Thursday, June 14, 2012

Judge to order divorce attorney to testify in Drew Peterson murder trial

Drew Peterson’s judge on Thursday said he will order the divorce attorney for Peterson’s late third wife to testify about a conversation Kathleen Savio allegedly had with a prosecutor before she died when Peterson stands trial for murder next month.

Judge Edward Burmila met privately last week with attorney Harry Smith to discuss conversations Smith had with Savio before she died and to determine which of those conversations should be allowed as evidence at Peterson’s trial.

Smith had claimed he shouldn’t have to testify about Savio’s conversation with the prosecutor, though Burmila ruled Thursday he will make him. Exactly what was said between Savio and the prosecutor was not disclosed, but Burmila said the conversation was incriminating.



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Anonymous said...

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I knew the Mac Daddy said...

So I guess “ex” Chicago Police Officer and rat extraordinaire Alex Morelli, now a Bolingbrook Officer, and Drew’s best partner in crime will probably be called to testify as he was also called to testify at the Grand Jury in Will County.

The same Alex Morelli who ratted out other coppers at the CPD District 025 to deflect the Feds from his improprieties, and signature to the will of Drew's wife who “drowned” in the bath tub?

“The will that turned up over a year after she drowned in the bath tub and hand written on note book paper.”

Hey Alex, still do you still have that full length Raccoon Coat with matching Coon hat you bought shortly after one of your big scores back when you were in the CPD and the 025th district?

Nothing like looking like a Mack Daddy even if you were white!

Anonymous said...

What's that new law?

Heard say; from a sub species DIVORCE LAWLIFE ?

What next? NIGGERS on sheets

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama is getting more afraid of Drew Peterson every day.

I Voted For Obama said...

This should be one fun, albeit brief, trial.