Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says local economy is booming - The Madigans, Daleys, Vaneckos & Chicago Aldermen are all making BIG $$$$$$$

Here’s my economic quiz for the day: Which city led the country in job growth in the past year and experienced the largest drop in unemployment at 14.8 percent? Chicago.

Which city saw the greatest rise in home prices, 4.5 percent, in the latest Case-Shiller survey of 20 major metro areas? Chicago.

Which city is building 1,400 new hotel rooms and seeing the second biggest jump in hotel construction nationwide? Chicago.

Where did hotel occupancy rise to 90 percent in June and tourist spending set records by rising to
$12 billion in the past year? Chicago.

Where is demand for retail, manufacturing and shipping space higher than at any time in the past four years? Chicago.

Which downtown is seeing its first office tower built on spec since 1998 and seeing building sales rise to the highest level in five years? Chicago.

Where have seven companies moved their corporate headquarters and 33 companies expanded, creating 20,000 more jobs, all in a little over a year? You probably know by now: Chicago.

Those are just a few snapshots of Chicago’s recent success. Taken together, they show our economy creating jobs in nearly every sector and opportunity for Chicagoans of all skill sets. We are not riding a national trend; our strategy for economic growth is creating our own trend. Because we are not resting on our strengths but investing in them, companies have the confidence to invest and grow in Chicago.

Motorola Mobility’s decision to move its corporate headquarters and 3,000 jobs to the Merchandise Mart was one of the strongest votes of confidence in our future. The company’s choice of Chicago over Sunnyvale, Calif., or Seoul, South Korea, is a game changer for our economy. While Chicago is a leader in transportation and logistics, professional services, business consulting and the financial sector, Motorola Mobility’s move creates another pillar for growth and job creation. As the home to a global leader in the smartphone industry, Chicago is now a leading technological center. Our economy has never had greater diversity or depth.

We also know that wherever tech giants make their home, start-ups follow. Motorola Mobility will tap small companies with big ideas to develop new software and products. For code writers and designers looking to create the next blockbuster program, Chicago is a top destination. The second city is fast becoming a start-up city.

That hasn’t always been the case. For too long, we saw innovators get their start in Chicago only to make their names in Silicon Valley. While Paypal’s founders left Illinois a decade ago for California, Braintree, a company described as Paypal 2.0, is now adding 150 jobs in their West Loop headquarters. Companies that start in Chicago are staying in Chicago. They are confident about Chicago’s future and committed to our success.

It’s not just at places like Braintree, but in the building trades, construction and on the CTA, there are more opportunities. On the same day Braintree announced its expansion, the CTA hosted the first of three job fairs to recruit 400 new bus drivers. The positions are a small sample of the 30,000 jobs we are creating in the next three years as we modernize our roads, runways and rails. For welders, pipe fitters, mechanical engineers, laborers and others, in every community and corner of our city, Chicagoans have a better shot at good jobs and a middle-class standard of living.

The strategy behind our success is clear: We are investing in our infrastructure and in the skills and education of our workforce. At the same time, we are putting our fiscal house in order. We are investing in what works and what makes Chicago more economically competitive while reforming what doesn’t. By making the tough choices, we have cut our projected budget deficit in half for 2013. In the next budget, we will finish what we started and eliminate the structural deficit.

When we see Chicago leading the country in job growth and the growing confidence of companies in Chicago across the economic spectrum, we can have greater confidence in the choices we are making as a city. We are not yet where we need to be, but we know we are on our way and pointed in the right direction. Chicago is a city on the move.


Anonymous said...

dick, I respect you for pointing out where the real power is in this state and the source of our problems: Madigan. Most of the media, let alone public, will not speak on this point or are unaware.

Our local economy, and national economy, are worse in my opinion than even in 2008.

Banking is never better: liabilities erased (Fed can purchase two things: (1) U.S. gov securities and (2) mortgage-backed securities), deposits are way up, and people are paying off bad debt with high interest (banks raking in tons of profits from interest).

Yet, credit is extremely tight for businesses, families, and individuals.

Real/Actual Unemployment: 24.7% (unemployed + underemployed). See Gallup. Speaking of Gallup, all of the financial advisors, actuaries, accountants, hedge fund mangers, etc. rely on Gallup and other sources such as Shadow Statistics. It would be NEGLIGENCE to rely on the Dept of Labor employment numbers and make financial decisions as a fiduciary.

