Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Amid bankruptcy, Stockton California cops find empty gas pumps

Stockton police officers and firefighters said they haven't been able to fill the gas tanks of their emergency vehicles because the pumps at their stations are empty.

"They're ready to go to work and they go to fill their cars up. And they can't do that," said Det. Mark McLaughlin of the Stockton Police Officers Assn.

"The PD and fire dept. are both out of gas and the gas companies will not service us because we r in BK" one person texted Fox 40 News. "... the gas vendor is owed money and will no longer service to us."

Stockton Petroleum, which had provided gas to the city, confirmed that they ended the contract because the city is in bankruptcy.

The owner, Jay McIlrath, stressed that it had fulfilled its contract with Stockton and did not leave the city without gas.

City officials said it wasn't their choice to end the contract. They confirmed that the city is out of gas and were not able to say how long it had been going on.

"Certainly we don't wanna be standing around wondering if we could get gas or not, when we could be handling the streets," McLaughlin said.

Cops were worried how they'd be able to do their jobs without one of their most basic resources — gas in their cars.

With two more murders on Monday, now at 38 since January, cops say they already have their hands full.

"It's the problem we face everyday, is what's gonna happen next, [going to happen] to us? Are we not gonna have cars? Are we not gonna have fuel?" McLaughlin said. "As it is, we're losing bodies everyday. So on top of that, not having fuel or bodies, it just adds to the stress that we're going through right now."

By Tuesday afternoon, city officials said they were negotiating a new contract for gas and that gas was back in the pumps.


Anonymous said...

Not Surprising, City and State are both DEMOCOMMUNIST RUN. Maybe the rich, greedy, arrogant DEMOCOMMUNIST Holllywierd CA. Celebrities can bail them out with all their Billions of dollars they have.

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Anonymous said...

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Jean C. said...

I was born in Brentwood, California (30 miles from Stockton) in 1947. Before the demographics changed it was a very nice agricultural town.

I'm now 65 years old and dying of cancer and so very, very ready to go because nothing that was good and decent and honorable seems to remain. SO...hopefully....I'm off to a much better place.

Anonymous said...


I Voted For Obama said...

Obama will make sure that Stockton will be supplied cars that run on clean energy. Bullshit is in great supply around there. Obama thrives on it.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Barry will send them some of that expensive biofuel:aka pond scum..

Connie Diaz said...

The racist cops cannot drive to harass honest browns!

This is good! The city is broke since greedy white businesses stole all the money. You have to pay for your sins!

Obama is going to save America from the white crime and racist cops, it will take him time to help us all however.

We vote and we want Obama in White House for life!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they try having the city 'go green'?! Who needs that awful fossil fuel anyhow?

Stockton's carbon footprint is much lower now and Al Gore wants to given them a commendation!

Oh yeah... you still need cars that work and a bunch of cops on bikes, in running shoes and on Segways won't cut it. Oops!

Anonymous said...

The people of this town are still entitled to protection from the police and fire. The mayor and his pawns should be fucking arrested for letting this happen.

Anonymous said...

No gas no paycheck where am I USSR?

Anonymous said...

They have 2 save the taxpayer $$$ for the niggers and spics on welfare. Fuck the working man, that state is fucked up.

The King of All Crackers said...

Coming to Soon to Chicago!

The City of Chicago will soon go broke as the Chicago Public Schools will blow through their reserves in the next school year. The tax base is leaving and is being replaced by non productive people. The polic will be buying their own gas te way things are going.

I was walking from the train station to Oak and Michigan to meet family from out of town.When you walk you see more deferred maintanance on Wacker Drive with the concrete cracked on the bridges. There were more bums, beggars and "musicians" on Boul Mich then any time I remember. I was approached least five times near Rush and Oak by heads, bums and grifters looking for money. There were more layabouts sitting on the grenn areas on the river making the visitors nervous. My overall report from last night is that I will spend my money in the burbs it easier and safer. The Loop was an entertainment district without equal until the lowlifes starting going downtown.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well illegal if you were from this country you would know he can't (thank god) be president for life. Now cut my fucking grass

Anonymous said...

yep but also make sure the freebies go to the illegals right connie?! racist cops? you havent seen anything wait until the revoultion.....

Anonymous said...

Before this happens here, Rahm will convert the entire city fleet to run on his bullshit!

Anonymous said...

WTF is that shit anon at 12:26? GTFO.

Anonymous said...

Major Economic Collapse is coming folks.It will be worse than Oct 1929!!!