Friday, August 17, 2012

Los Angeles (LAPD & LAFD) police, fire unions angry over call for pay freeze

LOS ANGELES, CA: Los Angeles public safety unions responded angrily this week to a proposal to freeze the pay of firefighters and police if the city's contribution to their retirement benefits reaches a certain amount.

The proposal, from a group of business leaders and former Mayor Richard Riordan, came as the city released new budget projections showing that taxpayers would see retirement costs for police officers and firefighters climb by 56% over the next four years.

Pensions and retiree healthcare costs for sworn employees are projected to consume $789 million of the city's general fund budget in 2016, up from $506 million this year, according to figures prepared by budget analysts. Every dollar in the general fund that goes for retirement costs cannot be used for other expenditures, such as library books, park programs and police salaries.

Tyler Izen, president of the Police Protective League, questioned the accuracy of the numbers and said his members have already made sacrifices by supporting a pension reform ballot measure last year and by giving up millions of dollars in overtime pay and taking time off instead.

"I've got officers who have been, frankly, struggling economically because there is no available overtime," said Izen, who represents rank-and-file officers.

Pat McOsker, president of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112, said his members had also done their part, supporting last year's ballot measure and agreeing to contribute 11% of their pay toward retirement costs. McOsker said city leaders failed to put money toward pension costs during some of the years when the city's Fire and Police Pensions Fund had strong investment returns, then were forced to scramble in the wake the financial meltdown of 2008.

"It's Wall Street that created this financial crisis," he said.

Riordan and the business leaders had called for the city to freeze the pay of sworn employees if the city's contribution to their retirement benefits exceeds 25% of their salaries. They also pushed a measure to take control over civilian employee pensions away from the mayor and City Council if retirement costs are not reduced.


I Voted For Obama said...

More to come, Infidels. More to come.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has to pay for the ILLEGALS in Ca. Take a wild guess who gets fucked again by the DEMOCRATS.... Polie & Fire.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles has decided to issue driver's licenses to some illegal immigrants who qualify for a new federal program that is deferring deportation and granting them work permits, according to the U-T San Diego. The federal program targets young people brought illegally to the country.

The newspaper quoted DMV spokesman Armando Botello as saying that state law allows the agency to grant driver’s licenses to people who have a document called an "employment authorization."

"It’s one of the documents accepted for years as proof of legal presence. We will accept that," Botello told the U-T.

Reached later by The Times, Botello said he could not comment on the issue, adding that an official statement would be made later.

Anonymous said...

Good call. Now frees up more funds for sensitivity training.

Anonymous said...

Soon the government won't exist so no paycheck zero zilch. you will survive like the cave man.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when an illegal beaner is your mayor...or a homo in the case of Chicago. Like Illinois, California is broke. All of the liberal run cities will be filing for bankruptcy. The debts and pension plans will be wiped out, but the politicians will get to keep their millions in stolen taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Pay freezes and cuts for workers. No cuts for welfare dogs.

What the government is telling you is that you are a fool for working.

Eric Blair said...






Anonymous said...

Again crooked politicians and Greedy Corporations putting the blame on the backs of the working stiffs who have been giving their fair share for years. Got to blame someone. Fucking Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Wall street created this mess, correction dumb ass pie in the sky wannabe commie clueless when it comes to economy fucktard liberal ass maggots caused the mess.

Anonymous said...

""It's Wall Street that created this financial crisis," he said."

I didn't hear those bitches complaining about wall street when the investment values were going up. If you don't want risk invest in t-bills or put your money in your mattress and you won't need to worry about any falling returns...or rising returns. All pension plans should be 401k based where the worker picks the amount to save each year and the investments. Then the employer each year has the option to provide matching funds. The money is there every year and property of the employee and therefore fully funded. Let's face it, most municipal pension funds are underwater with no chance of being fully funded. Look at all of the California cities filing for bankruptcy to void contracts and clear out pension responsibilities. Those bankruptcies are spreading east.

Anonymous said...

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Six months before the end of WWII FDR gathered every media person he could trust and made it clear it was to be broadcast after the war in it's entirety and several copys made and secured.

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All those countries have the vote and strict immigration laws and visa restrictions, similar to ours in the 40s which they enforce fervently.
We don't !

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Anonymous said...

Soon the government won't exist so no paycheck zero zilch. you will survive like the cave man.

August 17, 2012 9:43 PM

You many damn well be correct. I see the writing on the wall myself.

Anonymous said...

no welfare cuts, wow!

Anonymous said...

Chicago is next , rahmballina 's plan to freeze wages for cpd & CFD

Anonymous said...

Obama holding interest rates at zero makes the pensions collapse quicker who thought a foreign spy would make a good president really?

Anonymous said...

Maybe police should FREEZE crime fighting efforts

Anonymous said...

As your President, I ask that all workers take less and give more to the illegals and unemployed!

Barry O.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous with the long, paranoid rant: Liberal immigration policies have turned Sweden into a multicultural hellhole.

Sweden has welcomed hundreds of thousands of unskilled, uneducated third-world immigrants in the past three decades. Some of the results:

1. Formerly safe, quiet Sweden now has the second-highest recorded rape rate in the world, second only to Lesotho.

2. Sweden now has more than 100 official ghettoes. In these neighborhoods, violence, drugs, and murder are rampant.

3. Fire and ambulance services can no longer enter certain immigrant neighborhoods without police escorts, because they will be attacked by "youths" with rocks, iron bars, and molotov cocktails.

4. Judicial officials involved in trials against immigrant gang members are routinely threatened and intimidated.

5. Two police stations have been bombed. Another has had to hire security guards to protect the premises while officers are out on patrol.

6. Riots and massive street brawls involving dozens of immigrant gang members are common. There was only a few days ago involving an estimated 200 members of two notorious crime families.

7. Hospitals must be patrolled by police and security guards to prevent immigrant gangs from invading the emergency wards to attack rivals recuperating from injuries received in gang wars.

8. Hundreds of cars have been torched in Gothenburg, Rinkeby, and Malmo.

This is only a brief summary of what massive third-world immigration has done to Sweden. The problem is getting worse, because Swedish authorities are actually ramping up immigration and expanding programs that facilitate immigrants' abuse of the system. Anyone who speaks out is labeled a Nazi and a racist.

Sweden and France are the worst affected, but similar problems caused by immigrants are occurring in all Western European countries. The MSM ignores or trivializes this problem because it contradicts current multicultural propaganda.

Some are predicting civil war throughout Europe in the near future.

Man who never born speak with forked Asshole said...

To paraphrase FDR AND JFK??

Good luck in Switzerland said...

Sorry bout that. When were you there and how long did you stay?

Yourrope has been at war for centuries but this one will start with the Euro.

A universal currency must be universal!
Example: Gas prices are. not going up the dollars are going down. Grab a Sunday paper and read the six week old adds! With the exception of HH GREG?

FSBO SOON said...


Homicide rate per 100,000 capita 2010

United States--------------4.6


*That includes euthanasia as counted by the UN and the WHO.

Been to Vegas lately ?

The BOYS might say your trying to make your point the hard way.

By the way they give the parasite immigrants the choice after half their sentences at hard labor of deportation with the clothes on their back.

While your there try to transfer a large sum of THEIR currency. out of THEIR Country and see what happens?

You may want to compare the Swedish and Swiss monetary stability with ours or the rest of the world for the last 200 years.

I'd retire there right now but; I remember how long it takes to thaw out my balls! Arizona. but don't let your balls hit the pavement at 1400.

Chicago passed the combined murder rate in Sweden (93) in March of last year!

Wanna buy a house?