Tuesday, August 21, 2012

City to pay total of $450,000 to 2 drivers who sued, alleging false DUI charges by Chicago cop

Former Chicago police Officer Richard Fiorito was once honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his aggressive DUI arrests, but he was pulled off street duty three years ago amid allegations that he had falsified dozens of the charges.

After numerous lawsuits, the city has formally agreed to pay the last of the drivers who had alleged wrongdoing by Fiorito. In a judgment entered Monday in federal court, James Dean Jr. was awarded $100,000 in a lawsuit accusing Fiorito of false arrest and malicious prosecution. Four months earlier, the city settled with another motorist for $100,000. The city also agreed to pay lawyers for both drivers a combined $250,000 in legal fees.

The resolution came on the eve of a trial at which Dean's attorneys planned to allege that Fiorito arrested Dean for DUI outside the Town Hall Police District just four minutes after he was freed from the station on unrelated traffic charges. Yet no officers inside the district house believed Dean was drunk when he left, Dean's attorneys contend.



Only Mama Knows said...

OT----Just saw the movie Campaign 2016. A must for everyone to see. Bring a liberal and watch it get the shakes.

Anonymous said...

A Russian woman killed her elderly neighbor with a bra in a fight over drinks.

Anonymous said...

Another one for the CPD Hall of Shame. Getting pretty crowded in there.

I Voted For Obama said...

James Dean voted for Obama , then remembered that he died in 1955.

Anonymous said...

I beat a DUI he gave me. Blew a 1.7 but he couldn't keep his story straight. Case dismissed. Couldnt sue because I was legally drunk. I'll take a tossed case any day.

Anonymous said...

the guy is a piece of shit

Nutria said...

James Dean was the judge?

He's a real good driver!

Plus a $100,000.00 For Mr. Goganhiem!

I guess the drinks are on him tonight?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah you didn't blow 1.7.

Anonymous said...

Felonious Midget AKA Ratboy

Can you clout save you, Again?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I beat a DUI he gave me. Blew a 1.7 but he couldn't keep his story straight. Case dismissed. Couldnt sue because I was legally drunk. I'll take a tossed case any day.

Hey Dipshit! You would have been dead if you blew a 1.7! It was probably more like .17 ASSHOLE!

Anonymous said...

Madd needs to be audited.

Lad...Ladies are Drunks

Anonymous said...

nice real nice
not only does mayor 1%
have $ for stupid bike lanes
(140,000 per mile) (Breitbart.com)
he also have $ for this
( look he still hasn't paid the NRA for his court follies)
i'm glad these two got off
stick right in the county the city and states ass and break it off
of course it will be the slowest payout
lawyers "ALWAYS get paid first"
but the only losers are the taxpayers

Anonymous said...

How many lives did thhis asshole ruin?

Anonymous said...

Is this one of the cases that Tom Needham was suing police officers on?

Anonymous said...

Felonious midget AKA Ratboy

False case reports
False arrest reports
False criminal complaints
False felony 101's
False tow reports
False inventory/property reports
Perjured Grand jury testimony
Perjured court testimony
Unlawful restraint
Official miscondcut
Armed violence

How many times can your clout save you?

Anonymous said...

Officer Dick finocchio of the town hall district is lucky he's not doing jail time and feeling the butt sex. Psych exams weeding out the maladjusted??? I don't get these guys... So starved for recognition, they'll do anything to get it.

Anonymous said...

Madd is funded by the trial lawyers. It's a total scam.

Anonymous said...

you should see the officers on the roadblocks the department has. They dui people with low blows, smell their fingers and then say they smoked marijuana and dui them. These guys will write their own mother and all want recognition from MADD.

A letter from the ASA it's over or the lawyers an idiot? said...

If he remembers I arrested and processed him, he wasn't 501. But she is a different story!

Anonymous said...

You truly are a waste of life.. Pension? You ain't gettin no pension, u actualy have to work a day in your life to get a pension. And bullshit injuries, and lawsuits, and getting firedx all the time doesn't count