Saturday, February 25, 2012

Illegal Beaner teacher's aide Miguel Antonio Mendoza who sent his nude photos to young boys convicted

Reporting from California - A former after-school program aide working under an assumed name due to be being an undocumented worker was convicted Thursday of sending lewd photographs of himself to three boys and attempting to meet an 11-year-old for sex acts at a 7-Eleven in Fountain Valley. Miguel told the boys.... "It's 7 to Eleven Inches Time!"

Miguel Antonio Mendoza, 21, of Orange pleaded guilty to a court offer to one felony count each of lewd acts upon a child younger than 14 and attempted lewd act upon a child younger than 14, and three felony counts each of possession and control of child pornography and distributing pornography to a minor.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and lifetime sex offender registration. The prosecution advocated for a sentence of three years in state prison, according to the Orange County district attorney's office.

Mendoza, a former part-time aide at Villa Park Elementary School, was charged with sending nude photographs of himself to three boys ages 11, 15 and 17 and instructing them to send similar photos to him. On Aug. 29, 2010, he arranged to meet the 11-year-old boy shortly before midnight at a 7-Eleven at Euclid Street and Warner Avenue in Fountain Valley.

Anthony Duffy, 47, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Mayor Daley's son, Patrick Daley being involved in a city sewer investment scheme

The one-time business partner of former Mayor Richard Daley’s son who was ensnared in a federal minority contract investigation has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his failure to disclose two key investors in a sewer company that got city work.

The two undisclosed investors previously have been identified by the Tribune as the former mayor’s son, Patrick Daley, and the mayor’s nephew, Robert G. Vanecko.

Anthony Duffy, 47, pleaded guilty Friday to lying to agents when he was queried about his failure to disclose information about two investors on economic disclosure statements he was required to file with the city on behalf of his company, Municipal Sewer Services.

The former Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley's relationship with his son Patrick Daley has been tense over the years after Richard learned of Patrick's "special friendship" with the former CPS Chief Ronnie Huberman.


It's almost like every part of the city is dangerous now....2 sought after shots fired during altercation with Chicago police on NW Side

Chicago police searched for two men who fled after they were involved in an altercation with officers during which shots were fired on the Northwest Side tonight, police said.

The incident began at about 7:40 p.m. in the alley behind the 5300 block of North Natoma Avenue, police said.

The men were being questioned by police, and preliminary reports indicated shots were fired by police in the incident but no one was hit, said Sgt. Antoinette Ursitti of Police News Affairs.

A police officer was taken to Resurrection Medical Center with a hand injury, said Chicago Fire Department Chief Joseph Roccasalva. The officer was in good condition.


The Feds are really pushing on the Daleys... Man says he was told to hide Daley's son role in investment scheme....

Sewer company boss: I was told to hide Daley son’s role - I so I lied to the FEDS.....

THE WATCHDOGS: The owner of a sewer-inspection and cleaning business admitted Friday that he lied to federal agents when they asked him why he failed to tell City Hall that his company’s investors included the son and a nephew of then-Mayor Richard M. Daley.

48 year old Chicago Cop dies while working CTA Special Employment - 25 year veteran - P.O. Preston T. Ross Jr. Class of 1986

A 25-year Chicago Police veteran suffered a medical crisis this morning and died after being taken to a downtown hospital, police said.

The officer, age 48, was on-duty at the Grand Avenue stop of the CTA Blue Line when he suffered some sort of medical emergency about 9 a.m., according to Police News Affairs.

He was in uniform and assigned to a CTA detail at the time, police said.

The officer was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in "grave condition" and was declared dead there, Police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez said.

Police were conducting an honor motorcade between Northwestern Memorial and the Cook County medical examiner's office this afternoon, police said.

TODAY 7PM TONIGHT: Benefit for Cook County Sheriff Police Officer Henry Rush - This 25th of Feb 2012 - Korner House Bar & Grill Elk Grove Village IL





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2736 Old Higgins Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
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The very "Bosom Blessed" Antioch teacher Sara Glashagel pleads guilty to changing student grades

A suburban Chicago teacher accused of inflating grades for dozens of students, most of them football players, has pleaded guilty to computer tampering.

Twenty-seventy-year-old Sara Glashagel of Elk Grove Village has been sentenced to 12 months of probation and has to serve 80 hours of public service.

Her husband is the head football coach at Antioch Community High School.

She's been ordered not to have contact with the school, but she can attend football events. She was a special education teacher.


Prosecution rests in female LAPD detective's murder trial - After being a LAPD officer for years, she is accused of murdering a woman back in 1986

Stephanie Lazarus is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend's wife 26 years ago. One of the final witnesses is a former FBI criminal profiler, who believes the crime scene was staged to throw off investigators.
Prosecutors in the murder trial of retired Los Angeles Police Department Det. Stephanie Lazarus rested their case Friday after three weeks of testimony, including that of a former FBI criminal profiler who said the killer staged part of the crime scene in an effort to throw off investigators.

Lazarus, a 25-year veteran of the LAPD who retired after her 2009 arrest, is accused of the Feb. 24, 1986, beating and shooting death of Sherri Rasmussen, a 29-year-old nurse who married a man Lazarus had dated.

Prosecutors allege that Lazarus, 51 — who was 26 at the time of the killing and had joined the LAPD a few years earlier — was infatuated with John Ruetten, now 53, and driven to kill by the jealousy she felt over his decision to marry someone else.

After grinding through weeks of detailed testimony that focused largely on DNA and other forensic evidence, prosecutors called their final witnesses on what happened to be the 26th anniversary of the killing.

One of the last to take the witness stand was Mark Safarik, who spent years profiling criminals for the FBI. Prosecutors hired Safarik, who now operates a consulting firm, to analyze evidence from the crime scene.

