Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicago Police Anti-Violence Payroll Issues - No Payroll Checks - Computer Problems

Members who volunteered to work the Anti-Violence Overtime Initiative in June have not received their scheduled payment as of 4:45 pm today and the Department has not made any attempt to tell them why. Several members took it upon themselves to contact the Chicago Police Department Finance Division to inquire as to why they did not receive their pay. The Finance Division advised these members to contact the Lodge rather than offer an explanation.

After several inquiries to the Finance Division, the Lodge was advised that although today was the target date for payment, a problem with a payroll program resulted in the non-payment. The next payment target date is August 1, 2012.

While the Lodge and most of the affected members understand that computer problems can and do occur, we believe that our members deserve at the very least the common courtesy of an explanation by the Department that they serve.

The Finance Division had to be aware of this problem early in the day, yet there was not any action taken to explain the situation to any of the hundreds of Officers who protected the citizens of the City of Chicago during what would have been their normal days off. Another thanks for a job well done!


Anonymous said...

Every day they get to keep your money is a day they get to keep your money and earn intrest on it.

Anonymous said...

Do all you Gel Hairs feel a little shafted now?

Finance new there was a problem at the start of the week and kept it quite.

WHY? They were told to keep it quite by the fifth floor.

Now go ahead and sign up for the program now that is a week long and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Smooth move by Rahm...

"Let's make those Coppers work for nothin'!"

Feeling slightly pimped yet?

More coming...

Anonymous said...

"Finance new (knew)there was a problem at the start of the week and kept it quite.(quiet)"

The "computer problem" could very well be that the City doesn't have the money to cover the checks!!!!

..and why would Finance tell PO's to call the FOP over a paycheck issue??

Unless delaying the checks and somehow making it look like FOP's fault is a Rahm trick.

Anonymous said...

The city will surely get rich with the interest on that money. Hell, maybe 50 or $60 dollars, why interest rates are near ZERO.

Are you worried that the city WON'T pay? PLEASE. If this was one of those VALUABLE SIDE JOBS you work and they didn't pay on time, yup, I'd be concerned. And just what does that VALUABLE side job pay? Why, it's $23 per hour!

Now, before all of you want to tar and feather me, the city knew this was an issue and should have made arrangements to notify all those affected in a timely manner. Like a few days ago. They knew beforehand there was a problem. Shame on them for being stupid and fucking rude to the help.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get high with Karen Lewis she,loves,weed

Anonymous said...

What detective in area 1 is an iaD and govt snitch.

Anonymous said...

To say thanks they are going to add it with your regular pay check and tax the shit out of it once again!

I Voted For Obama said...

Rahm is doing this to remind officers that he can and will mess with them if they get uppity.

Anonymous said...

.and why would Finance tell PO's to call the FOP over a paycheck issue??

Because the union is the mechanism to resolve disputes between employer and employee.
Are you due interest on your money? were these monies subject to overtime payment rules established by the Illinois Dept of Labor's Wage Division? If so there are major penalties for not receiving your pay on time. 1-2% interest per month -- that 12-24% per year, does the credit union offer a rate like that?
You can file you own claim
but the FOP should have helped you.

Very busy down there at the union hall. Suing Bella, defending Geiger, having special board meetings, picnics and golf outings. Who has time for members!

Anonymous said...

Rahm gave the money to cease fire