Friday, June 08, 2012

Milwaukee Police Detective Rodolfo Gomez Jr. won't face charges

A Milwaukee police detective arrested in connection with an off-duty incident will not face criminal charges because of insufficient evidence, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office said Friday.

Rodolfo Gomez Jr., a 10-year veteran assigned to the Milwaukee Police Department's Criminal Investigation Bureau, was arrested Thursday and suspended pending formal charges, police said.

The matter was reviewed by the district attorney's office Sensitive Crimes Unit and there was not enough evidence to issue criminal charges against Gomez, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern.

Milwaukee police said Friday afternoon that there wasn't an immediate update available on Gomez's status with the department.

A Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office official said Gomez was expected to be released from the county jail Friday evening.

The detective has worked several high-profile cases recently, including a case in which a woman was accused of killing a pregnant woman in an attempt to steal the woman's baby.

Gomez is also listed as a board member of the Milwaukee Police Association.


Aldo Raine said...

Sounds like he may have done shit similar to what transpired in your lockup a few days ago, only he wasn't dumb enough to photographically document to chronology of certain events.

Either way, this "veteran" of a whole 10 years will certainly step on his chorizo again. No doubt he's a beaner of habit.

Aldo Raine

Mamy Adigan said...

...breeding will out....

RIGHT, Alrodolfo Gomraine????

I Voted For Obama said...

RudolphobGomez, Jr. Voted for Obama, then asked him if he knew what a sensitive crime was.