Monday, August 06, 2012

Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy, 51 - Officer's heroics no surprise to former boss

Please send this officer a get well card and or gift - Memorial Lutheran Hospital
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Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, was shot eight to nine times but then waved off help from fellow officers Sunday during the carnage at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

"He told them to go into the temple," Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said Monday.

Murphy is in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa.

One man who knows Murphy well was not surprised by the actions of the 21-year member of the force.

"He is that guy," former Oak Creek Police Chief Thomas Bauer said in describing Murphy's heroic actions.

Bauer said Murphy is a native New Yorker who retains a New York accent and attitude.

"He's a highly distinguished police officer, highly decorated," Bauer said.

Bauer said Murphy received a commendation during a 2004 investigation into fallen electrical towers. In the case, bolts were loosened in what authorities called sabotage.

After Bauer's retirement from the force, Murphy was one of three finalists for the police chief's job.

"He was willing to step up and take on the additional responsibilities and duties and keep that position in-house," Bauer said. "He was certainly well qualified to take on that role."

Oak Creek Mayor Stephen Scaffidi said Murphy "is a tremendous asset to the police department."

"He's involved in our emergency management," Scaffidi said. "It's kind of ironic he would be involved in a threatening situation like this. He's very brave in the line of duty."


Anonymous said...

Worked a case with him a few years ago. Good guy.

Anonymous said...

Stud! This shit can happen anywhere ladies and gentlemen...remember that!

Anonymous said...

Just thankful the police shot and killed the crazed asshole shooter. Makes it a lot easier to pick up the pieces. Hope the lieutenant recovers.

Anonymous said...

this irish bastard looks like he ate one too many fermented potatoes.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we get bosses like that here? Rham would just throw him under the bus ,thats why he's in WI. Get well officer you got some big ones.

Connie Diaz said...

So a Irish Gringo done good, God Bless

I Voted For Obama said...

This guy did NOT vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Time to retire brother.

Mark12A said...

One tough son of a bitch. Hang in there, brother. You put the asshole in a bag and YOU WILL WALK AWAY from it.

Score one for the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Not uncommon for north of the border for the chiefs and mayors to back officers (more often than not).

Also...Milwaukee PD is not reluctant to share credit with officers doing good stuff as well...check out

Anonymous said...

No sooner than I posted that I saw this Facebook post from the mayor of Milwaukee (himself injured when coming to the aid of a DV victim):

As a local and global community, it is important to remember how precious life is and pay tribute to those who protect and serve our communities.

Today, we join together to pay tribute to the life of Deputy Sergio Aleman. Deputy Aleman loyally served his community for 18 years, and will be remembered by his family, friends and colleagues. While we pay tribute to one fallen officer, our thoughts and prayers are with Lt. Brian Murphy of the Oak Creek Police Department who is recuperating after being shot multiple times during Sunday’s tragedy at the Sikh temple.

Lt. Murphy selflessly put himself in harm’s way to protect the lives of innocent worshipers during Sunday’s tragic events, saving many people from injury and death. Lt. Murphy is most certainly a hero.

In order to move to forward and heal, we must focus on the positive. Yesterday, the Milwaukee Police Department swore in the first recruit class of 2012. Sixty-eight dedicated and civic- minded men and women will begin a 22-week process to become police officers. I have the utmost respect for the sacrifice and commitment these men and women make to their community. While we all go about our lives, let’s take a moment to thank our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe and healthy.

Amen, mayor.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Brian Murphy was a honest, brave man and I hope he survives from this unexpected incident that Murphy had experienced. May God bless and give him a long life.