Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the James Glasgow 3 RING CIRCUS begin! Drew Peterson trial begins....


I Voted For Obama said...

If Drew beats this case, Obama may have to join JJJ at the Mayo.

Anonymous said...

I gave Drew the benefit of the doubt, how many missing wives? Well it happens with the ungrateful bitches!

Enough of Blue Barrels to go around!

But when I read it was EX Chicago Police Officer and Rat Extraordinaire, Alex “Mack Daddy” Morelli who signed the will that showed up a year after her bath tub accident I changed my bet.

Inquiring Minds want to know

About the "Mack Daddy" said...

So I guess “ex” Chicago Police Officer and rat extraordinaire Alex Morelli, now a Bolingbrook Officer, and Drew’s best partner in crime will probably be called to testify as he was also called to testify at the Grand Jury in Will County.

The same Alex Morelli who ratted out other coppers at the CPD District 025 to deflect the Feds from his improprieties, and signature to the will of Drew's wife who “drowned” in the bath tub?

“The will that turned up over a year after she drowned in the bath tub and hand written on note book paper.”

Hey Alex, still do you still have that full length Raccoon Coat with matching Coon hat you bought shortly after one of your big scores back when you were in the CPD and the 025th district?

Nothing like looking like a Mack Daddy even if you were white!

Anonymous said...

Bea cuello eats pussy.

Anonymous said...

Garry mc carthy is a drunken slob.

Anonymous said...

Who is Alex morrelli?

Anonymous said...

Anybody out there know how Alex "Mack Daddy" Morelli now a Bolingbrook Copper/ex rat in the 025th District and friend of Drew Peterson broke a Greek Kids heart in 025 when kid was a recruit in training?

Clue: Had to do with how Alex got that extremely expensive full length Raccoon Coat with matching hat!

About the "Mack Daddy" said...

Broke the Greek Kids heart!

Alex “Mack Daddy” Morelli when with the CPD and working in 025th District was training this inexperienced but potentially a good officer to be.

The kid couldn’t understand why he needed to stay out side watching the squad car so much when Mac Daddy and 2 other thieves went in on their drug raids.

Well it comes to pass that he was working with a different Officer one day and in conversation the staying out watching the squad car thing came up, the Older Officer flatly told the kid that Mack Daddy and the other 2 were scamming him and keeping the proceeds for themselves.

How does this relate, well if Drew had any credibility Mack Daddy wouldn’t be one of his witnesses.

Back when Alex was still a CPD officer the Feds and the IAD were on his ass and he tried to involve/deflect his problems on other uninvolved 25th district officers. He then leaves the CPD and gets hired by Bolingbrook where Drew’s from. "Surprisingly” he gets involved in Drew’s bullshit in Bolingbrook and has his signature on the will of the dead wife. The will that was found about a year after the death/murder written on note book paper.

All just coincidental!

Anonymous said...

Only in Illinois can you get this type of mockery of justice.