with a 9mm handgun during a foot chase down an alley in the 8400 block of South Kingston Monday night.

Charged late Wednesday, Sadler, who lives with his mom just yards from the shooting scene, was arrested following a manhunt early Tuesday morning. Pearson had approached him and a group of three other young men suspected of a possible curfew violation around 10:45 p.m. Monday when Sadler ran off then turned and fired at the officer during a gun battle, police say.

Attorneys allege Chicago police investigators falsified reports in 2004 death involving Daley nephew Vanecko

Sworn witness interviews show Chicago police "deliberately falsified" reports during the investigation into the death of a young man during a drunken confrontation with a nephew of former Mayor Richard Daley's nearly eight years ago, attorneys asking for a special prosecutor argued Wednesday.

The 40-page court filing on behalf of the mother of David Koschman also alleged Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has opted to "circle the wagons" to block their bid for an independent investigation because of her political ties to Daley.

Attached to the filing in Cook County Circuit Court was a photo the lawyers said was taken from Alvarez's Facebook page showing her posing with Daley at the 2010 Mexican Independence Day parade. Another image of a newspaper clipping showed a young Alvarez grinning and shaking hands with Daley — then the Cook County state's attorney — on the day she was sworn in as a prosecutor in 1986.


Jesse Jackson Jr. stands in the middle of 95th and Stony Island thanking voters - where's the drunk driver when you need him?

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. thanks voters at the intersection of 95th and Stony Island this morning after prevailing in the Democratic primary.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Illegal Beaners Honored in California State Assembly for being ILLEGAL BEANERS - This country is FUCKED

Five undocumented immigrants received a standing ovation on the Assembly floor on Monday for their campaign to prod changes in federal immigration law.

The immigrants are walking from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., to lobby for the federal Dream Act, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for longtime residents who immigrated illegally and later graduated from U.S. high schools.

No lawmakers protested Monday's recognition – almost all Democrats stood to applaud, but many Republicans stayed in their seats.

"These are young people exemplifying true leadership and commitment to civic engagement," said Assemblyman Ricardo Lara, a Bell Gardens Democrat who chairs the Latino Legislative Caucus.

The five walkers are Alex Aldana of Southern California, Lucas Da Silva of Orlando, Fla., Jose Gonzalez of San Diego, Nicolas Gonzalez of Chicago and Jonatan Martinez of Georgia.

Martinez said their goal is to show that undocumented immigrants can be contributing taxpayers if given the opportunity.

Martinez came from Mexico on a visitor's visa when he was 4. He graduated from college, but federal law bars employers from hiring him, he said.

"As much as I love America, I'm not able to give back because of the fact that I'm undocumented," Martinez said.

Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor is leery of Jerry Brown's plan to cut spending for subsidized in-home care, saying the proposal to eliminate domestic care benefits for recipients who reside with their families or other persons "raises significant policy and legal concerns." Overall, Brown is trying to reduce In-Home Supportive Services spending by 5 percent.

"The hard work, the welfare, food stamps, government programs, the media, the contacts and time spent here paid off."


Free riding welfare wildebeest student Jonatha Carr threatens to kill professor and classmates and is caught on video doing so....

Associate Professor Stephen M. Kajiura was reviewing with his evolution class in GS 120 for a midterm when FAU student Jonatha Carr interrupted him: “How does evolution kill black people?” she asked. Kajiura attempted to explain that evolution doesn’t kill anyone.

And then, Carr became violent.

A fellow classmate, Rachel Bustamante, was sitting behind Carr prior to her outburst and noticed she had been avoiding looking at the professor until 11:35 a.m. — that’s when she snapped. The classmate reported that Kajiura was discussing attraction between peacocks when Carr raised her hand to ask her question about evolution. She asked it four times, and became increasingly upset each time Kajiura’s answer failed to satisfy her.

A video taken by Bustamante shows Carr ranting and threatening to kill the professor and several students. At this point, the witness who contacted the police claimed, “No one was comfortable in the room. I realized the situation was escalating and went out to call the police.” Seconds later, Carr walked down an aisle of the classroom and slammed the palm of her hand into the forehead of a male student.

Kajiura stayed in the room, trying to keep the class calm, while a few students stepped out to call police. “She became increasingly belligerent,” he said. “It was at this point, a highly emotionally charged individual who was no longer capable of responding rationally. She was threatening to kill both me and the students in the class.”

