Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Louisiana ex-cop vanishes, turns up 800 miles away, beaten, burned and half-naked - I usually pay good money to get that done to me!

Isn't there an old joke that goes if you woke up in the woods all tied up with a used condom hanging 1/2 way out your ass...Would you tell anybody?
Photo: The FBI and state and local authorities in Texas and Louisiana want to know how Wayne Williams, 34, an ex-cop from Louisiana, turned up bound, beaten and half naked on a desolate road some 800 miles from his home last week.

Authorities in two states are investigating how a former New Orleans area cop turned up stripped, bound and beaten in Texas last week after vanishing the day before from a Louisiana town some 800 miles away.

Wayne Williams, of Jefferson Parish, vanished at around 11:30 a.m. last Wednesday after calling his wife to tell her he was having car trouble on a trip to Baton Rouge, The Times-Picayune reported.

A tow truck arrived on Old Hammond Highway where Williams had told his wife he broke down, but found no sign of the 34-year-old or his car, the newspaper said.

One day later, deputies and firefighters in Texas responding to a car fire discovered the former Gretna police officer in his boxers and socks, dumped on a desolate highway near Tulia, Tex. — some 14 hours and around 800 miles away.

Williams' hands were tied, and he had been beaten, burned and cut.

His torched car was nearby, according to local reports.

Authorities were investigating the incident as a kidnapping and arson.

Williams' father told New Orleans' WVUE-TV that his son was beaten and robbed by two men who stopped to help him after his car broke down in Louisiana.

Cops haven't confirmed the father's statements.

Williams was released from a Lubbock, Tex., hospital on Monday, but hasn’t made any statements about what happened to him.

A father of two, he worked for both the Gretna police department and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, and recently was a security guard at an auto racing track, according to WVUE.

The FBI and the Texas Ranger Division are also investigating the case.


noone90210 said...

If his genitals were covered by the boxers, then he wasn't half-naked.

Within the last decade, the term "half-naked" has been applied to otherwise clothed men who are shirtless (or shirt-free).

Having the name "Wayne Williams" might be a curse too.

Aldo Raine said...

Sounds like the work of that dastardly Keesing Bandit.

Check the officer's clothing for trace amounts of wine spritzers and mass amounts of jizz.

Aldo Raine

GAY DAY WAY said...

That's not funny!

019 merged with 023!

800 miles is a long HARD way.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a typical lard ass cop from the 8th district. Bet this bitch liked to talk shit,hide behind his badge and gun and had a wife that sucked black cock while he was at work too....Right Bill?

Anonymous said...

"Isn't there an old joke that goes if you woke up in the woods all tied up with a used condom hanging 1/2 way out your ass...Would you tell anybody?"

Joke goes:

If you went camping and woke up one morning in your tent with a sore asshole and a bloody and used condom beside you: Would you want to tell anybody?

More people would answer no.

Then the joke teller asks "So... When do you want to go camping?"

"and gun and had a wife that sucked black cock while he was at work too....Right Bill?"

Was she a cop sucker?! [pun- you are welcome] Or just an unfaithful wife? Oh the lurid writings on the internet! Such filth!

Rahm, won't you do something about this for the children?!

Anonymous said...

He do look a little like Ned Beatty in Deliverence.

Clancy said...

I suspect this is BULL SHIT

Anonymous said...

Must have been one hell of a party.

Anonymous said...

You sure do got a purdy mouth!

Anonymous said...


This guy is an f'ing liar.

I Voted For Obama said...

Wayne Williams voted for Obama, then asked him if he wanted to see Buddy Holly's home town.

Tinker said...

Well let Me just say i have never met a chubby Security Guard that didnt like a little butt romp, There are a couple that I needed a commercial set of Butt cheek spreaders to fuck but They all like it.

Anonymous said...

he had a hot dog in his butt

Anonymous said...


The Keesing Bandit said...

I am innocent on this one.

I don't even go south of Madison St. Why would I go to Louisiana?

Now, kees me you fool!!!!