Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stuart Levine single handedly put Rod Blagojevich & Edward R. Vrdolyak in prison basically gets handed at death sentence at 66 years old

I would have told the FEDS to BLOW ME! They used this self admitted dick smoking drug using homo to put two giant kingpins in prison and they still gave him 67 months in Club Fed at 66 years old??? FUCK YOU FEDS!
Stuart Levine — who admitted his role in the corruption scandal that sent former Gov. Rod Blagojevich & Ald. Edward R. Vrdolyak to prison and provided key testimony against Blagojevich insiders — was sentenced Thursday to 67 months in prison.

Levine expressed his “profound remorse and deep regret for all that I have done.”

“I wish to express my deepest regret to the people of Illinois,” said Levine, who maintained his composure during his apology, though his voice cracked briefly when he mentioned his children.

In sentencing Levine, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve called him one of the “most corrupt politicians” in northern Illinois.

“The havoc that you wreaked is certainly substantial,” she told him.

But St. Eve also said Levine was the most “valuable” of cooperating witnesses and said he seemed to move beyond the “arrogance” he displayed on the witness stand.

Levine is to surrender on Sept. 27 to begin serving his sentence.

He pleaded guilty in 2006 to his part in a scheme with Blagojevich campaign fund-raiser and adviser Tony Rezko to solicit kickbacks.

Levine admitted he lined his pockets by abusing his position on powerful state boards and commissions, although he was never elected to public office.

But after being caught, his testimony helped convict several other Blagojevich insiders. The millionaire-turned-shopping mall salesman testified for prosecutors during the corruption trials of Rezko and Springfield businessman William Cellini, a longtime behind-the-scenes power broker in Illinois government.

Levine entered his guilty plea in hopes of getting a 5½-year prison term and got just about that.

Based on his guilty plea to mail fraud and money laundering charges, he faced a possible sentence as long as life in prison.

During the trials of Rezko and Cellini, Levine admitted he used narcotics for decades and engaged in homosexual orgies with other high power Illinois politicians. He also described cheating a deceased friend’s estate out of $2 million.

Levine was a Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois board member.

In court Thursday, Assistant U. S. Attorney Chris Niewoehner called Levine’s cooperation of “most value” in public corruption cases.

Had Levine not stepped forward, Blagojevich might not have been pursued for his crimes, the prosecutor said.

Levine’s attorney, Jeffrey Steinback, said his client’s embarrassing revelations came at a great cost.

“His sense of guilt and shame overwhelmed him,” and his self-loathing followed him like a “shadow,” Steinback said.

Levine, 66, “has embraced humility,” said Steinback, who quoted philosophers and a Shakespearean sonnet to show how much his client has transformed.

“This is a good man who did terrible things,” Steinback said after the hearing.

Levine went from having a private jet to fly him to hob nob with Washington D.C. movers and shakers to not having enough money for gas, Steinback said in court.

Once just worried about himself, Levine now cares so much for others, he tries to make sure smokers quit their unhealthy habit, Steinback said.

“He prays every day for leniency — not for leniency but for forgiveness and redemption ...and to think of others before himself,” the attorney said.

Steinback said Levine had been suicidal at one point and also said there had been what he termed a credible threat against Levine as he worked with the feds.

Although it was a solemn day for Levine, he now has a feeling of general relief, Steinback said.

“People change and it’s possible and it happened in Stuart’s case. But it didn’t happen with any great ease. There were years of counseling, therapy and genuine commitment to try to deal with his own demons,” he said.



"Levine was a Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois board member"

These teachers sure can pick 'em, can't they! Now you know why Illinois schools are among the worst in the nation, and US schools the worst in the developed countries. The only thing dumber than an Illinois teacher is a CPS teacher who has Jabba The Hut for a union president. And, to top it all off, they all blindly march into the voting booth and vote straight Dummycrat - Obama, Quinn, Madigan, Jesse Jr, Rahm - and now they want a 30% raise! Please go on strike so we can clean house and fire all you useless morons!!!

Anonymous said...

67 months in prison for a faggot is like being sentenced to 5 years to a bordello for a normal guy.

Anonymous said...

66 months? Five years, six months. If he's in good health he should be able to do that standing on his head.

Now if Levine has information that he's been sitting on, then it might be time to strike a deal.....

Anonymous said...

It's dang near impossible to keep the old testament people away from the money.

Anonymous said...

The feds don't care about teh White man they grovel at the coloreds feet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen 8:14. Useless whiny ding bats. 2.4 billion dollar budget. I said 2.4 billion. That is insane! Stuart Levine was a teachers pension board member. Hey, let's invest some of that pension money in crystal meth so I can keep my hard on going!

Anonymous said...

The only thing this low life conniving Jew is sorry about is that he got caught. I would think he would have gotten a much better deal taking down the Governor and Fast Eddy. This asshole must have had quite a bit of bad stuff besides dealing with Elvis and Fast Eddy. They will probably put him up in Wisconsin with Fuck Face Ryan. So fuck him and throw the key away.

Anonymous said...

This is a real shame....He was my clout!!

Anita A

Anonymous said...

wait homo orgies with madigan and quinn???

Anonymous said...

Does the "dick smoking" relate to the drug or homo part of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Vrdolyak is a fucking a stand up guy.isn't he joey Battaglia's clout?

Anonymous said...

I think Battaglia retired and works for Eddie vrdolyak

Anonymous said...

If this mutt is, as the judge said, "one of the most corrupt polititians in norther Illinois" what is Richie Daley? Stalin?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Screw stu

Anonymous said...

Typical Democrat.

Oh, now he has religion. No more Highland park socials.

Hope he gets Sandusky treatment in the poky.
He's got a pertty mouth, yawl!

Anonymous said...

Fast Eddie for police chief

Anonymous said...

Weren't the feds after Battaglia and his dad for a long time

Anonymous said...

This Shylock bastard has been running loose in Illinois stealing millions. Playing both sides of th aisle. Can't believe Rod Elvis and Fast Eddy are the only two he could deliver to the Feds.

I Voted For Obama said...

Stuart Levine voted for Obama, then asked him if he remembered the good times.

Anonymous said...

8:14 PM

teachers did not vote for Stuart, Ex-Governors Ryan & Blago appointed him the TRS Board

Anonymous said...

Commander mummmbles plays the skin flute

Anonymous said...

Felonious midget hopefully will be bunking with Stu in the federal pen

Anonymous said...

Taxed to death;

Stu was appointed to the TRS by Gov. Ryan and Blago. The TRS only covers suburban and down state teachers, nothing to do with the chicago teachers. Get your facts straight before you post non-sense.
As for firing all the CPS teachers if they strike not going happen you moron, they have a right to strike, it's called labor law.
You go off on the democrats but the republicans in this screwed up state as just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Well, like Avon Barksdale always said, when you get sent to prison you only do two days.

The day you go in, and the day you get out.

I Voted For Obama said...

Avon Barksdale?