Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elgin Police Officer Michael Sullivan, 54, admits to planting evidence

Ironically had this cop just inventoried the phone explaining it was left in the back seat of the squad the offender was transported in... The evidence would have stood up in court. A real STUPID MOVE to plant it!

A former Elgin police officer who planted evidence in an apparent bid to make himself look better pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor count of attempted obstruction of justice and was sentenced to 30 days in Kane County Jail.

Michael Sullivan, 54, of Sycamore, was also placed on two years of probation for his actions, which grew out of a battery and robbery investigation in late April last year.

Sullivan, a 10-year veteran, was transporting a man to the police station who had been arrested for allegedly beating another man and robbing his wallet and cell phone.

After turning over the suspect, Sullivan found a cellphone in the back seat of his squad car, police said.

Believing it was the stolen phone, Sullivan returned to the area where other evidence from the crime had been discovered and placed the phone nearby, according to authorities. He then alerted investigators of his “find,” police said.



Anonymous said...

Not worth it. Put in your time and get out as soon as you can.

I Voted For Obama said...

Michael Sullivan voted for Obama, then asked him if he lost his phone.

Out of the car Motherfucker!!! said...

" Barney You beat everything!!!"

Sheriff Andy Taylor

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stupid shit. How much did that cost him?

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't cheat to get arrest. No honor in lying.

Anonymous said...

A lot of shady cops in elgin

Anonymous said...

What kind of phone?

Sincerly, Mean Old Man

David Snethen said...

Wonder how much college he has