Monday, June 11, 2012

Ray Dolin is hitchhiking across the country writing a memoir called "The Kindness of America" has been shot & wounded in a random drive-by shooting

The good news is blood and violence sells books and movies....Mr. Dolin just hit a grand slam by being shot! It's almost as good as a painter passing away... His paintings go up in value!

MUGSHOT LEFT: Shooter: Lloyd Christopher Danielson was caught by authorities and arrested shortly after the shooting. Officials say he was drunker than a skunk!

A man hitchhiking across the country writing a memoir called The Kindness of America was injured in a random drive-by shooting along a rural highway.
Ray Dolin, 39, of West Virginia, was shot in the arm as he approached a pick-up on Saturday evening near northeastern Montana's booming Bakken oil patch. He thought the driver was offering him a ride, said Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier.
A 52-year-old Washington man, Lloyd Danielson III, was arrested about four hours later near Culbertson.

Authorities say he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and apparently headed to Williston, North Dakota, for work tied to the oil boom.

The shooting follows another random attack earlier this year in which a 43-year-old teacher from nearby Sidney, Montona, was allegedly kidnapped and killed by two Colorado men on their way to the Bakken.

As the men await trial on charges stemming from Sherry Arnold's death, the case has stoked fears that a once-quiet corner of Montana has been irreversibly altered by the oil boom.

But Meier said Danielson's quick arrest by deputies in Roosevelt County 100 miles away from the shooting shows law enforcement is keeping up with any changes.

'We're still the wonderful people in Montana we've always been, and we'll get through this,' Sheriff Meier said. 'Things are going to happen whether there's the Bakken or not.'

Dolin was expected to recover and was being treated at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow. A nurse said today he was not taking calls or accepting messages.

Danielson was jailed in Roosevelt County on suspicion of felony assault with a weapon and driving under the influence. He was due to make an initial court appearance on Monday. It was unclear if he had an attorney representing him prior to his appearance.

Meier did not know if any words were exchanged between the alleged shooter and victim before Dolin was shot. He said they did not know one another.

'He was sitting down to have a little lunch and this guy drives up. He thought he was going to give him a ride and as he approached the vehicle, the guy pulls out his weapon and shoots him. It's as simple as that,' Meier said.

Danielson's criminal history in Washington state includes intimidation and assault, Meier said. Details were not immediately available.

Photo: Sheriff Glen Meier said the speed at which authorities responded shows they are keeping up with law enforcement changes. We never had a NATO Convention in our county but we catch our shooters.


Anonymous said...

One homeless bum (a 'writer,' no less) gets shot by a drunken alcoholic/drug addict. Way to go white America!

Anonymous said...

The guy pulls over to take a leak from all the moonshine he's drinking this other guy runs out of the ditch with taco sauce dripping from his lips (lunch) the driver thinking zombie fires and drives away at high speed.

Anonymous said...

Just put this drunk mutant in front of a firing squad and forget about court.

Anonymous said...

What did we learn?

Anonymous said...

Two Black Teenagers Murder White Woman – Race Hustlers Nowhere to be Found

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I Voted For Obama said...

Ray Dolin voted for Obama, then asked him if he would like to go for a walk. M

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! What a story