Rasmussen was discovered beaten and bloodied on the floor of the Van Nuys town house she shared with her new husband. She had been shot three times in the chest at close range and there was a human bite mark on one arm. Her head had been bludgeoned. Wounds on her wrists and cords on the floor indicated that she had been tied up. A thick quilt with bullet holes in it lay nearby.

With Rasmussen's BMW missing and electronic equipment stacked on the floor of her home, the lead detective in the case theorized at the time that she had been killed when she came upon a burglar.

Safarik refuted that idea, saying he believed the killer had attempted to make the crime scene look like an interrupted burglary in order to confuse investigators.

Safarik said Rasmussen's town house, with its alarm company sign on the door and position in clear view of other homes, was not a likely target for a burglar.

Also, he said, the intruder or intruders had not ransacked any part of the town house in search of valuables and had moved only two pieces of stereo equipment from a console that included several other pieces.

The decision to take the BMW, but not to fill it first with things from the house or to strip it down afterward of its valuable parts, also pointed to a faked burglary, Safarik said.

"What I saw was an attempt to create an illusion," he said.

Lazarus' attorney, Mark Overland, sparred strenuously with Safarik, trying to get him to admit his theory was based on unprovable assumptions of what had occurred.

Overland has indicated that when he begins his defense of Lazarus on Monday, he will try in part to convince jurors that the original burglary theory is a credible alternative to the story prosecutors want the jury to believe.

The prosecution's case hinges heavily on saliva extracted from a bite mark on Sherri Rasmussen's arm. Experts have testified that DNA tests on the saliva prove it came from Lazarus.

Despite repeated pleas by Sherri Rasmussen's father to police, Lazarus was not considered a suspect at the time of the killing.

She became a focus of the investigation in 2009, when detectives reopened the case and interviewed family members, who mentioned the suspicions they had harbored for over two decades.

A highly secretive four-month investigation ensued and culminated with undercover officers following Lazarus for weeks. The officers eventually snatched a cup from which Lazarus had been drinking after she threw it away and used it to compare her saliva to the sample from the bite.

Lazarus has pleaded not guilty and has remained in custody on $10-million bail during the 2 1/2 years since her arrest.

The curse of the haunted fire hydrant strikes again....10751 S. Pulaski Rd

For some odd reason this fire plug gets hit by a car a lot... always after midnight... It has to be the fire plug... IT'S HAUNTED!

This accident just happened at Midnight tonight. The young woman driving appeared to be fine...but the car will need some work!

Stay away from this fire plug so the Haunted Irish Ghost of the Polish Pulaski Road doesn't "get you" after midnight on weekend nights!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Summit business reimbursement clarified by Rahm Emanuel - Not really, they lied...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday clarified that businesses affected by security restrictions during the G-8 and NATO summits in May will not be compensated if they close shop during the gatherings of world leaders.

So Rahm Emanuel expects the city to make all these millions of dollars by having the G8 and Nato Summits here... and expect the downtown businesses to absorb all the costs??? While the city makes MILLIONS?

I smell so much bullshit here it is unreal!


At least 6 shot & wounded (Aggravated Batteries), 2 fatally (Murders), in Friday afternoon shootings, wait till the night is over, there will be more

At least six people were shot Friday between noon and 8 p.m., according to Chicago police. Two died.



The self proclaimed "HOG WITH BIG NUTS" Commissioner William Beavers on U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald: ‘Fuck Him!’ - AND PRINT IT!

A day after he was indicted on federal tax evasion charges, Cook County Commissioner William Beavers had a message for U.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

“Fuck Him!,” Beavers said.

Beyond saying he doesn’t “give a fuck” about the federal prosecutor, the outspoken Beavers also insisted he has done nothing wrong and said he will not step down from public office.

“I’ll be right in there at next week’s meeting and intend to stay — I’m not going nowhere,” Beavers told the Sun-Times Friday, referring to next Thursday’s County Board meeting.

That could get interesting.


Indictment announced against patronage scandal figure - Was a busboy when Todd Stroger "met" him and gave him a high paying Cook County Job

Sure sounds like the Feds are using a little pressure... with this arrest and Bill Beavers arrest to make them talk on the rest of the corrupt Cook County Board....

A one-time steakhouse busboy who became a key player in a patronage scandal involving former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger was indicted today on charges he fraudulently collected state and federal housing assistance by hiding his $60,000-a-year county job.

Tony Cole, 32, was charged with two counts of theft of government property and one count of state benefits fraud totaling more than $5,000.

Prosecutors said that when Cole, a onetime college basketball star from Louisiana with a long rap sheet, applied to live at a South Side apartment complex in January 2008, he told the staff he was unemployed and had recently relocated after surviving Hurricane Katrina.


BLACK MAN rapes woman at knifepoint on CTA Train

A 26-year-old woman was robbed and sexually assaulted at knifepoint early today while riding the CTA Red Line on the South Side, police said in a community alert.

About 4:55 a.m. the woman was riding southbound on the Red Line between Roosevelt Road and 79th Street when she was attacked by a man armed with a knife, police said.

The attacker fled at the 87th Street station.

The community alert describes the suspect as a black man, 20-25, with a slim build, dark complexion and no facial hair.

He was wearing a black hooded jacket and all black clothing, and was armed with a black-handled knife with a long blade, police said.

The CTA could not provide additional details.

The CTA has provided footage from its surveillance cameras to assist police, CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said in an emailed statement.

Anyone with information is asked to call Calumet Area detectives at 312-747-8380.

Hotel manager Michael Cacini guilty of attempted murder for running over Chicago cop

PHOTO: Michael Cacini

A hotel manager from Arlington Heights was found guilty of attempting to murder a Chicago Police officer by dragging him from his speeding Mercedes-Benz before pushing him out and running him over with his car near the busy Rush Street nightlife district.

Cook County jurors also convicted Michael Cacini, 36, of aggravated battery Friday for the April 20, 2010 attack that left Near North District officer Kristopher Rigan with a dislocated shoulder, missing teeth and abrasions to his arms.

