Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Day 2 of the Drew Peterson Trial and Will Co. States Attorney James Glasgow screws up again - pissing off the judge

Peterson trial updates: Prosecution question angers judge
11:15 a.m. Question about bullet angers judge

A question from prosecutors about a bullet in a driveway led to angry questions from the judge and a likely request for a mistrial from defense attorneys.

The question came up as Asst. State's Atty. Kathleen Patton pressed Savio's neighbor, Thomas Pontarelli, about Drew Peterson telling him to stop helping his ex-wire change the locks in the house.

She asked Pontarelli if he felt intimintaed, and Pontarelli said, "Yes. . .he accused me of changing the locks. I said I didn't, but I got his message yesterday. He said, 'What was that?' I said, 'I found a .38-caliber bullet on my driveway.' "

His answer prompted an immediate objection from defense attorney Steven Greenberg. After jurors and Pontarelli were escorted from the courtroom, the judge angrily asked Patton, "Are you going to be able to demonstrate that the defendant put a bullet in the driveway of Mr. Pontarelli?"

"No, judge, no," Patton replied.

Judge Edward Burmilla appeared to grow more irritated. "What is the purpose of you trying to let the jury think that Mr. Peterson put a bullet in the driveway of Mr. Pontarelli. Why would you do that? You are going to leave the jury with the impression that the defendant put it there."



Anonymous said...

Glasgow is a dufus

Peterson is a mass murderer.

Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

1st off I think ...mind you I said THINK hes guilty as sin. The fact his last wife is missing and his 3rd died. BUTTTTTTTTTT they have zero hard evidence. If they convict him with bullshit ANYONE can be thrown in jail to rot for nothing. In order to preserve what justice we havrle they should cut him loose until they can convict him properly.

I Voted For Obama said...

Kathleen Pontarelli voted for Obama, then asked him if he found a bullet in his driveway.

Anonymous said...

Think he'll get Drews name spelled right. He bettr start cutting that check now.Court house employees under gag order,so much for the First Amend.

Anonymous said...

A 24 years old woman is vulnerable easy prey for a married boss interested in a sexual affair Your abusive boss may ruin your life. But in this case she could loose her life. Older women are less vulnerable.
Most Predators behave alike.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The current wife has not been found and I suspect she ran. I lived in Bolingbrook since 1983 and know the Mayor and many of the police force and commend them for the great people they are. I know enough about how Drew & Stacy met and Bolingbrook which has alot of sluts hanging around the cheap hotels along I55 and believe me Stacy was no saint. The neighbor who is so outspoken acting as a 1 person tar & feather gang has to be taken with a grain of salt; she obviously has an agenda. I certainly hope politics doesn't play a part in this trial and people keep an open mind and not judge someone until PROVEN guilty. I don't know what the truth is but I will wait to make my judgement until more facts are in.

Anonymous said...

Nine years before Stacy disappeared, her mother walked out of her Blue Island home and has never returned. No sign of her. Like mother like daughter?