Then Carr made her way to the back of the classroom. “Some [FAU technician] came in and ordered her to get out,” Kajiura said. “He ordered her to leave the room, and they got into a physical altercation. Several other individuals jumped in and tried to help him.”

Kajiura said he didn’t recognize Carr prior to her outburst, but after looking through his records, he found that she emailed him right after Spring Break. “She had sent me a very nice email asking about one of the lab problems,” he said.

The professor mentioned the entire ordeal took no more than 10 minutes, and he went back to lecturing, although only half the class remained. “No one could concentrate,” Bustamante said. “Everyone gave up and started texting.”

Bustamante gave the professor a copy of the fight, which she recorded on her cell phone and posted on Facebook and YouTube. Kaijura went on to praise his students, claiming they were “Absolutely fantastic. They acted responsibly.”

E-Bay: For Sale One Slightly Used Chicago Police Paddy Wagon - Contact Seller: 9 1/2 fingers

Police truck ripped apart during collision, 2 Cops and 1 Civilian injured - none life threatening - Get well soon!

Three people were hospitalized including two Chicago Police officers after their wagon collided with a civilian vehicle Tuesday night in the Gresham neighborhood on the Far South Side.

The officers were inside the police wagon when it crashed into another vehicle at 9:50 p.m. in the 8000 block of South Halsted Street, said Hector Alfaro, a police spokesman citing preliminary information.

No prisoners were in the wagon, which flipped and was left lying on its side, Alfaro said.


Off Duty Chicago Cops Shoots Loving Welfare Couple Having A Domestic... Police said after the cop shot the pair, the domestic ended peacefully

An off-duty Chicago Police detective shot a man and woman after he stopped to check out a "disturbance" in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side early this morning.

Police said the man approached the detective's car with a handgun around 1 a.m. near the intersection of 15th Place and Albany Avenue. The detective opened fire, hitting the man in the hand but also striking a woman in the head, according to police officials.

Officers in the area, near Douglas Park, heard the gunfire and rushed to the scene. Police said the man was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition, but a condition on the woman was not available.


TINY DANCER Rahm New Trier Toast crash 2012

Colored students have giant food fight & melee at grammar school - many students injured some with broken bones

'Out of control' food fight at elementary school cafeteria leaves 26 students suffering broken bones and head injuries

Dozens of students are recovering from head injuries and broken bones after a cafeteria food fight at an elementary school turned into chaos last week.
About 26 students were injured and eight of them were taken to hospitals following the fight that saw children in grades five through eight throwing oranges and pushing and shoving each other at the Miles School in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Several students were slammed in the head with food as others were knocked to the ground and tossed against brick walls.

Read more:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Election Night - basically 8 out of every 10 voters DID NOT VOTE - So we got all the same Democratic corrupt assholes....


South Chicago District tactical officer Del Pearson, 47, awake and aware after surgery.... keep the prayers rolling

decorated Chicago police officer was awake and aware this afternoon after being shot in the chest during a foot chase on the South Side, authorities say. A person of interest is being questioned.

South Chicago District tactical officer Del Pearson, 47, was shot just above his bulletproof vest and underwent surgery through the night at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

Doctors' first priority was to stop the bleeding, and the bullet remains lodged near Pearson's spine, McCarthy told reporters outside the hospital this morning. "He's holding his own."


Monday, March 19, 2012

On Duty Chicago Police Officer Shot On Far Southeast Side - 84th And Kingston

Happened at 10:50 pm tonight, shot in chest - No further info at this time....
Say prayers for the officer please

A 47-year-old Chicago Police officer was in critical condition after being shot in the chest Monday night in the South Chicago neighborhood, police said.

The male officer was chasing a suspect on foot when he was shot about 10:45 p.m. in the 8400 block of South Kingston, Chicago Police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said.

He was chasing a person who fled from a group of four youths who were suspected of violating curfew, officials said.

The suspect had run into an alley and then to front yard. The eight veteran was shot in the yard.

The officer also is believed to have fired back at the suspect, said Pat Camden, a spokesman for the Faternal Order of Police.

But it is unclear whether the suspect was wounded, Camden said.

Dozens of fellow officers gathered at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and were anxiously awaiting news of his condition. The officer was in surgery, police chaplain Rev. Daniel Brandt said.

The officer worked in the 4th District.

Police did not immediately have any information about whether a suspect was in custody.

The shooting happened after a violent weekend in which nine people were killed.

Phil Kadner does a nice write up Sunday - check it out - Kadner: Not sitting out Tuesday’s primary election

Attention 19th Ward / 35th State Rep District / Beverly / Mt. Greenwood and the surrounding areas...