The father of six was also convicted of striking Rigan’s partner Thomas O’Shaughnessy with his vehicle as O’Shaughnessy rushed to his colleague’s aid at 10 West Elm.

The bespectacled Cacini, who shook his head when the guilty verdicts were read, was taken into custody.

His wife, holding an infant, could be heard wailing outside Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan’s courtroom when a family member went out to give her the news.

Cacini’s wife later screamed at Rigan and O’Shaughnessy as they walked by and then crumpled to the ground sobbing loudly.

Earlier in the week, Rigan, 33, tearfully testified how Cacini repeatedly punched him, grabbed him by his police vest and pulled his body halfway inside his black luxury car before driving off at a high rate of speed.

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” Rigan said he called out to O’Shaughnessy who fired his service revolver but missed.

The plainclothes officer said he and O’Shaughnessy followed Cacini in their unmarked squad car because they saw the suburban man pick up a purported drug dealer and believed a possible narcotics transaction might take place.

O’Shaughnessy chased the alleged drug dealer when he darted out of the Cacini’s Mercedes while Rigan walked up to Cacini’s car to question him.

Rigan, who was wearing his badge around his neck as well as a duty belt, said Cacini remained belligerent even as he continuously announced his position as a police officer.

“F--- you. You’re not getting in my car until you get a warrant,” Rigan said Cacini yelled.

Soon, Cacini grabbed Rigan and shifted his car into drive as the officer’s legs dangled out of the vehicle.

Rigan became emotional recounting how his jaw slammed shut when he was thrown from the car, leaving bite marks on his tongue.

“The rear tire ran completely over my leg, my body and shoulder,” he said, his voice haltering. “I couldn’t move the left side of my body.”

Cacini also took the stand during the two-day trial, maintaining that he didn’t know Rigan and O’Shaughnessy were officers and thought he was about to be carjacked, his defense attorney said.

The cops were acting like “cowboys” and Rigan’s unprofessional bellow to “get the f--- out of the car” didn’t help, Cacini’s attorney Sam Amirante said in his closing arguments Friday.

Cacini said he drove to the city with his longhaired dachshund to let off some steam after he got into a fight with his wife. The vagrant he picked up, Cacini said, was only helping him look for an establishment that was open at 3 a.m. so he could get a drink. Assistant state’s attorney Mariano Reyna dismissed Cacini as a “liar” and said his testimony was nothing but a “fabrication.”

The only thing Cacini was afraid of was being caught with the marijuana other officers later found in his jacket when he was arrested 10 blocks away, Reyna said.

“The defendant didn’t want to get caught with these drugs on him. That’s what it comes down to,” Reyna said.

“This is a case of divergent tales of what really happened. One makes sense because it is the truth. The other is the self-serving statement of someone trying to get out of these charges.”

Cacini faces 20 to 80 years in prison.

I think we found the "WHITE ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR FOR 2012" - Fake 9/11 hero admits lie; fellow firefighters furious

A South Carolina man who told his fellow firefighters he was one of the first responders on 9/11 has admitted it was a lie.

Jordan Lifander, a former Cedarhurst, Long Island volunteer firefighter, said this week that he was sorry for telling firefighters in the Palmetto State that he was a captain of FDNY's Ladder 133, which lost 12 men on Sept. 11.

"You know, once you tell one lie, you gotta keep up that lie," Lifander told on Wednesday. "I got all caught up in the whole 9/11 anniversary and just lied. I was not a member of the FDNY, was not a captain in Ladder 133."

Lifander "did not survive the disaster any more than those of us who watched it on television," CBS 2's Lou Young wrote.

Dressed in a uniform with an FDNY patch, Lifander spoke at a 9/11 memorial service in Spartanburg, S.C., last year, telling the crowd he attended "47 funerals in three weeks for brothers who died that day." He received a standing ovation.

According to the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, current and former New York City firefighters contacted the paper on Monday saying Liflander's story was a "sham."

When contacted by the paper, he said he had been "trying to get out of the situation" and "got caught up in the moment."

"I wanted to represent what everybody was honoring that day," he said. "I told it from a New Yorker's point of view."

"It was that whole thing about portraying something I wasn't," Lifander told CBS 2. "The ego, the lie, keeping up with it, a very big mistake ... It just snowballed into something that was out of my control. I'm truly sorry for misleading and lying."

"I'm outraged," Bill Youngson, former captain of Ladder 133, told "I'm sick and tired of people standing up and telling people these stories for a little bit of glory. People have cancer, I have asthma and we paid our dues. In six months, we buried more people than you've ever seen and to read this story—this lie—it has to stop. Put that guy on the wall of shame."

"It's sad, and it's disgusting," Billy Goldfeder, deputy chief of Cincinnati's Loveland-Symms Fire Dept. who runs, told Yahoo News. "There's nothing more sacred than a firefighter's death in the line of duty death. It doesn't get much lower than what he did."

Firefighters at Lifander's former Long Island firehouse are, understandably, livid, too.

"It's a terrible situation," Cedarhurst FD capt. John McHugh told CBS. "I feel bad for the people of South Carolina and I feel bad for the people in the whole 9/11 system."

"It happens a lot because they want to get that hero worship, people telling them 'thank you,'" former FDNY deputy chief Jim Riches added. "It's a sick mind, but he's not the only one doing it. It's out there and I think people should verify who's actually speaking to them."

It's not clear if Lifander is currently a firefighter in South Carolina. A call to Lifander's home was not immediately returned.

The only positive news to come out of this--if there is some--is that it does not appear Lifander used his faux FDNY status for financial gain.

"We've seen 9/11 imposters before, but usually in connection with attempts to defraud the 9/11 victims' compensation fund," Young wrote. "It appears that [he] was interested in glory and not money."

