Thursday, July 05, 2012


Police today issued a community alert warning of "an increase in robbery-related incidents" in June in the Loop area.

The alert lists four attacks in the Central District, saying the victims were approached from behind while walking on the sidewalk and their property taken by force.

Various descriptions have been given for the attackers, but all have been males in their late teens or early 20s, police said.

According to the alert, the attacks happed at:
-- 42 E. Adams on June 20 at 1:50 a.m.
-- 71 W. Van Buren on June 21 at 1:15 a.m.
-- 180 N. Wabash on June 26 at 11:40 p.m.
-- 160 N. Wells on June 30 at 12:43 a.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call Area Central detectives at 312-747-8382.

In a more recent downtown attack, Chicago police arrested 11 young people about 11:20 p.m. Wednesday after one of them beat a man on the 700 block of North Dearborn Street as the others "egged" him on, authorities said.

Police did not speculate if any of the attacks were directly related.

Also today, police sent out another alert warning of two robberies within about a block of each other and a few hours apart on the South Side.

One or two Negroes in their 20s, armed with a handgun, approached the victims and took belongings on June 27 in the 7000-7100 blocks of South State Street, at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Anyone with information on those attacks is asked to call Area Central detectives at 312-747-8380.


Anonymous said...

William's having a field day!

Mr.Hate said...

Great. Locations and times of these unprovoked attacks on White people but no mention of race. Nice job CPD news affairs and media. The public needs to know that it isn't bands of White youth perpetrating these crimes. I know it sounds silly but these idiots don't want to sound like they're not politically correct. HINT to tourists and downtown yuppies and city dwellers. It's roving band of negro youth. Arm yourseles for piece of mind. If you shoot one of these urban black predators just keep on walking calmly to your residence and have a fine Chiante and forget it ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Jibbity bibbity says....they are chippin away at the city until it is completely theirs. Soon to be detriot part2. Got AR? Excuse me stewardess, i speak jive

Retired Wheel Gun said...

The thought of going downtown and strolling among the predators has ocurred to me. Lucky for them cleaning my weapon has always been a pain in the ass chore. But maybe I could learn to like it!!

Anonymous said...

Obama told the colored take what you want this country done been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Get a pack of white teens to attack a nigger and they'll be crarged with a hate crime before they are transported to the station.

Anonymous said...

On vacation in Michigan and one of the locals told me it was on the local news about all the violence in Chicago and the news reporter said Chicago is now considered worse then Detroit!!!! Congratulations Rhambo your showcase city is getting it's true showing nationwide. Also was asked if it is true that gangs of blacks are beating and robbing white tourists downtown as that was also on the local reply was advice was go to Detroit or Gary you'll be safer in those cities.

Anonymous said...

if the story was reversed
ita hate crime mary mitchell and father flukey would be screaming
along with jesse
tiny dancer doesnt want to scare away business
people don't go downtown any more
so no parking $ no cabs$
and then tells the media
dont say shot say hurt
when the tourists figure it out
chicago is screwed

Anonymous said...

just niggers being niggers,

thats their way,

thats all they know how to do.

The problem comes from treating niggers as if they were white.

The white Liberals, the PC crowd, etc...

want to pretend downtown chicago ISNT being invaded by niggers.

Well, let me tell ya,

we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,

all that pretend it aint happening shit might of worked if the economy was still good.

but, the fact that it is so bad,

Wont be able to hide it.

White Liberals are huge cowards, they are only going to be beat so many times before they flee out of the city.

They wont say they are fleeing the niggers,

they will just say they are fleeing from THE CRIME.

The Niggers are the Crime.

Then yea, Chicago becomes detroit.

This is what happens when whites become a minority.

Anonymous said...

Description half assed say it correctly "BLACK" males between 15 to 22 yrs of age...

Anonymous said...

Ok...what would really happen if one of you cpd catches me carrying? I have a Foid and never been arrested and yes the gun is registerd ? What do I say if I get caught ? Anywhere I go I have to deal with niggers ,collecting rent ,travel etc in the city . How can I protect myself I'm married with kids. The city is out of control

Anonymous said...

Time to start hunting niggers. Put the fear of whitey back into them.

Anonymous said...

What stuff was taken?

Usual iPhone and wallets or were the robbers after goods of higher value and of specificity?

As long as the victims are liberals, I am sort of cool with this. That usually leads to the liberal dick was being reformed and joining the crowd here in reality.

Baptism by fire.

Negro Samuel L Jackson Likes "hotspacho"


"Retired Wheel Gun said...

The thought of going downtown and strolling among the predators has ocurred to me. Lucky for them cleaning my weapon has always been a pain in the ass chore. But maybe I could learn to like it!!"

A man among boys there! Love this guy!

I Voted For Obama said...

Samuel L. Jackson voted for Obama, then told him that Quentin Tarantino made a mighty fine cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Are these hate crimes??

Out of the car Motherfucker!!! said...

Put a $10.00 bounty on the niggers!!! No need to bring in the whole carcas, JUST THE EARS!!!!

Feel free to keep any jewerly blackie may have in his or her ears!!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can we just call open season on these young fucksticks and settle things once and for all?

Anonymous said...

That's alright, Charles Bronson is returning from the beyond to help us out here. He's got his own brand of "Ceasefire".

Anonymous said...

They dont have this problem in Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Kind of crazy biting the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

Idaho is good but, have you ever checked out the prices? It's not cheap.

Retired Wheel Gun said.. Try to upgrade for this, 6 isn't enough for a crowd of 10 offenders. Well, if it's loaded with 357 magnums, it might with a reload. Otherwise a Browning Hi Power is good or 8 in a 1911 with a quick reload.

Hopefully the victimized liberal yuppies will wake up and vote out liberal politicians.

Anonymous said...

No, no one ever speaks about it except here, and we're glad you do Detective Shavedlongcock. As a victim of the nigger savage, these posts only bring to light what I've known for years. Too bad some will only wake up once they're robbed, or raped, and sadly murdered, then again, most will never wake up!

Anonymous said...

I would not arrest a decent citizen protecting his family w a gun. If he's got a FOID and is a decent human being, no problem.

Don't short sell a revolver full of JHPs as a carry gun. No empty brass for evidence to print...

I hope they rob me .... I'm packing and ready.

I Voted For Obama said...

Charles Bronson kicked ASS!