Thursday, August 16, 2012

"THE FOP LETTER" A scorned fired female FOP employee throws lots of mud but what's really true?

There has been a letter passed around the last week. I know many people must have recieved it because it was e-mailed to me a few hundred times. It has to do with a fired female employee from the Chicago FOP 7 office. Not unlike many other "FIRED" employee this female is PISSED OFF! I might as well say this upfront, I AM NOT POSTING THE LETTER ON THIS BLOG. Believe me if you want to read it just ask one of the cops you work with, I am sure they got a copy in the e-mail from somebody.

To me it's one thing to quit your job because of alleged awful conditions and then go on to become a whistle blower...but to sling a few dozen serious allegations about your former employer and boss after you are fired is similar to listening to a person going through a divorce. It's amazing some of the terrible allegations that suddenly appear when a divorce is in progress and the scorn spouse is looking to burn the person they were once married to both financially and personally.

The author of the letter has publicly stated she wrote this letter and is spreading it to as many people as possible in an attempt to receive a large severance package from the FOP. Here's a little tip from your old Shavedlongcock... If the allegations as contained in this letter are true, you are much better off attempting to negotiate a severance package BEFORE YOU PUBLICLY RELEASE A LETTER. You lose your trump card when you publicly make the allegations...You see, if the allegations were true you are in a much better position to receive a "package deal" to keep the information CONFIDENTIAL.

When a person runs around making allegations and then asks for something of value me IT'S BULLSHIT! Just a scorn person trying to throw mud to settle a score.

So I guess what I am also saying is that although all these alleged terrible things were going on at the FOP, it was perfectly acceptable to this person as long as she was getting paid. It only became a major problem after she was fire.

Right now the FOP is in the middle of contract negotiations for the Chicago police officers. The city would love to see the FOP and it's leaders become weaker and have the police officers divided more than they are. I will not be a part of that. Mike Shields is young and may not have had all the experience needed to become president but I trust him. I rather have a guy who is truly willing to try for us than a old experienced corrupt thief in office.