Goldfeder added: "Hopefully, if any good comes of this, it's that people will do some work to verify who they get to speak."

At first I felt bad for Karolina Obrycka... But now I am kind of wishing a few of those punches thrown by Abbate would have clocked her...


Photo: Karolina Obrycka, left, Anthony Abbate

A federal jury will be allowed to hear a bartender’s allegation that Chicago police officers practiced a “code of silence” to protect a fellow officer caught on video brutally attacking her at the Northwest Side bar where she worked.

The ruling on Thursday by U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve will allow lawyers for Karolina Obrycka to make that case to jurors in a civil lawsuit against ex-cop Anthony Abbate and the city.

On Feb. 19, 2007, Obrycka was punched and kicked repeatedly by Abbate at Jesse Shortstop Inn, 5425 W. Belmont Ave.

The beating was captured on surveillance video at the bar. The video was later shown around the world.


Oak Lawn Coach & President of Youth Baseball Organization John Kelly benched for calling Crackhead Whitney Houston a "Nigger" on FaceBook

An Oak Lawn man was suspended Monday as president of a youth baseball organization after using the “n”-word in a posting about the death of singer Whitney Houston on his Facebook page.

John Kelly said Wednesday that his life has been “ruined” by the repercussions from the posting. He said he’s not a racist and did not realize he had posted the word. His comment was reposted to the Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn Facebook page.

His Facebook post read, in part, “I’m so sick of reading about this dumb stupid Nigger Whitney Houston.”

“I didn’t even realize I put it in until after I sent it,” he said.

Click here for the rest of this news story

Courts limits the powers of security officers working as "Cops" in certain areas

Court curbs power of subdivision police
Private forces can't stop and detain drivers, appeals panel says

Former Lombard police commissioner Ken Poris knew to pull over when he saw a vehicle's flashing lights behind him while returning to his home in LaSalle County's Lake Holiday subdivision.

But he quickly realized the person who'd pulled him over, taken his driver's license back to his squad car and written him a speeding ticket wasn't a police officer.

In fact, the man wearing a uniform, duty belt and badge was a homeowners association employee with little police training and no state certification. The security force has been pulling drivers over for years and also boarding boats on the development's man-made lake. But nobody had ever challenged the practice until Poris, a former DuPage County prosecutor, was pulled over.

His case –– a type that lawyers rarely take up because they don't pay — shines a light on what experts say can be a problem with the proliferating private security teams that now patrol large subdivisions, apartment complexes and even a Chicago neighborhood that taxes itself extra to pay for it.

"It's a massive, ad hoc privatization of government services," said Evan McKenzie, a University of Illinois at Chicago associate professor of political science and critic who has written two books on the topic. "That's why you get these weird situations.

"It makes sense to (homeowners groups) from a property-management perspective," he said. "But if you view it another way, the actions of any government are supposed to be limited by concepts of civil liberties. Civil liberties don't always apply here."

An Illinois appeals court in a strongly worded ruling last month found that Lake Holiday's practice of stopping and detaining drivers for violating homeowners association rules was unlawful. The court also found that the association's use of amber-colored flashing lights on its vehicles was unlawful and that the association could be held liable for Poris' false imprisonment claim.

A LaSalle County judge had previously ruled in favor of the homeowners association.


Colored folks riot at Nike Air Jordan Shoe Sales... $220.00 a pair! Funny how so many welfare breeders can buy $220.00 shoes

Riot erupts at Florida Mall during Nike All Star collection sneaker release event:

A shoe store in Florida has canceled today's sale of a expensive new basketball shoe at several locations after riot police were forced to break up rowdy crowds of disappointed consumers in Orlando, WOFL-TV reports.
"Our priority is the safety of the community," Foot Locker House of Hoops says in a statement. Stores in Tampa were among those originally scheduled to put the shoes on sale today.

Around 100 officers from the sheriff's office, Orlando police department and Florida Highway patrol were on hand around midnight because of milling crowds gathering to buy the new $220 Nike Foamposite One at Florida Mall, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

WOFL says the sale was canceled because of the unruly crowds.

Around Christmas, fights broke out at shoes stores in several states over the sale of a limited number of Air Jordans and the Orlando police were on alert for possible trouble.

As crowds swelled, a deputy drove around the mall's perimeter, announcing on a loudspeaker: "Florida Mall is closed. Please leave the premises. This is an unlawful gathering. There is no shoe release tonight."

Several NBA stars, including the Knicks Jeremy Lin, had been scheduled to be at the store today, the newspaper says.

State Police: Trooper Zach Peters pulls woman from smoldering car

Photo: Trooper Zach Peters

A state trooper pulled a woman from a smoldering car after she crashed into a tollway median near Halsted Street on Interstate 294 in the south suburbs, according to authorities.

East Hazel Crest Fire Capt. Kevin Vallow said the trooper's actions probably saved the woman's life. "It could have burst into flames, it could have been much (more) dangerous than what it was," he said.

The 24-year-old Harvey woman was unresponsive when the trooper approached the car. She was taken to Ingalls Hospital in Harvey, then to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, police said. Her condition wasn’t immediately available.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Missouri: Court Rules Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional

Circuit court judge rules St. Louis, Missouri red light camera program is unconstitutional and void.

A Missouri circuit court issued a final judgment Friday finding the red light camera program in St. Louis violated the Constitution. Circuit Judge Mark H. Neill reconfirmed his finding from May that the city's program was illegal because the state legislature has never authorized photo ticketing. St. Louis had asked Neill to reconsider and argued that charter cities did not need the legislature's permission to use cameras. He did not buy their argument.

"A city, even a charter city, is a creature of the state and, as such, has no inherent police power," Judge Neill ruled. "The only police power a city has is that conferred to it by the state... The court does not believe that the ordinance has a substantial and rational relation to the health, safety, peace, comfort and general welfare of the inhabitants of St. Louis. This court concludes that without specific enabling legislation passed by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, the ordinance is void."

