Monday, July 30, 2012

Bridgeport Snitch Michael DiFoggio secret recordings captured Moreno and Medrano for feds

The dirty deal went down just before Christmas 2010 in the car of a Bridgeport developer, the feds say.

Inside the car were Joseph Mario Moreno, who had just been voted out of his job as a Cook County commissioner, and Michael DiFoggio, a Bridgeport developer who — from all appearances — wanted a garbage transfer station to be located in the Town of Cicero and was willing to cut a few corners to do it.

Just months before, Moreno had been appointed to a Town of Cicero local business assistance committee by Cicero President Larry Dominick. It was a plum appointment that came with free health insurance.

Moreno wanted more, though, authorities allege. He was willing to assist DiFoggio to get what he wanted from the Town of Cicero — but at a price, federal prosecutors allege.

Inside his car, DiFoggio passed an envelope to Moreno, allegedly containing $5,000 cash.

DiFoggio even had better news for Moreno, telling him that another $5,000 was on its way, the feds allege.