Please do yourself and Anthony Martin a favor... in the Primary Election this Tuesday, pull a Democratic Ballot and vote for Tony Martin for State Rep. - You can still vote Republican in the General Election. We can NOT afford to have another Michael Madigan Rubber Stamp like Fran Hurley be elected..... THANK YOU

Photos: Chicago Firefighter, Chicago Firefighter Pension Board Member and family man Anthony Marrtin

SouthTown Star / Chicago Sun-Times - Phil Kadner: Not sitting out Tuesday’s primary election

This is usually the time of year when I urge readers to vote on Tuesday.

I’m struggling with those words this time.

My father drilled me on the importance of voting from a very early age.

He had grown up during the Great Depression, fought in World War II and loved this country with a passion. A citizen’s most important responsibility, he always said, was to vote on Election Day.

He wouldn’t be easy to pigeon-hole politically. He voted for both Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Richard Nixon (in 1960).

He owned a store for several years and later was a U.S. Postal Service employee. He didn’t believe in welfare, but thought Social Security, the Works Progress Administration and Medicaid were great things.

I can trace a lot of my conflicting political opinions to him, and when my mother’s influence gets tossed into the mix, well, hardly any issue seems clear-cut or simple.

My problem with the elections in Illinois this year is that it seems to me Southland voters don’t have much of a choice.

The Democrats have increased the reach of Chicago politicians far into the Southland and, in the case of congressional districts, into areas that used to be considered downstate. The districts have been gerrymandered to make them favorable to Democrats who have a home base in Chicago.

But that isn’t my only problem.

Even many incumbent legislators, people who live in the suburbs and supposedly represent the suburbs, haven’t done their jobs very well.

It seems to me that Southland residents, who pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation, could rightly claim they have no representation, no voice, in Springfield.

While Republicans may feel they have a great deal of choice when it comes to electing their presidential nominee in the fall, the Grand Old Party has virtually abandoned this area when it comes to state legislative races.

There may be a few good candidates out there, but without adequate funding or organizational support in November, they don’t stand much of a chance against the Democrats.

And then there’s this: No matter who gets elected, nothing seems to change in Springfield.

I mentioned all this to Anthony R. Martin, a Democrat running for state representative in the 35th District, which runs from Chicago’s 19th Ward southwest and includes a large portion of Orland Park. It’s one of those gerrymandered districts I mentioned.

Martin, 46, a Chicago fire lieutenant and secretary of the Chicago Firefighters Union pension fund, stopped by my office to make a pitch for his candidacy. I had never met Martin, a resident of Chicago’s Mount Greenwood community, before, and you can’t tell a whole lot about someone in a 90-minute interview.

But when I told him about my difficulty in even telling people to vote on Tuesday, I thought he said something interesting.

“They’ve got to vote because Tuesday is the election,” he said. “In November, it will be too late.”

He’s assuming, with some justification, that the 35th District is so overwhelmingly Democratic that a Republican couldn’t pull an upset in the fall.

Martin is one of three Democrats running in the district. The others are Andrew Byrne Hodorowicz and Francis Ann Hurley. Hurley is the hand-picked candidate of the 19th Ward Democratic Organization, where she has worked in the offices of former Ald. Ginger Rugai and current Ald. Matt O’Shea.

Martin estimates that 70 percent of the vote in the 35th District Democratic primary will come out of the 19th Ward.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone representing Chicago would also be able to represent the interests of the Southland as well. Martin argues that he can, but more important, believes that people should at least vote in the election.

Although he’s gotten the endorsements of fire and police unions, he’s still fighting an uphill battle against a powerful ward machine.

“You’re going to be the voice of the unions if elected,” I challenged.

“I’m going to be the voice of working people,” he replied.

Well, I’ve heard a lot of candidates make promises, and very few of them made good.

But as long as people have an opportunity to vote, they should make the most of it. Staying home is not a protest against corruption.

The political bosses of Chicago would like nothing more. They will always get the vote out for their candidates.

They want the independent voter, the person outraged by corruption, to stay home on Election Day.

That ought to be reason enough to vote on Tuesday.

Man shot across street from alderman’s office on North Side - Alderman asked the man...Did you vote early? Care to sign an absentee ballot?

A man was shot in the left calf Monday afternoon across the street from the office of a North Side alderman.

Police said the shooting took place around 2:20 p.m. in the 4500 block of North Broadway Street in the Uptown neighborhood.