The other fatal flaw in the program was the lack of due process. St. Louis city ordinance authorizing the use of red light cameras issued tickets against drivers, not vehicle owners, accused of violating the city's "steady red indication" ordinance. The private company American Traffic Solutions mailed out tickets that did not contain a court date or a notice that the citation could be challenged on grounds other than someone else was driving or the car had been stolen.

"The United States Supreme Court has consistently held that some form of hearing is required before an individual is finally deprived of a property interest," Neill wrote. "The court finds that the city's red light ordinance violates procedural due process."

The city has continued to allow its red light camera vendor to issue citations, despite the ruling. Judge Neill made it clear that this is unacceptable.

"A void ordinance, of course, cannot be enforced," Neill wrote. "As such, the court assumes that the city will not attempt to enforce the ordinance if and when a judgment declaring the ordinance void becomes final."

The city intends to appeal.


Melissa Calusinski sentenced to 31 years in prison for daycare toddler death

It took only seconds for daycare worker Melissa Calusinski to hurl 16-month-old Benjamin Kingan to the ground so violently he suffered fatal head injuries.

But her brief action caused lasting, irrevocable harm, a Lake County judge said Thursday as he sentenced Calusinski to 31 years in prison for the 2009 killing at a Lincolnshire day care center.

“In two to three seconds, people can lose everything. In two to three seconds, a person can lose his life,” Judge Daniel Shanes said before imposing a prison term that will keep the 25-year-old Calusinski behind bars until she is in her 50s.


I am not sticking up for what this young lady did... she made her bed and now she must sleep in it for 31 years but I do find it ironic that this news story was also in the newspaper today - 4 years for MURDER... pays to be an illegal beaner I guess!:


Illegal Beaner Jose L. Renteria gets 4 years for stabbing a man to death

An Aurora man who stabbed another man to death during an argument was sentenced Thursday to 4 years in prison.

Jose L. Renteria, 46, of the 400 block of Claim Street, had pleaded guilty in December to second-degree murder for the death of Bradley Vahl, 31, also of Aurora.

According to authorities, Renteria and Vahl were among a group of men at a residence in the 1100 block of Grand Boulevard in the early morning hours of March 7, 2009.

The pair got into a verbal argument that became physical around 3:30 a.m. when Vahl, who was unarmed, lunged at Renteria, who stabbed him in the back with a knife, according to Kane County prosecutors.

Vahl reportedly left the home and got into his vehicle before passing out. He was found a short time later by Aurora police and taken to an area hospital. He was pronounced dead later that morning.

Prosecutors said they were unable to determine what started the argument between the men. Renteria, they said, did not have a prior felony history.

Paul H. Woodard is on his 28th Driving on a Revoked License Arrest... He's just about to turn his life around and get a valid drivers license...really


A man with more than two dozen arrests for driving with a revoked license faces a prison sentence after pleading guilty to that offense and two others today in Kane County.

Paul H. Woodard, 35, is set to be sentenced in April after pleading guilty to the revoked license offense, as well as charges of aggravated driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

Because of his extensive history, which includes felony convictions, he faces a minimum of 6 years in prison, Assistant State’s Atty. Andrew Whitfield said.


Slanty Eyed Deer Park Cop Officer Kevin Yang busted by secret spy camera stealing other cops' lunches!

Police staged a sting operation to catch one of their own - stealing other officer's food from the police station fridge.

Officer Kevin Yang was caught red handed several times helping himself to food and drink left by his colleagues for their lunch break.

He has been placed on a 30 day suspension and is facing a theft charge after the CCTV film showed him raiding the communal fridge at Deer Park Police station near Houston in Texas.

The station's police chief decided to set up a hidden camera after other officers complained that their food and cans of drink were going missing.

While food going missing from officer fridges is commonplace those who lose out usually leave post-it notes to register the complaint.

But Deer Park Police chief Greg Grigg's decided to use his resources to catch the alleged food thief.

UPDATE: Cook Co. Commissioner William Beavers, the self-proclaimed "Hog with the Big Nuts", federally indicted on tax charges

My guess is this is why Bill Daley got dumped as Obama's Chief of Staff... His brother John Daley is going to be indicted...And Obama didn't want to be tainted by having Bill Daley his Chief of Staff... I betting there is a 90% chance John Daley is going to be indicted....
UPDATE: Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was indicted today on charges he failed to pay taxes on tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. Beavers said he was indicted after he refused to wear a wire on fellow Commissioner John Daley.

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was indicted Thursday on charges he failed to pay taxes on tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds that he used to pay off personal expenses.

But the storied, tough-talking 77-year-old Democrat denied the charges and said he was indicted after he refused to wear a wire on fellow Cook County Commissioner John Daley. “I’m too old to be a stool pigeon,” Beavers said.

The Tribune reported in 2010 that federal prosecutors had subpoenaed Beavers’ expense records and that Beavers acknowledged to the newspaper that he used his $1,200-a-month county expense allowance to augment his salary.


Jason “J-Rock” Austin who was once charged with killing off-duty Chicago police Officer Richard Soto and Kathryn Romberg guilty on drug charges

PHOTO: Murdered victims Richard Soto and Kathryn Romberg

A reputed gang member who was once implicated in the killing of a Chicago police officer – only to have those charges later dropped -- was found guilty today by a federal jury on drug charges.

Prosecutors said Jason “J-Rock” Austin was overseeing a 24-hour heroin and crack market at Kedzie Avenue and Ohio Street known as “KO.”

Austin was charged by Cook County prosecutors in 2008 for killing off-duty Chicago police Officer Richard Soto and Soto’s companion.

Prosecutors dropped the case a month later due to lack of evidence and problems with statements from witnesses.


