Friday, July 27, 2012

And now the FOP 7 Chicago Updates brought to you by President Michael Shields

Comp Time FAQs

The Lodge is very much aware of the unreasonable and arbitrary constraints being placed on requests for elective time off. The Lodge filed a class action grievance on this issue in May 2012. The City has responded that it is unable to schedule or hear any grievances until October 2012. The Lodge immediately filed a complaint (Unfair Labor Practice) with the Illinois Labor Relations Board. We have submitted the appropriate supporting documents to support our case. We are awaiting a decision from the ILRB.

There are many misconceptions by management regarding elective time off. Hopefully the following FAQs will help our Officers through these difficult times until the Lodge can obtain a resolution through the grievance process.

CLICK HERE for the Comp Time FAQs


Watch the Sox and Support the CPD Memorial

Come support the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation!

Saturday August 4th vs. Los Angeles Angels, 6:10 game. Tailgate party begins at 4:10 catered by Cork and Kerry on the Park.

$25 for game only, $40 for food and beverages at tailgate. Families are welcome.

Reserve tickets via Paypal CLICK HERE at

Prepaid tickets may be picked up at the Credit Union on Aug 1st 9am-130pm or on game day at the tailgate. Tailgate will take place at the lot at 35th and Wentworth specific row/location will be posted at above website on Aug 1.


Are You a Rider?

Bill Kalbfleisch is a special agent within the Department of Homeland Security stationed out by O'Hare. He is also a member of the Warrior Watch Riders (WWR)who support all of our servicemen and public safety officers.

WWR will be riding into Wrigley Field on August 5th in support of the Bravest vs. Finest baseball game and looking for officers who also ride that would like to join them in support of this mission. Please visit this link for more information and the RC's (ride captain) contact information.

WWR has no restrictions for membership.


Vote for the 100 Club of Chicago

We are delighted to announce that our good friends at the 100 Club of Chicago have been selected as a candidate for the Blackman Kallick Plante Moran Chicago Community Champions competition!

To thank the Chicago area community for its support and to celebrate its recent merger, Blackman Kallick Plante Moran is launching an online contest to help Chicago not-for-profit organizations raise their visibility and compete for a $25,000 award.

You can vote for the 100 Club as often as you like between 8am July 23rd and 12:00Noon on August 3rd:

1. Click on and find the "Chicago Community Champions" box toward the bottom of the screen.

2. Type in your first name, last name and email address.

3. Use the drop down menu to select "One Hundred Club of Cook County."

4. Click submit and feel great knowing we are one vote closer to $25,000.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 as often as you can between now and August 3rd and tell your friends


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As far as motorcycles i like this video.

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Greg Bella for fop president

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The One Hundred Club of Cook County is outstanding.

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Start hitting the target or we'll find a dozen who can! What part of punitive damages don't you understand? That also authorizes legal job actions and permanent penalties!