A robust lower-middle, middle-middle, and upper-middle class is the sine qua non of our Constitutional Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Illinois, come here for the weather and stay here for the taxes.

Chicago, come here for the crime, stay here for unemployment.

I wish I could believe the story about how well the economy is going here but I just can't believe it. Chicago should be the jewel of the Midwest but with tools like Gutierez, Rush, Moreno, Prickwinkle, Davis, Chicowski, Quinn, Quigley, Jackson Jr. and Joe Moore, how could you believe anything good will happen here?

Anonymous said...

I am all for Chicago doing good.

I still have to note our eatin mo chickin mayor is being a bit selective.

There are many good projects and happenings in Chicago at the moment. This is mixed in with all the bullshit as well.

"Which city saw the greatest rise in home prices, 4.5 percent, in the latest Case-Shiller survey of 20 major metro areas? Chicago."

Slow down! This is a smoke screen.

My very nice home (Lincoln Park) saw it's value dip ever so slightly last year and my taxes assessed went up! Go figure that.

Some of my neighbors has the same issue, some went up in value (taxes up too) and some held their value (taxes still went up). Get the trend?

That said, my new neighbors bought their home and paid $3.5 million to do so. They are not alone in moving back into the city from the burbs and some came in from out of state.

People, oddly enough, do like this city over others and ARE moving her to certain areas.

Yet I know some Hispanics in Humboldt Park who have seen their living quarters plummet in value. Big time losses.

One of my black friends, ghetto man from Englewood, says what shocked no one: That the hood there is still a low value rats nest. Not that blacks are really a tax base in this city...

So why is mr mayor taking isolated and cherry picked data to make a PR presentation on how great Chi-town is doing?

There is hope that obama can get the fuck out of office and matters will improve. Still, IL and Chicago have a long way to go. As does the USA as a whole.

This chick I know who is a realtor has the true line on how bad it is or not.

She averaged for a decade, 18 homes sold totaling 8 million together in sales. All sorts or proprieties from condos to middle class single family ones to a few 2 million and up homes. Real mix of what sold and how fast, yet the totals were 8 million for 18 items sold overall.

At the slump a few yeas back, it was 18 properties sold for just under 3 million total. There as a big stall in selling the homes too, the market was slower.

Now for the 18 homes she can sell, which she informs me takes longer, the total is just at five million.

That is a bellwether for you. So chill out mayor black eyes! Things are not as bad at they might be, things are still harsh and difficult as anything.

Oh, black crime. Murders. Wildings. Rape and murder. Illegals? D'oh! Factor those into "the Chicago is awesome" pitch? The streets are war zones here!

The US has credit issues! don't even get me started. Credit is not flowing for many people and businesses. That is good to not give out subprime BarneyFrank bullshit. Still, the matter of credit being issued or not is the life blood of progress in many sectors. That is not happening.

The new hotel buildings are mixed blessings. Old Children's hospital wants to be the site of a hotel and residential high rise. Same too with the site of old Grant/Lincoln Park Hospital and the development there. Fuckers want to add in *ahem* "mixed income"housing bullshit! HELL NO!

Faggot Daley wanted the mixed income shit and Section 8 to come into the city in a huge way. The would be 2016 Olympic Village was going to be flipped into low income housing after the games... Fuck that!

Now there is a move to reinstate Cabrini–Green in a manner or speaking with allocating as much as 30% of the units in these new towers for mixed income living.

The sell is that city workers who service the neighborhoods (like LP) can't afford to live there.

SO THE FUCK WHAT? I know people from all over the city in the private sector who can't afford to live in the places- city and burbs- they commute to work in! Why are city workers so special?

The bullshit goes on... Rahm does not get a passing grade. Despite what he self promotes as progress what and pats himself on the back for.

Its for the kids, right mayor-man?

Anonymous said...

Fucking niggers fuck it up

Anonymous said...

"Science" proves liberals a geniuses and those pesky conservatives are stoooopid!

Those right wingers are all emotional and impulsive and the cool headed liberals and just smart and wonderful. Yeah!

Be smart and vote for Obammy some more!

Anonymous said...

Chicago is in the toilet. An impending double-dip recession is predicted. Taxes are set to sweep into 2013 higher than ever.