Illegal Polock, 60, will be deported to Poland after 2 1/2 years in hospital - She should have said she was Mexican, they would be kissing her fat ass

Barbara Latasiewicz, a Polish immigrant who has lived in a LaGrange hospital since September 2009, will return to Poland under an arrangement approved by a Cook County judge today.

Latasiewicz, 60, is in the United States illegally after overstaying a visa. She ended up at Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital after suffering a stroke while cleaning a home, and has been unable to find a place for long-term care. She has no family who can take care of her her, no insurance and doesn't qualify for public aid.

The hospital has been taking care of her for more than two years even though it is a short-term care facility. But early this month, the hospital was able to arrange placement for Latasiewicz at a hospital in Krakow, Poland.


16 year old wildebeest student stabs coach at Chicago's East Garfield Goose High School - She was only charged with misdemeanor battery....

A coach at an East Garfield Park high school was stabbed and seriously injured by a 16-year-old girl while trying to break up a fight outside the school, police said.

The 21-year-old woman came upon the fight at about 3:20 p.m. Wednesday behind the Al Raby School for Community and Environment in the 3400 block of West Walnut Street, according to Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

Several teens were fighting, and the coach tried to separate two of them, police said. One of the two teens, a 16-year-old girl, brandished a knife and stabbed the coach in the chest, Mirabelli said.


HALF of Americans don't pay income tax despite crippling government debt

This was published in the United Kingdom Daily Mail Newspaper. You would never read this following statement in a pandering American newspaper: The decreasing number of taxpayers threatens government revenues, and could also cause resentment from those who believe that welfare recipients are taking money out of the economy.
Figures: This graph from the Heritage Foundation shows that half the population of the U.S. pays no federal income tax at all

151.7m people - 49.5% of the U.S. population - paid no federal income tax in 2009, figures show

Only half of U.S. citizens pay federal income tax, according to the latest available figures.

In 2009, just 50.5 per cent of Americans paid any income tax to the federal government - the lowest proportion in at least half a century.

And the number of people outside the tax system could have climbed even higher since as the economic downturn has continued to bite and unemployment has remained high.

The decreasing number of taxpayers threatens government revenues, and could also cause resentment from those who believe that welfare recipients are taking money out of the economy.

151.7million U.S. citizens paid no federal income tax in 2009, according to figures compiled by the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank.
In 1984, the middle of the Reagan era, 85 per cent of Americans paid federal income tax, meaning just 34.8 million people did not.

The figures include children, the retired and others who do not participate in the labour force.

Nonetheless, they largely reflect the sudden jump in the unemployment rate after the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession.

Unemployment rose from around five per cent at the beginning of 2008 to a high of 10 per cent in October 2009.

As well the increased number of jobless people, the reduction in the number of taxpayers is a result of low-income workers taking pay cuts and reduced hours, and therefore slipping out of the tax system.

It also includes people who illegally fail to file a tax return even though they might have earned enough money to do so.

Another finding by the Heritage Foundation shows that 21.8 per cent of U.S. citizens receive financial assistance from the federal government.

This means that 67.3million people - a record high - are 'dependent on the federal government', excluding government employees who rely on the public sector for their salaries.

The conjunction of fewer taxpayers with higher welfare payments has led to intense pressure on the public purse, with the national deficit running at $1.3trillion per year.

The Heritage Foundation argues that the reduction in the number of taxpayers will create an electorate dominated by non-taxpayers, who will always support higher taxes and spending because their own money is not at stake.

Colored man busted on drug warrant after winning big at casino, says bonanza was to pay for bail

ALTOONA, Pa - A man accused of dealing drugs had his luck run out when he won $2,500 playing blackjack at a casino near Philadelphia.

Altoona police say 34-year-old Mateen Johnson was arrested Saturday because he had to produce identification to cash out his winnings at Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino in Bucks County. Casino officials learned Johnson was wanted for drug offenses in Altoona after doing a standard name check and called authorities.

The Altoona Mirror ( ) reports Tuesday that Johnson told police he expected to be arrested soon and was trying to win enough at blackjack to make bail.

Online court records don't list an attorney for Johnson, who was wanted on separate drug delivery charges filed last year.

Johnson remained in the Blair County Prison on Monday.


Sounds like Illinois casinos should start doing name checks on the winners too

This might be a hard sell to the jury - Lawyer: Man rammed ex-wife’s car, shot her six times in self-defense

Photo: Melissa Bridgewater (Miss Swiss Cheese) and Jerry L. Hudson

Jerry L. Hudson shot his unarmed, ex-wife to death in her car outside the Oak Brook hotel where she was staying with her new boyfriend, but it wasn’t murder, Hudson’s attorney argued Wednesday.

Hudson fired six shots at 45-year-old Melissa Bridgewater in self-defense, defense attorney John Lyke Jr. told a DuPage County jury as Hudson’s trial began.

“This is not a case of who done it. This is a case of why did he do it,” Lyke said, acknowledging that Hudson carried out the Jan. 1, 2010, shooting in the upscale western suburb.

Hudson gunned down his former wife during a nasty, early-morning altercation in the darkened parking lot because he thought she was reaching into her center console for a pistol, Lyke argued.


Manhunt Ends for Murderer of Washington State Trooper - Possible Suspect Commits Suicide

SEATTLE, WA – A possible suspect in the shooting death of a Washington State trooper during a traffic stop early Thursday shot himself hours later as police closed in, authorities said.

A SWAT team was approaching the house in Port Orchard where they hoped to find the registered owner of the pickup truck the trooper had stopped. They heard a shot and found the man with a self-inflicted wound. He was taken to a Tacoma hospital, where his condition was unknown.

The trooper, a 16-year veteran of the Washington State Patrol, had stopped the truck around 1 a.m. on Highway 16 about 20 miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound. He radioed the location and license plate number, said Trooper Russ Winger.

When the trooper didn't respond to status checks, a Kitsap County sheriff's deputy went to the scene and found the trooper outside his patrol car. He was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma where he was declared dead.

