Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The mother of Riverside Officer Ryan Bonaminio says 'I will never forget and will never forgive' before the judge condemns Earl Ellis Green to death

Black Parolee Earl Ellis Green sentenced to die in killing of Riverside California Police Officer Ryan Bonaminio - I hope it is a SLOW PAINFUL DEATH!

A judge sentenced Earl Ellis Green to death Monday for the execution-style shooting of Riverside Police Officer Ryan Bonaminio.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Jean Pfeiffer Leonard declined to overturn the jury's verdict earlier this month that Green, 46, should face capital punishment for the November 2010 slaying of the Iraq War veteran, who had been on the department for four years at the time of the killing.

Jurors convicted Green of first-degree murder with special circumstances and weeks later determined that he should receive the death penalty.

Prosecutors told the judge Monday that she should not show mercy because Green was not merciful to the defenseless officer.

Before the judge handed down the sentence, the officer's mother, Geraldine Bonaminio told the court that Green "cowardly and brutally took my son's life without cause and with hate. I will never forget and will never forgive."

The judge then called Green a fundamentally violent person whose behavior will never change and is responsible for a callous murder.

On the night of the shooting, Green, a convicted felon who was on parole, jumped out of a stolen big rig that had been involved in a hit-and-run accident and ran into Riverside's Fairmount Park.

Bonaminio, 27, chased Green into a parking lot at an adjacent church. When the officer slipped in the mud near a stairwell, Green emerged and bludgeoned the officer with a metal pipe, prosecutors told the jury.

Green then took the injured officer's .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun and chambered a new round, according to the prosecution.

Stephen J. McQueen, a homeless man who volunteered at the church, told the jury he witnessed the shooting while smoking a cigarette in the parking lot. Bonaminio held his hands up and told the killer, "Don't do it. Don't do it," McQueen testified.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Michael Hestrin said Green's first two shots missed the officer. Green then walked up to Bonaminio, who was kneeling and severely injured, and fired at the back of the officer's head from a foot or so away.

"He died there, on the cold and dirty asphalt,'' Hestrin told the jury.


Anonymous said...

This sadistic asshole will receive a more humane death than he gave to the officer. Hope he burns in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Sadly California doesnt use the Gas Chamber anymore.I would love to see this FUCKING NIGGER strapped to the chair holding his breath as the cloud of cyanide gas envelops him. Then watch the look on his face as it (cyanide) hits his blood. It is like having many massive heart attacks.
They suffer,strangle,shit and piss themselves and convulse all the while barely losing consciousness
feeling PAIN all the while knowing that door they are looking at they will NEVER see open again.

Lethal Injection California style is a massive overdose of Barbiturate that induces a coma then death. The 3 drug cocktail is out in favor of this method. The only pain this motherfucker will feel is the needles being put in both arms. Then he will quickly drift off to perma sleep.

Ive witnessed both forms of execution and in this case I would safely say this nigger should be gassed.

Anonymous said...

The blacks are out of control in America. Looks as if they all still think they live in Africa. They are savages!!!

Anonymous said...

What the FUCK Green is Black?? Damm what a shock

Anonymous said...

Bust him out the jail and kill him the same way in front of his family. When its done hang his body upside down for all to see. We all know this fuck will sit on death row for 20+ years because the liberals want it that way. The reason the death penalty doesnt work is because they wont let it work!!!

Anonymous said...

That race war is just around the corner methinks!

Anonymous said...

Let the dirty piece of shit rot a while , then execute. Perfect candidate for a "Texas Tow".

Anonymous said...

Firing squad this piece of shit,kneecaps,elbows ,use him for target practice.

Only Mama Knows said...

Can I kill him, please,please,please?

Anonymous said...

Fucking niggers, when will the Klan make another appearance and take back our cities?

I Voted For Obama said...

Sick Fuck.

Anonymous said...

A black man killed?

Nah... Only Republican business men who are white kill. They do so by running businesses and such. The media told me this!

The story here seems phony. Would not Jessie 'Jackoff'son had been out there with all the civil rights noise over a man slaying another if this had been true?

The Wizard said...

"Anonymous said...
Fucking niggers, when will the Klan make another appearance and take back our cities?

June 26, 2012 10:44 AM

Why is it that you always have to have someone else do the job for you? Take the bull (Nigger) by the horns, join the Klan yourself and become part of the solution you seek!

Anonymous said...

bullets are fairly inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

Rotten bastard. I wonder how soon it will be before the Mumia crowd adopts this asshole?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Rotten bastard. I wonder how soon it will be before the Mumia crowd adopts this asshole?"

After the OWS failure dies off for good, not too long I'd reckon.

Anonymous said...



I Voted For Obama said...

Steve McQueen? Really?

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