Saturday, July 21, 2012

Judge calls LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin's work on 'Bling Ring' film 'stupid'

L.A. County Judge Larry Fidler says LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin's work on a film about a group of teens who allegedly robbed celebrities has harmed the prosecution's case.
Photo: LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin, who led the probe into the so-called "bling ring," earned $12,000 from director Sofia Coppola and the production company working on a docudrama about the case.

LOS ANGELES, CA - A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Friday called a police officer's decision to work on a movie about the so-called bling ring "stupid," but refused to dismiss charges against one of three defendants in the case.

Judge Larry P. Fidler said LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin's decision to serve as a technical advisor on Sofia Coppola's docudrama "The Bling Ring" while still assigned to the case had harmed the prosecution of the defendants charged with burglarizing the homes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

"You should all write a thank you letter to Goodkin, because his judgment is as poor as it gets," Fidler said, addressing the attorneys for Roy Lopez Jr., Courtney Ames and Diana Tamayo. "You can have a field day with his credibility during trial.... It's a shame what he did. It's harmful to the people's case."

Lopez's attorney had filed a motion for charges to be dismissed, citing "outrageous police conduct." Lopez, 29; Ames, 21; and Tamayo, 21, have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

According to authorities, members of the "bling ring" broke into several stars' Hollywood Hills homes and made off with more than $3 million in art, cash, clothes and jewelry.

The ring was largely composed of young women who attended a continuation high school in Agoura Hills and had a taste for the luxury goods and accessories worn by young celebrities. The group initially targeted wealthy homeowners in communities in western Los Angeles County, investigators said, and then turned their attention to big names, using websites such as Twitter and to learn the location of stars' homes and their travel schedules.



I Voted For Obama said...

Judge Larry Fidler voted for Obama, then described his work in the Senate as stupid.

Anonymous said...

This guy is Chief material

Anonymous said...

The judge wanted free tickets to the movie and a blow job from director Sofia. He got nutting. So now he is pissed.

Anonymous said...

The detective was just plain stupid, just like the judge said!

Anonymous said...

So was Bling Ring Lost in Translation?

Anonymous said...

LA_LA LAND Cops, Say No More.

Surf's Up, Boys, time to lather each other up with Suntan Lotion...

Anonymous said...

SOFIA was the chick in the last GODFATHER movie that got blown away on the steps of the theater,her nyc accent was so pronounced that all her lines were dubbed in,but not a bad looking chick.hey any word of what JOAN ESPOSITO is up to or where shes at,

Anonymous said...

Guy's a self-serving prick. Way too many on the job who would do same , if carrot was dangled in front of them.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Though Larry Fiedler used to be a fucking cab driver so he aint no brain surgeon either!!!

Anonymous said...


Andrea Arlington said...

Bling Ring Detective Brett Goodkin, LAPD, "sometimes we just make s--t up"!

Bling Ring Detective Brett Goodkin LAPD, Made a Bet He'd Put Alexis Neiers in Prison/jail

See fabricated evidence created against Neiers, “Call Records for Bloom” and only delivered verbally, approx 4 days before trial to start.

See Reference Sheets for Falsified Evidence Against Alexis Neiers

See all of Alexis Neiers Multiple Calls to Police and Lindsey Lohan’s Manager to Report Prugo and Lee. The records were handed to Detective Goodkin on 10-27-09. On 10-28-09 he charged her with the Burglary.

"Only evidence Goodkin had that Alexis Neiers was 4th person in video is Prugo told him." Both liars

I am wondering why I am receiving blocked phone calls and unmarked cop cars are driving through my nieghborhood ?

Mr. SouthSide said...

Well, Hello Andrea. You are looking mightly lovely today. Why don't you and those girls in your picture come by Beatrice's and meet some real men-----got to be better than the gurly men in California!!!!!