That’s the same block as Ald. James Cappleman’s 46th Ward office.

In a statement, Cappleman said the shooter fired three shots across the street from his office near the intersection of Wilson and Broadway. The shooter missed his intended target and hit another man in the calf, Cappleman said, adding that the shooter fled on foot and left his vehicle.

The first-term alderman said he would meet with police officials Tuesday to discuss public safety concerns.

“As summer approaches, I will continue to work with the police to send a clear message that violence will not be tolerated in the 46th Ward,” Cappleman wrote.

Cappleman said police told him the gunshot victim is recovering.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #7 Endorsements for the Primary Election on March 20th, 2012 The attached list of candidates is the result of the fifteen-member Political Action Committee and the full FOP Board of Directors' endorsements for the Primary Election on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. These endorsements are not in conflict with the Illinois State FOP. The membership and this organization are faced with many issues now that are critical to our future. There is speculation that the voter turnout for this primary could be the lowest since 1942. Your vote does count and can certainly make a difference.Please print and refer to the attached endorsement list when voting.

FOP Primary Endorsements 2012

DSLC is getting reports that Jerome Finnigan is giving a tell all, name names, interview in the April 2012 Playboy Magazine

Hey Shaved, I just got new April PLAYBOY. Starting on p. 94:

"OFFICER FINNIGAN: The Chicago Police Department Hailed Him as One of Their Finest. Then They Decided he was ONE OF THEIR WORST

Jerome A. FINNIGAN, #19755-424, is currently incarcerated at FCI Coleman (Medium), about 50 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida.

Due to Sheriff Tom Dart's right hand man and top animal cop being arrested in a federal sting, many criminal cases will be thrown out

A suburban woman may seek to have her animal neglect charges dismissed after the lead investigator of the case was recently charged with extortion involving an illegal cigarette operation.

Dawn Hamill, 42, owner of Dazzle’s Painted Pastures Animal Rescue and Sanctuary near Tinley Park, appeared in court in Markham with her attorney this morning and was allowed a continuance of her trial to April 9 so her attorney can file motions stemming from the charges against the investigator.

Cook County state’s attorney officials told Judge Christopher Donnelly that animal investigator Larry Draus, a 35-year department veteran with the Cook County sheriff’s office, was charged last week after a two-year-undercover federal investigation that allegedly included him accepting a $10,000 cash payoff for agreeing to protect an illegal cigarette operation.

Click here for the full news story

Supt Garry McCarthy blames raging black violence on the beat cop not being told where the next shooting will happen!

“Sooner or later, McCarthy has to admit that the Chicago Police Department is in a manpower crisis,” union president Mike Shields said. “We cannot adequately police this city with this shortage of officers on the street.

Mayor: City to do more to fight violence after bloody weekend - LIKE PULLING A PLATOON OF COPS OUT OF HIS ASS?

Responding to a bloodbath of violence over the weekend, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Monday that he’s seeing an “uptick” (UPTICK??? HA HA HA) in gang conflicts — and will soon provide beat cops with better information about gangs to stop retaliatory shootings. (tOTAL BULLSHIT ANSWER... YOU CANNOT PREDICT WHERE A SHOOTING WILL HAPPEN)

Gangs were responsible for almost all of the 37 shootings and nine murders from Friday through Sunday, McCarthy said. (GANGS? AFRAID TO SAY BLACKS? YOU CANNOT ADDRESS A PROBLEM UNLESS YOU IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM) When he took over as superintendent almost a year ago, gangs represented about half the firearm violence, but now they’re to blame for more than 80 percent of it, McCarthy said.

“They are splintering off into smaller gang factions and it’s getting more difficult for us to track and predict what’s going to happen next,” he said.

McCarthy said he’s launching “gang audits” in each of the city’s police districts. One audit is going on in the Chicago Lawn district on the Southwest Side where Latino gangs have been warring.

Beat cops and gang officers have been meeting over maps to chart the turf and membership of gangs in the district, McCarthy said. That information will be merged with gang intelligence from the police department’s existing databases, he said.

The detailed information about gang membership will be available to officers in their beat cars, McCarthy said.

“What we haven’t done well enough is get in front of the retaliatory shootings,” he said.

McCarthy spoke to reporters about an hour after Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a terse statement about his concern over the recent spate of shootings.

“The violence this past weekend is unacceptable to me and every law-abiding Chicago resident,” Emanuel said. “ Our streets belong to the families and children of our city, not to the gangs and gangbangers.