The U.S. GDP is an anemic 1.9% not enough for significant job creation and Illinois ranks as last in economic improvement among the mid-western states.

Rahm and Quinn are compulsive liars just as our empty suit president.

Anonymous said...

Where is my 4%? If we are Forces to live here!

Anonymous said...

they failed to mention chicago is the murder capitol of the usa!

Anonymous said...

The walls will come tumblin down when the horns of debt start sounding.

Anonymous said...

Rahm made millions as a Freddie Mac official, steering the US economy into a sewer. Everyone else when bankrupt, while this sleazy, smirking rat got rich.

Anonymous said...

Lift residency now! We can't afford to keep living here! That poster was right, where's our 4%??? We are force to live in this shit hole, so we should s compensated for it! I can get three times the size of a house in the burbs than I can here in Chicago for the same cost. Get rid of the residency rule! Now!!!

Anonymous said...

When rush hour lasts 12 hours due to speed cameras how many companies will stay?

Anonymous said...

perhaps so
BUT i think i remeber reading that
CTA drivers were only TEMPORARY
due to construction
so does that count as long term "meanful" employment?
i don't think so
do they have beniefts?
not really
do they get a "real" health care plan?
perhaps if they pay for it
so i think that that's stretching it a bit

Anonymous said...

What Mayor Shylock forgets to mention is the countless $Millions the city gave Motorola from city TIF funds to move into Chicago. I would move my fucking business here too if I got all that free money and even more free $Millions in tax breaks and incentives from the broke State of Illinois. I fail to see this "economic boom" the Evil One is talking about. Anytime there is an announcement of some company hiring literally THOUSANDS are lined up to get one of them. This entire country is in almost a depression and we have the Lying Scheming Jew trying to tell us a fairy tale. Fuck him and his bullshit LIES!

Anonymous said...

Chik-Fil-A was going to build a new restaurant and hire workers on the North side until AlderWhore Meth-Brain Loco Moreno decided to get pissed because he was not paid off. Here was a compnay NOT being handed tax payer TIF money to open a business here and they got pissed on.

Anonymous said...

This country is (was) a constitutional republic.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of horse shit our government "leaders" want us to believe after they sit around their city hall offices all day smoking crystal meth. If I had $20 Million bucks in my bank account like Mayor Shylock I would look at this shit economy and say all is just fine. The only assholes making any money in this state are the self serving corrupt politicians and the connected whores handing them bribes every day of the week. The rest of us are...well...on our own.

Anonymous said...

Tell a Lie, tell it often, and it becomes the Truth to Uneducated and Unintelligent People.

Anonymous said...

Queer-Spokeman and local Homosexual Andy Thayer, calling for additional Boycotting of Chik Fil A, so keep patronizing the Chik.

Homo-Supporting Companies=

Home -o Depot
JC Penney

Just Sayin

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama is proud of the way Rahm spins stats.

Anonymous said...

If everyone hates the mother fucking democrats so much, how in the hell do they keep getting elected?

Anonymous said...

does anyone knows how much $$$$$$ did we make during the NATO?
Lets ask the media.


Anonymous said...

Stop whining and crying BITCHES.
You had the opportunity not to vote this fucking MIDGET in.

Instead you complained and did nothing about it.

You knew he was trouble from the beginning, but you chose to sit behind the computer ranting, instead of encouraging people to come out and vote.

You could have told all your friends and family to vote for G. Chico

I bet to up to this date, half of you FUCKERS are not registered to vote.

So stop the crying!

G. Chico

Anonymous said...

To bad the pipefitters didn't build their oppulent training center in the City of Chicago instead of Mokena.I have to ask myself what public transportation can you take to Mokena or what infastructure are they planning.

Anonymous said...

We cannot and I predict will not sit by and let this republic go into the toilet.I'm just a regular person who works for a living but I'm reaching my limit as is a majority of people and military in this country.I don't know who is behind this folly but it better change soon for the sake of our kids and ourselves.e have to vote out all of these democrats once and for all.This is NOT the USA I grew up and defended..lets change it!

Anonymous said...

So now the Police & Fire can get their contracts adn pension benefits?

Anonymous said...

Headsup city workers anyone with less than ten yrs Rahm wants u on a 401k!

Anonymous said...

Nope. He can't put us under 10 years on a 401K. We are already paying into a pension. He can do it for new hires, but not for us. Do your homework and quit fear mongering.