Monday, August 13, 2012

POLICE OFFICERS SHOT - Shooter near Texas A&M campus apprehended, several shot including 2 police

UPDATE: 2 killed, including officer, in shooting near Texas A&M campus; suspect in custody

DEVELOPING BREAKING NEWS STORY: COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Police say at least one law enforcement officer and one civilian have been killed in a shooting near Texas A&M University's campus. Assistant Chief Scott McCollum says the gunman also was shot Monday before being taken into custody. McCollum say the officer killed was a constable with Brazos County. He says a College Station police officer and another woman also were injured in the shooting.

Police say two officers and one other person have been injured in a shooting near the Texas A&M University campus in College Station.

Bryan Police spokesman Jon Agnew says the shooter is in custody Monday. Agnew says officers have established a perimeter around the area just east of campus, but they don't believe a second suspect is involved.

Agnew says police don't know if shooter was a student at A&M.

Bryan is College Station's sister city and its officers are assisting in the case.

Texas police took a shooter into custody Monday after receiving reports of multiple injuries near the Texas A&M University campus, officials said.

The university issued an alert on its website just before 12:30 p.m. warning of an active shooter near the campus football stadium, Kyle Field. The warning told residents and students to avoid the area, and was later updated with the shooter taken into custody.

College Station Police spokeswoman Rhonda Seaton told The Dallas Morning News that law enforcement officers are among "multiple injuries" at the scene, which she says is within a block or two of campus. Seaton says she does know the extent of the injuries. Multiple calls to Seaton's cellphone from The Associated Press went straight to voicemail Monday afternoon. Text messages and emails also were left for the spokeswoman.

exas A&M spokeswoman Sherylon Carroll could not confirm any injuries or details about the shooting, but said most students were not on campus Monday and the fall semester does not begin until August 27.

"It appeared to be fairly quiet," Carroll said of campus. "It didn't appear to be a lot of people out and about at that particular time."

College Station is about 90 miles northwest of Houston. Texas A&M is home to more than 50,000 students, according to its website

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Anonymous said...

Another attempt to rally the sheep to ban and outright outlaw weapons
by all. Sympathies to the officers.
Cover your six.

Anonymous said...

Heard one P.O. is DOA. God help all Officers.
We need Concealed carry more than ever. If people are gunning down innocent people AND police, we need to be allowed the best of protection from these loons. If they'll gun down a Cop, they'll gun down anyone.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a Section 8 housing bum getting served an eviction notice and answering with a gun.

Anonymous said...

forget this.where is the story about the old black KING in Joliet? arrested today for telling metro he had a bomb on the train!!!

Anonymous said...

Fucker should have stayed at Dunkin Donuts. Jelly gobbling fool.

Darky Dark

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Allow students to CCW!!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends in LE.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone in the know.

Anonymous said...

Another dude reaching his tipping point and taking others with him.

Anonymous said...

The thing is the black king is just talking shit , jake means it....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear a P.O. Had to fall . Glad his comrades punched that savages fucking ticket though. I hope the family he leaves behind takes solice in the fact that he dies a hero and the fuck that shot him gets a county creamation.

I Voted For Obama said...

Normal looking white dude did it.