“The violence this weekend underscores that Chicago has a unique gang problem, and I have discussed with Superintendent McCarthy a citywide anti-gang strategy similar to the successful strategy CPD recently used with the Maniac Latin Disciples.”

Chicago Police officers arrested more than 1,800 members of the Maniac Latin Disciples gang between June and the end of February after McCarthy declared war on them for shooting and wounding two young girls by mistake at a Northwest Side park.

The Fraternal Order of Police also reacted to the weekend violence, pointing to a “manpower crisis” and a change in policing strategy ordered by McCarthy.

“Sooner or later, McCarthy has to admit that the Chicago Police Department is in a manpower crisis,” union president Mike Shields said. “We cannot adequately police this city with this shortage of officers on the street.



Mom of slain girl, 6: 'They're animals for doing this to my baby'
Diana Aguilar sat in her 6-year-old daughter's pink and purple room Monday, fighting back tears as she remembered the moment she lost her "baby."

She was sitting on the front porch of her Little Village home, enjoying the summery afternoon as she ran her hands through Aliyah's dark curly hair. A pickup truck rolled down the street, gang slogans were shouted and shots rang out.

“Everything happened so fast that I just knocked my 2-year-old down on her back and I hugged Aliyah, and I hugged her so tight hoping it would hit me," Aguilar said, sitting on a bed crowded with balloons and stuffed animals.



Weekend of violence claims 10 fatal shooting victims across Chicago another 50+ people shot and wounded

At least 10 people were killed, including a 6-year-old girl, in shootings over the weekend in Chicago. The slain were among at least 49+ people wounded in shootings from 5 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday, according to information compiled by the Chicago Tribune.


Rahm goes to court trying to break sweetheart deals Daley gave his family & friends costing the tax payers millions of dollars

Now that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has reworked the sweetheart deal that former Mayor Richard M. Daley gave Lollapalooza, his lawyers will be back in court Monday trying to undo another Daley deal that Emanuel says is shortchanging taxpayers.

Emanuel wants to undo the concession agreement that Daley gave the Park Grill restaurant in Millennium Park. The restaurant has paid less than Emanuel thinks it should — a total of $2.4 million — in rent since it opened in 2003. Park Grill gets garbage pickup and natural gas courtesy of taxpayers, too.
Emanuel’s leverage: Park Grill operators James Horan and Matthew A. O’Malley want to sell the remainder of the 20-year concession agreement to Levy Restaurants for $8.8 million — but they need permission from Emanuel’s Chicago Park District board.

Emanuel’s argument: O’Malley and Horan got permission from the park district — but not Daley and the City Council — to operate on a city easement in Millennium Park, which means the restaurant has no legal right to be there. “Those are the kinds of grants only the City Council can give, and they have to be in writing,” says Stephen R. Patton, the city’s top lawyer.


Chicago Public Schools: We must get rid of the holidays for whitie - Pulaski Day and Columbus Day MUST GO!

End the holiday treatment for Pulaski Day and Columbus Day at Chicago Public Schools?
Polish and Italian civic leaders say the proposed change in the school calendar backed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is “a slap in the face.”

“It’s ironic that while the river flows green we hear the news,” Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans president emeritus Dominic DiFrisco said on St. Patrick’s Day. “It’s very disheartening. This is part of an ongoing campaign to diminish ethnic recognition in the city. … We’re not marching in the street, yet. We may.”

Cops use iPhone app to track Red Line black thief Whitney L. Martin chased down by white victim and witness

Look at this manly looking woman smiling her nasty ass off... It's amazing with these animals... Going to jail and she is smiling her ass off....

A woman was held in lieu of $75,000 bail charged with stealing an iPhone from a woman on a Red Line train Saturday afternoon in the Loop. The 42-year-old victim had gotten onto a northbound Red Line Train at the Roosevelt subway station but only made it one stop before Whitney L. Martin grabbed the iPhone from her hand about 2:55 p.m and exited the train, police said. The victim chased her off the train but when Martin got back on the same train and ran through other cars, a man saw what was going on and joined the pursuit, police said. They exited at the Jackson station and the two followed Martin south on State Street, west on Jackson and then south through an alley to Van Buren and Federal, where they tackled her, detaining her until police got there, police said.

Click here for the full news story

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eight held, injuries reported during Ford Heights Ghettolicous melee

Eight people have been arrested following a large fight tonight in south suburban Ford Heights.
Sheriff’s police were called to the 1300 block of Park Lane Sunday night for a disturbance involving about 150 people, said Frank Bilecki, spokesman and personal massuse for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

“I would assume it was a fight,’’ said Bilecki. Injuries have been reported and at least one person was beaten up.

