Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Two hundred free loading colored Section 8 tenants evacuated from Bronx building after owners got okay from tainted inspector to remove fire escapes

BELOW PHOTO: When a Bronx landlord removed the fire escapes at 2400 Webb Avenue to renovate the building, the tenants got the boot. Distressed resident Willie Westmoreland is among those who can’t return for months, until the work is completed. - HEY WILLIE...maybe sell some of those gold chains around your neck...So nice that in America Welfare Pricks can walk around looking like Mr. T as the taxpayers foot the bill for these parasites!The owners of a Bronx building that was evacuated Tuesday notified the city six weeks ago that they were planning to remove the fire escapes so they could redo the facade, records show.

But instead of putting the kabosh on that boneheaded idea, the city marked the plan “approved” on the say-so of an engineer whose license was suspended in 2005.

Now more than 200 tenants — some who have lived at 2400 Webb Ave. for three decades — have been uprooted because the city dropped the ball and face the prospect of spending the next six months in some fleabag hotel.

“The owner is telling us we have to go to some sleazy motels,” added Willie Westmoreland, 50, a seven-year resident. “How are you going to take me out of my three-bedroom apartment, where I pay $1,700 per month, and send me to a motel where people pay by the hour and bring their sleazy girlfriends?”

While residents were hurriedly packing their bags to make the 6 p.m. Tuesday deadline to vamoose, city Buildings Department Commissioner Robert Limandri insisted they never gave the owners, Goldfarb Properties, permission to tear down the fire escapes.

But Limandri could not explain why they okayed an April 27 building permit application which clearly states the owner’s intention to “remove six fire stairs at the subject premises, per plans submitted herewith.”

Roland Draper, the Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.-based engineer who submitted the application, declined to comment.

But under rules championed by former Mayor Giuliani designed to make doing business with the city simpler, licensed engineers like Draper are allowed to simply certify that the jobs they are performing meet all the required building codes.
Photo: Terry Hayes weeps as she thinks about having to spend her fingernail and hairdo money on a new place. I haven't paid rent once in my life, how can I start now!

A quick Google search would have shown that Draper’s license was suspended for a month seven years ago and he was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and placed of probation for two years after being convicted of restraint of trade, which is a Class E felony.

It was not immediately clear what Draper did to warrant the suspension or how he came to work for Goldfarb Properties, which owns a dozen apartment buildings in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx — and which have been hit with 259 building code violations in the last decade, records show.

Phillip Goldfarb, who runs the company, also could not be reached for comment.

In a case echoing the Webb Ave. travesty, the city fielded a complaint on March 15 alleged that two back staircases at a Goldfarb building at 151 E. 80th St. in Manhattan had been sealed off from the lobby so tenants "can't leave in case of emergency," records state.

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Anonymous said...

Fuckin funny ass shit. Remove the fire escapes, then section 8 assholes are not allowed to live there(free eviction) no worrisome lawsuits against building owner. re-hab and re-rent o local thriving liberal population. hhahhaaha the man s a genius.

Anonymous said...

NOT here in Shiticago,you will have to burn down the fucking building to the ground to get them to leave.Evictions here are a joke

Anonymous said...

Everyone ”remove your fire escapes” and clean this city up.

Anonymous said...

If he wants I'll start making a nice big sign saying" sorry niggers your free ride is over" awesome. Love seeing niggers in distress. Almost like filling out an application.

Anonymous said...

The building is privately owned, why can't they do what they want with their private property?

Do you want the government in your refrigerator? Your garage? How about your bathroom? Kitchen?

We need to fight the government at every turn because it is becoming tyrannical.

Anonymous said...

Golfarb the Jew is smarter than the average landlord

I Voted For Obama said...

Roland Draper voted for Obama, then removed the fire escapes from the White House.

The King of All Crackers said...

In New York they have rent control and it stays with the apartmens till people move ou so you have people that are paying $200 for a $3,000 a month apartment. So in New York you have to wait for them to die or move to gt control of your property. It's a big isssue in New York.

Anonymous said...

Love it when a plan comes together.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

U guys are a bunch of idiots. Not everyone in that building is on section 8. This including myself. These tenants are hard working people, most who live in my building are of old age. If you do not know the real facts to this story then keep your non intelligent comments to yourselves. As far as the phrase "niggers; I have two neighbors on my floor who are white and caucasian. hmmm maybe they'rethe ones freeloading off of tax payers you stupid scumbags. Its ashame that you have all the time and effort to talk trash about a matter that hits serious to home. Shut the fuck up and go about your business. And go forth with your plan to live in a 18th century world. Where whites rule the fucking world. But behold god has a plan for all of you to rotin hell.