Three hours later, officers found the truck abandoned on a county road near Port Orchard, about two miles from the shooting scene.

Troopers, deputies and other officers searched the area for the driver using dogs and questioning people. They urged residents to stay inside and call 911 if they saw anything suspicious. Dogs did not pick up a track, Winger said.

The trooper was not immediately identified while out-of-state relatives were notified.

The 44-year-old was a military veteran with a son in the area who is a soldier, Batiste told a news conference at the Tacoma hospital where the trooper was declared dead.

The Bremerton-base trooper was well-known and popular in the community where he often spoke in schools, Batiste said.

"It's a terrible thing to receive a phone call that one of your people is injured in line of duty. To have that compounded with a loss, it's a bad day," Patrol Chief John R. Batiste.

The chief has been consoling family and members of agency.

"They're all hurting. I'm hurting," Batiste said.

An aid car carrying the trooper's body was escorted by dozens of patrol cars with lights flashing from the hospital to the Pierce County medical examiner's office where the autopsy would be conducted.

The last Washington State Patrol trooper killed on duty was James Saunders, 31, who was shot in 1999 during a traffic stop in Pasco. Nicolas S. Vasquez pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

And most of thought bringing the troops back home was safer - Seven U.S. marines killed in Arizona helicopter collision

Two U.S. military helicopters collided over a training range in Arizona on Wednesday killing seven Marines, the Marines said on Thursday.

The aircraft, an AH-1W "Cobra" and a UH-1Y "Huey," were conducting routine training operations when the accident occurred.

The marines said the accident took place at the Yuma Training Range Complex in Yuma at about 8 p.m.

The Marines said the incident, which was in a remote part of the training range, was under investigation.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1970's 'Blaxploitation' Stars: Where are they now?

The 1970s produced the genre that would later come to be known as 'Blaxploitation'. The film genre emerged during this decade as films were made specifically with an urban black audience in mind. The term 'Blaxploitation' emerges from a fusion of the words black and exploitation. These movies were larger-than-life, action-packed, and full of funk and soul music. Known not only for their exciting nature, these films also involved progressive social and political commentary. From Pam Grier to Bill Cosby, check out who delved into this genre and what the actors have been doing since the '70s ...


27 year veteran San Diego Police Sergeant Kevin Friedman accused of fixing tickets resigns

A San Diego police sergeant facing charges of ticket-fixing has resigned, the Police Department said Wednesday.

Kevin Friedman, a supervisor in the traffic division, was a 27-year veteran of the department.

Friedman and Deputy Dist. Atty. Allison Debow face misdemeanor charges of fixing two tickets. A hearing is set in San Diego County Superior Court on March 7.

Debow is on paid administrative leave, according to the district attorney's office.

Debow allegedly asked Friedman to destroy seat-belt tickets issued by a San Diego police officer to Debow and Deputy Dist. Atty. Amy Maund. Maund was unaware that Debow made the request, according to prosecutors.

Chicago Drug and Murder Czar Leo Schmitz: More than $6M in pot grabbed from Englewood ring

Ironically this bust and seizure will end up getting a few dope boys killed... So they did make a nice bust but watch and see a few shitheads being found murdered for this big loss of "supply"

Once again Chicago Drug and Murder Czar Leo Schmitz holds a press conference:

Four people were charged in connection with an Englewood drug ring after police seized more than $6 million in marijuana along with crack cocaine during separate arrests on the South Side.

Englewood District officers began an investigation after gathering information about drug sales on the 5900 block of South Lowe Street, police said.

While watching the area Tuesday, officers watched a person place cannabis and crack cocaine into a trunk of a vehicle before driving away, police said.

When officers pulled the vehicle over, they found crack cocaine and cannabis worth an estimated street value of more than $10,000, police said.

The occupants of the vehicle, both felons, were carrying about $3,000 in cash, police said.

Further investigation led officers to 2,100 pounds of cannabis with an estimated street value of about $6 million, and 64 grams of crack cocaine worth about $7,800, police said.

Officers also seized an additional $6,300 in cash, officials said.

Keith Mackmore, 39, of the 2000 block of West 68th
Atef M. Dissi, 27, of the 4500 block of West 77th Place
Nika P. Hines, 27, of the 8000 block of South Ada Street
Gregory Wright, 28, of the 5900 block of South Emerald


Cong. Dan Lipinski, who was handed the Congressional seat from his corrupt father, former Cong. Bill Lipinski sells out to Cong. Luis Gutierrez


In checking out the approved maps of congressional districts in Illinois, based on 2010 census data, it would appear that the Right Honorable Dan Lipinski is forfeiting the right to represent the community of Archer Heights in its entirety. Rather, the northeastern portion, precinct 2 in the 14th ward, of Archer Heights will now fall under the 4th district of Luis Gutierrez.

Without blinking and eye, the man has sold out the remaining whites in the area. He's chosen to keep the areas of LeClaire Courts and Stickney rather than represent the people who put his father in office and allowed him to inherit the job. This shows the astounding lack of power he truly holds; he props up Gutierrez, while keeping some absolute dregs. If you're curious, yes, I live in the portion of Archer Heights that he's handed over to Gutierrez and yes, I'm pissed. I'm considering following the lead of both daddy and son Lipinski and heading to live in the "Poor Man's Hinsdale" of Western Springs. Perhaps with a little luck I can sell the property to another nice family with an FHA mortgage or under Second Federal Savings in Little Village.

Just a warning to the good people of Garfield Ridge, including all those firemen and police . . . Now that their area has been designated a supermajority minority ward by the City that area will soon resemble Archer Heights and Gage Park (what do you think contributed to the demise of Archer Heights?). There are plenty of nice gang bangers that have made a foothold in Archer Heights and now that they have equity in property they'll be moving westward to greener pastures. It'll work out well, the gangs will continue to take over Garfield Ridge and join forces with the Section 8 housing that's rife in Clearing. By the time next census rolls around Lipinski will drop them as well.

