Friday, July 27, 2012

Detective Shaved Longcock's Profound Thoughts of the Day


Anonymous said...

How about a profound series on all the great math, science, medical, literary, architectural, manufacturing, linguistic and artistic advancements to come out of the muddahland Africa? Ohh...there isn't even enough for one post.

Anonymous said...

True! the country is like 1 minority from total destruction and that minority is in the white house.

Anonymous said...

The trick is, teach the young HOW they will be in the new garden of Eden. once there was only one rule and they couldn't follow it 8-(

Now we should teach them about the life in prison and not.

It's easy to make prison more miserable.

What we mist do is make the OUTSIDE WORLD as close to Eden as possible and protect sick people
from themselves (and us) before Combine or Aurora or Hitler.

But we can only do it if we want to and:

Change our present "leaders".

Stop the money changers on wall street and ALL the "temples".

Bring our people and the carpetbaggers home. Heal both.
Leave the world alone!

Like the man selling roasted peanuts from the little stand.

The sign read:
I don't want to set the world on fire? I just want to keep my nuts warm.

Crude but simple.

Then if you don't like peace and pleasantville!
Leave and go to where people slaughter each other and destroy everyone and everything they go near!

I'm too old to do it , I just know IT as the rest of my generation does and none wants to listen.

My hopes and prayers are for my children and ourgrandchildren.

If you listen, it will be the greatest accomplishment of my my life.
If not; pack up because some one WILL and you can slaughter and destroy any where. After you kill each other, our children will rebuild what you leave behind and you will be judged as we will.

Please don't wake us up too late said...

The good with the good and the bad with the bad: it's just that simple.

Just don't let the bad multiply!
Double time for the good will be great!

The sooner the better or is it the. better the sooner? Anyway let's get started ASAP!

Say goodnight, Gracie?

I Voted For Obama said...

Obam will make sure the Quran is readily available in both prisons and schools.

Anonymous said...

That is IRONIC.......

Anonymous said...

Felonious midget AKA Ratboy

False arrests
False arrest reports
False case reports
False criminal complaints
False felony 101's
False inventory reports
Perjured grandjury testimony
Perjured court testimony
Official misconduct
Armed violence
Unlawful restraint

BGA/Fox news is investigationg
You screwed good police while all along you were a rat committing felonies

Can your clout save you, AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

Simple Thought for the Day:

Remember Your A B C's,

Always Beware (of) Coons

ABO - Nov. 2012


You forgot BRIGINDIGE!

I'm still waned in Bangkok for that a while back.

Get locked up in a Mexican jail even the Marines won't. get you out said...

Isn't strange when a beaners crawl under the fence with out a dime and tuberculosis the traitors call them "UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS!"

When 6 Americans are paying rent over a brothel., peacefully enjoying the services and cuisine with their motorcycles legally parked.

Their property and money are taken along with their. freedom and are charged with:


Deportation or 20 years in a Federaly prison

Let's make a deal? Let's trade lawbooks!

Anonymous said...


Fuck Mexico. I would never spend a dime in that filthy country. Have no deisre to go there , can see the same shit within this country, w/o the excess smelly mexican.