Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Retired Chicago police officer Thomas Boyle killed in Afghanistan will join great-grandfather on memorial wall

Retired Chicago Police Officer Thomas Boyle — who died in Afghanistan this summer while working as a private security contractor — will join his great-grandfather on the Police Memorial Wall.

“He was a strong American — he loved his country,” said Boyle’s wife, Pauline Boyle, on Tuesday.

Boyle’s great-grandfather William Mooney was a Chicago Police officer when he was killed in the line of duty in 1908.

On Monday, Boyle will become the second retired Chicago Police officer honored on the wall near Soldier Field, according to former police Supt. Phil Cline, the executive director of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.



Anonymous said...

Private security contractor = mercenary soldier,He fought and died for money,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Private security contractor = mercenary soldier,He fought and died for money,

August 14, 2012 8:17 PM
Asshole! Did you think that maybe he thought he could help? Maybe he did die for money, but are you the police for free? Are our glorious members of our Armed Forces mercs? They do it for money. Duty is an enormous part, but they don't do it for free.

Anonymous said...

fuck him in his grave, he wanted to shoot up some POPPY SEED growers and got POPPED!

Anonymous said...

"Private security contractor = mercenary soldier,He fought and died for money,"

So what's your point. I don't see anyone doing their job for free just because of the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

I was in Vietnam and I really saw how fucked up the Army was and I am sure is. Why in the fuckin world would you put yourself in a situation like volunteering to be deployed to that shit hole Afghanistan????? They couldn't pay me enough... So stupid in so many ways....enjoying retirement...

Anonymous said...

I couldn' agree more with whoever said "are you the police for free". Whoever made the first post dishonoring someone who actually died as a fucking American should go hang himself

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

fuck him in his grave, he wanted to shoot up some POPPY SEED growers and got POPPED!

August 14, 2012 10:00 PM
You lousy democrat. Just because you wouldn't go there doesn't mean no one should. This was an older guy, I'm sure he went to do some work and make a few bucks. At his age, he's not running around blasting people.

Viet Nam vet, enjoy your retirement, but, people do things for various reasons, don't denigrate him because you think it was stupid. Maybe it was, but he had his reasons and we don't know what they were. I'm sure you remember being called a bay killer or know someone that was. Should we denigrate you because it was stupid? Now, before you say I had to go, hell, you could have run to Canada to escape. but you did your duty and God Bless all of you that did. Don't spit on this mans memory. I'm sorry to be so rude about this but it just sticks in my craw when people speak rudely of our departed heros.

Anonymous said...

He was teaching the Afgans how to be the Police and he was making a difference. Only a liberal scum would call him a mercenary.

Former DSS

Old Retired Guy said...

Some of you guys really need to get a life and realize that there is something beyond the Chicago Police Department. This guy served his country in various different capacities.

Just because you don't want to or in some cases don’t have the balls or the drive to do something that he did there is no reason to bum rap the guy or is it a jealousy problem. Are you jealous because he did something you didn’t or made more money than you. Damn I remember when the job (read police officer) was all about the adrenaline rush but maybe that’s a thing from the past and all you arm chair jockeys and Monday morning quarterbacks need something to chew on – something you can’t do.

I thank him for his service to his country and can’t wrong him for trying to capitalize a little on his training both military and police.

Having been one of the “idiots” who have done the “Contractor” thing in Afghanistan I can tell you it isn’t a free ride and you do you work for the money. It’s a choice just like the choice you were told by your friends and family that you made was crazy when you became a police officer. Well your nuts for taking that job also, this guy just had more to do and more drive than you. That’s not meant to denigrate your service in being a police officer so don’t denigrate this guy for what he did.

Damn shame he died, would have like to have know him!

And no contractors are not mercenaries. In general they are trainers that are contracted through various companies being paid by the US government to train police in other mostly 3rd world countries in modern methods of Law Enforcement. In some case we are armed for our own protection but no we were not mercenaries.

Just because you choose not to there are others who choose to.

Anonymous said...

For those 'like-thinkers' who want to show your support for our brother, Tom Boyle, join me on Monday, 20 August, 1800hrs., to honor our fallen at the Gold Star Memorial and Park, across from Soldier Field.
Ol vet (r)

Anonymous said...

"fuck him in his grave, he wanted to shoot up some POPPY SEED growers and got POPPED!

Private security contractor = mercenary soldier,He fought and died for money,"

Spoken like the liberal lice you people you are. You guys? - must be among the liberal lice bleeding heart jealous douche bag muther fuckers that came on this job after the mid 80's or you are just liberal douche bag red doper diaper babies. Look at yourself in the mirror and see all that has gone wrong with the job looking back at you.

I'd rather have Boyle watching my back than be afraid of having you guarding my 6.

Thomas Boyle made a difference as a Police Officer and a member of the military and served his country - may he rest in peace while you scum bags rot in hell wishing you could have been like him and cursing yourselves because you couldn't measure up.

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama voters dissing his service.

Real Americans applauding his service.