This will all come about because it benefits the pigs at the public trough; the politicians.

NC Highway Patrol recruit dies during training - R.I.P. 22-year-old Isiah Hardy Nixon

RALEIGH -- A spokesman for the North Carolina Highway Patrol says an applicant has collapsed and died after completing a 1.5-mile run.

Sgt. Jeff Gordon said Wednesday that the applicant, 22-year-old Isiah Hardy Nixon, of Wendell, had just completed the run which is part of the screening process when he collapsed around 12:30 p.m.

Gordon said medical personnel were on hand at the patrol training academy in south Raleigh and provided care until emergency personnel arrived. Nixon was transported to WakeMed, where he was pronounced dead.

Gordon said applicants are required to take a written test as well as a fitness test which consists of push-up, sit-up and flexibility tests in addition to the run. He said applicants must meet a certain percentile to pass.
Ironically this bust and siezure will end up getting a few dope boys killed... So they did make a nice bust but watch and see a

Village Idiot jumps into Calumet River from Skyway Tollway Bridge


A man who jumped into the Calumet River from the Skyway Bridge this evening was reported in "very critical" condition, officials said.

Chicago Fire Department divers rescued the man and paramedics were on the scene. The man was described as in "very critical condition," said fire media spokesman Joe Roccasalva.


A Sad Story For Everybody Involved - Mother of boy, 13, killed by cop in wreck tells judge she misses son

Three weeks after he was killed in a hit-and-run crash involving a drunken Chicago Police officer, Trenton Booker’s mother sadly glimpsed the empty chair that the always smiling 13-year-old was supposed to sit in for his eighth grade graduation.

“Instead of me being able to take pictures like the other parents I stared at the chair he would have sat in, which was covered with his class T-shirt,” Barbara Norman said at Wednesday’s sentencing hearing for Richard Bolling, the veteran narcotics cop convicted in the deadly May 22, 2009, collision.


Illinois Appellate Court Judge Aurelia Pucinski bashed her black successor Dorothy Brown - She turned the clerk's office into a ghetto mess!

Photo: Illinois Appellate Court Judge Aurelia Pucinski - Not her statement... but I get the sense that is what she was alluding to

Illinois Appellate Court Judge Aurelia Pucinski bashed her successor Dorothy Brown Wednesday, saying the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office has turned the task of record-keeping into a jumbled mess. Incredulous, the Brown campaign fired back that they had to fix the chaos Pucinski left behind when she left office in 2000. Pucinski is endorsing Brown’s Democratic primary rival, Ald. Ricardo Munoz (22nd).


Gov. Pat Quinn on pension mess: ‘Everything is on the table’ but offers no solution... PENSIONS ARE DOOMED

BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO THE ILLEGAL BEANERS, TO THE CRACKHEADS AND THE WELFARE BREEDERS.... But we must cut the pensions of the working people and raise their taxes too!

Gov. Pat Quinn took his case for a budgetary crash diet directly to state lawmakers Wednesday, pushing a grim assortment of prison closures and spending cuts in a spending plan that he said wasn’t built around “budget fantasies” but rather “hard realities.” Pension reform must be done “in a way that’s meaningful, constitutional and fair to the employees,” he said.


St. Catherine School in Oak Lawn & Queen of Martyrs School in Chicago - CRIME ALERT - ATTEMPT CHILD ABDUCTION

The below described activities occurred at St.Catherine School in Oak lawn. This warning is being passed along to surrounding grammar schools.

Queen of Martyrs School
3550 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60655

February 22, 2012

We received information this morning from a parent, that last weekend there were two incidents of attempted child luring near St. Catherine School in Oak Lawn.

In the first incident a young girl was approached by a man wearing a black ski mask and driving a black mini-van. He called out to the girl “Come here!” and opened the driver side door of his vehicle and showed her a small black dog. The girl ran into the school and reported the incident. Others who witnessed the incident said there were at least three other people in the mini-van.

In the 2nd incident, four (4) teenagers were parked behind the black mini- van in a red Chevrolet Cavalier. One of the teens had a baseball bat, and another had a basketball. The teens offered two young children candy if they were to get into the car. The two children fled and reported the incident to an adult. The driver of the Cavalier was described as a white male teenager, about 5”09, with wavy hair and braces. The other three in the car were described as white male teenagers, one wearing a basketball shirt and baseball hat.

If anyone has information about these incidents, please call the Oak Lawn Police Watch Commander at 708-499-7730.

Obama to raise corporate tax rate by eliminating deductions and make oil & gas companies pay more... Get ready for $6.00 a gallon gasoline

Obama unveils broad overhaul of corporate tax code

The plan aims to lower the top tax rate paid by U.S. companies to 28% from 35%. It also eliminates dozens of breaks designed for specific industries, particularly oil and gas production



Rev Jesse Jackass Sr. - 'Apartheid' exists at Chicago schools - Because the shitheads chased all the white kids out you big asshole


Activists and parents gathered at Chicago Public Schools' HQ this morning to fight a plan to close or overhaul 17 struggling schools. Among them was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who said inequities in the system amount to educational "apartheid."


Not even Commander Leo Schmitz can stop all homicides in Englewood! 15 year old shot by his brother goes to the big LINK CARD in the sky!


A 14-year-old boy died this afternoon after apparently being shot in the chest by his 15-year-old brother in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.

The victim was pronounced dead at 4:25 p.m. at University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

Preliminary reports indicated that the older brother was showing the gun to his younger brother when it accidently discharged, according to a police source.

Police recovered the gun and the older brother is being questioned.

Paramedics responded at 3:35 p.m. to the 7000 block of South Yale Avenue, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Richard Rosado. The boy was initially taken in serious condition to University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital where he later died, officials said.