Gang teams and multiple suburban police agencies are assisting and remain on the scene in the residential area, he said.

While eight people have been arrested authorities as of 9 p.m. continue “rounding up’’ suspects and are conducting interviews, according to Bilecki.

Charges for the eight were not immediately available.

On Duty Cop has "Open Key"on his police radio during sex - Zone listened to the sex for almost 15 minutes

An on-duty Memphis police officer was allegedly caught having sex in his squad car, Fox 13 reports.

According to the station, there is a copy of a radio broadcast that captured on-duty Officer Dion Anthony allegedly having sex in his squad car.

"Anytime you communicate via a handheld or console microphone you want to remain professional. Our job is to make sure all officers follow procedures. In this instance it's possible he didn't follow proper procedure," Sgt. Karen Rudolph told Fox 13.

The controversial broadcast of Anthony, who joined the force in July 2007, went out between 8:45 p.m. and 9 p.m. Monday night. Sources told Fox 13 that it was on an open channel that could be heard by the 30 to 35 officers working that precinct -- and anybody with a police scanner.

Read more:

Oak Lawn Building Inspector John T. Hickey busted by Oak Lawn Police for DUI

An Oak Lawn man who works as an building inspector for the village was charged March 3 with driving under the influence of alcohol, police said. John T. Hickey, 43, 5420 W. Otto Ave., also was charged with failing to signal, making an improper turn and speeding at 12:33 a.m. after he was stopped at 99th Place and Central Avenue, according to police.

Hickey swerved within the lane several times as he drove west on 103rd Street, according to reports. He did not come to a complete stop at a red light on Central and swerved between the lanes as he drove north, police said. He later told the arresting officers,"Kiss me I'm F'ing Irish!"

San Bernardino Police Sgt. Dwight Waldo longtime graffiti cop has answered the scrawl

Over two decades, Sgt. Dwight Waldo has come to memorize thousands of taggers by their markings and has written the book on how to train officers on prosecuting graffiti

Longtime graffiti cop has answered the scrawl
Over two decades, San Bernardino Police Sgt. Dwight Waldo has drawn a bead on taggers — chasing them through alleys, recovering weapons from their hangouts and memorizing thousands of markings. What some viewed as petty vandalism became something more to him


Prosecutors: Wilderbesst Driver Denise Carter and her $2.00 haircut charged with DUI hit woman trying to end street fight

When a party gave way to a fight in the street in the Gresham neighborhood this weekend, a Chicago woman jumped into an SUV and drove off before whipping a U-turn, accelerating and plowing into the crowd, breaking a woman’s shoulder and knee, prosecutors said.

Denise Carter’s blood-alcohol content was 0.175 percent, more than twice the legal limit, when she was arrested early Saturday morning in the 8200 block of South Wood Street in the Gresham neighborhood, prosecutors said. On Sunday morning, Cook County Judge James Brown ordered Carter held on $125,000 bond.


Detective Shavedlongcock's Photo of the Day - Other bloggers feel free to use it as warranted

MINORITY VIOLENCE SWEEPS CHICAGO: Aliyah Shell was one of at least 41 people shot-- 10 of them fatally--since 5 p.m. Friday in Chicago.

Photo: The home where Aliyah Shell (inset) was shot to death Saturday.

The weekend isn't even over yet.... over 40 people shot - almost a dozen murdered...

Has anybody seen Mayor Rahm Emanuel or Supt. Garry McCarthy addressing this violence????

Chicago white citizens and Chicago tourists being brutally attacked in the downtown area by groups of roving black thugs...White riders on the CTA Trains and Buses being attacked and robbed like it is the wild wild west....



Prosecutors: Colored boy shoots at crowd, wounding 2, after his fat ass nasty welfare breeding sister gets in fight

Upon hearing that his sister had been in a fight at a bus stop nearby, a Chicago man fired 12 rounds into a crowd of people he blamed for the altercation, hitting a 17-year-old boy in the hand and grazing a woman, prosecutors said.
Witnesses identified Montel Jones, 19, as the gunman who directed a fusillade of shots from a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun at a crowd in the 7700 block of South Essex Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood about 4:30 p.m. Friday, prosecutors said. Jones lives in the

On Sunday, Cook County Judge James Brown ordered Jones held in lieu of $500,000 bond. He is charged with aggravated battery with a firearm.