Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's see here... Chicago Alderman wants crack down on taggers...but then our pandering newspapers make taggers our heroes..... Hmmmmmm

In today's world nothing can be called WRONG anymore. Jagoffs who spray paint other people's properties without permission are now heroes & artists... We can't say they are wrong. It's a new politically correct world... Negroes and Illegal Beaners can do no wrong...the media saves the WRONG for white people and their actions... Unless of course they are Gay Whites or Whites Dating Colored People...

Ald. Mike Zalewski (23rd): Make graffiti / tagger vandals pay - Tagging & Graffiti on the rise

Concerned about a spike in gang graffiti in Chicago neighborhoods and a slowdown in city removal of it, an influential alderman is gearing up for a major offensive against juvenile vandals and their parents.


Photo: Miguel Aguilar, 36, a former illegal graffiti artists, now teaches kids the process and aesthetics of graffiti art at the Yollocalli Arts Reach center, in Chicago.

Teen tagger now an art teacher

To members of the underground graffiti subculture, he’s one of Chicago’s most respected artists. But in the eyes of the law, Miguel Aguilar was for many years simply a teenage criminal.

“If the punishment had been stricter, it’s possible I may have stopped sooner — it’s hard to say,” says Aguilar.

Now 36 and teaching the history of graffiti at the Art Institute of Chicago, Aguilar started writing graffiti as a 13-year-old. He was twice arrested in his teenage years, spent a couple of nights in jail and was forced to pay fines and to do community service, he said.

But Aguilar — who says he has been painting legally for two decades — believes the real turnaround in his life came when he entered a graffiti contest sponsored by the Chicago Transit Authority.

“One of the rewards was a small scholarship to the Art Institute — I’d never even heard of it, but once I went there I got serious about the art form,” he said. “It gave me that confidence to ask permission from store owners to paint on their walls.”


Anonymous said...

Still just another
and that's all he'll ever be

Anonymous said...

Still just a nigger

Chuck said...

my favorite movie scene ever is in Colors, that flaming fag liberal Sean Penn playing a cop, spray painted a taggers face green

Anonymous said...

I'm probably in the minority here, but some of the graffiti looks really cool, and think business owners and even the city should hire these kids. But then the kids who just scribble shit, changes my mind fast.

Anonymous said...

I guess more proof the war has been lost and we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

I bet if one of these mutants spary painted the Alderfreaks garage door he would change his attitude. Everything is personal.

Anonymous said...

We MUST get the petition to eradicate aldermanic offices going again.EVERY one is below average intelligence.Save MILLIONS annually.

Anonymous said...

If Bill Ayers is a teacher now... Hwy, why not this fuck!?

Those blacks who jack off in public will later on be given money to teach their 'performance art' to the kid they used to molest. But Chicago is not broke or anything, right?!

Mo money for the "teachers"!
"graffiti contest sponsored by the Chicago Transit Authority."

Yeah. Why is the cost to ride so much higher then it needs to be? Many reasons, this is just one of them I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you white dicks!

Miguelito is an artist. He deserves education and pension. He works hard.

TJ Ted

I Voted For Obama said...

Miguel Aguilar voted for Obana, then tagged his limo.

Anonymous said...

It was a tagger from Bad Crew that tagged the CPD Memorial. Catch me if you can!!!

Anonymous said...

The heel of my size 13 boots to the index fingers !! Problem solved..

Anonymous said...

"Fuck you white dicks!

Miguelito is an artist. He deserves education and pension. He works hard.

TJ Ted"

TJ weren't you the one who ratted out the crips and cost them a lot of money and drugs?