Monday, June 25, 2012

FOX NEWS CHICAGO - To defeat Obama in 2012 tell the story of Chicago's decline

A well written and damning article on the crumbling city of Chicago... Soon to be just another Detroit or Gary Indiana...

Here is my advice to anyone looking to defeat President Obama on November 6th -- Forget Kenya. Where Obama was born (or not born) is just not of interest to most Americans. Mainstream voters just don’t care. They don’t see the significance. So be it. But there’s a place much more damaging to the Obama legacy anyway.

It’s called Chicago.

Therein lies the heart of the story that defeats Obama. Chicago is like Kryponite to Obama. It is poison to the story that Obama paints of hope and change. Because the Windy City itself is in decay and collapse. Not just economically, but morally. It is descending into the violence and poverty of a third world nation.

It is the story that Obama cannot run away from. Chicago is his city. It is his foundation. It is the love of his life. But the results are more like the curse of his life. Obama’s Chicago is what we never want America to become. Chicago is the American nightmare.

Obama denies Kenya and expects us to take him at his word. But he doesn’t deny Chicago. He embraces Chicago. He is proud of Chicago. And therein lies the key to beating Obama.

Just point the tragedy of Chicago out to suburban mothers and grandmothers. Just connect Obama with Chicago from head to toe. Obama’s Chicago is radioactive. You don’t need third world Kenya to defeat Obama. Chicago is a third world city, right here in the middle of America.

Never was that more clear than earlier this month, when Obama went back to the Windy City.

Obama’s Chicago melted down all around him. In one weekend, with Obama back home, 35 were injured, 7 killed in gun battles. Included in this violent mess was a 16-year-old girl. Three of the murder victims were killed in one hour on Sunday morning. It was the third weekend in a row with gunshot murders and injuries in the double digits.

The police are out gunned and under siege. This toddlin’ town has descended into anarchy. This is the town our president proudly calls “home.”

Chicago is the murder capital of America. There has been a 50% increase in violence in the past year. Gangs roam freely, killing young children, the elderly, and even pregnant women execution style.

Drugs are rampant.

Guns are everywhere in the hands of criminals, while law abiding citizens are banned from defending themselves. This is the result of the gun control laws that Obama supports so strongly. They have turned Chicago into a swamp infested with murder, rape, assault, home invasion robbery, car-jacking, and muggings.

This is what happens when you ban guns. Criminals run free, unfettered by the same laws that wind up leaving good people defenseless and dead.

But wait…it gets worse. The state of Illinois just raised income taxes in dramatic fashion, pushing its productive citizens out in droves, while property taxes in Chicago are among the highest in the nation.


Because Illinois leads the nation in debt and under-funded pensions for government employees. The state of Illinois and the city of Chicago are both for all intents and purposes bankrupt and insolvent.

The Cook County treasurer recently reported debt of over $108 billion. That’s over $63,000 per household -- for a CITY! Just pension obligations for government employees alone are over $50 billion. The treasurer said he was “stunned.”

Think about how the taxpayers of Chicago feel.

Not surprisingly with crime and debt out of control, the Chicago economy is in meltdown. The Chicago PMI (Purchasing Managers Index), a reflection of manufacturing activity, just reported a drop that can only be described as disastrous. It signaled that manufacturing has come to a halt in Chicago.

Keep in mind the power of a president to send money to his favorite town -- government contracts, stimulus, green energy “investment,” education funding, and bailouts. You name it, Obama has done it all. Yet there is still a complete collapse of the economy in Chicago.

But wait, it gets worse. Chicago’s public schools are in shambles. Obama and his Democratic politician buddies handed the keys to the teachers unions…and just look at the results. If there is any education going on in Chicago, you’ll need a magnifying glass to find it. Chicago schools suffer from 40% drop out rates and six of the worst 25 high schools in America are located in Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

You forget one thing it's in the ghetto no one cares

Anonymous said...

he wasn't born here ethier actually i thought he was raised in hawawi
in ehtier case he just hung out here to be senator
i dont see how this place can be held against him it was going from a "dive" to a "graveyard" spin
long before he was around
shortshanks and co saw to that
he just left the mess for rhambo
like that fireman deal that agreed to long ago
and now trying to make look like a bad deal
they knew about it
i dont see how it will make a difference

Anonymous said...

Obama won't win ONE state, he may destroy the country/world with nuclear bombs to keep his feeble grip of power.

It's over Obots have a quick cry and man up.

RealChicagoNews said...

Yep, thats the plan!

Anonymous said...

Some massive exaggerations in this article. First of all Obama is not from here, and has little connections to the machine politics other than the left wing media machine. There is hope for Chicago...the recent murders are following in the wake of stupid policy decisions by Garry Mac. It is true that Chicago has the symptoms of the disease of liberalism, it is simply mirroring the state and the nation right now. Stop immigration and you will see an improvement, stop witholding guns from the citizens and you will see improvements, start stricter law and order policies and you will see immprovement. It is up to YOU. If you just want to ring your hands and say all is lost then just F*ck off and stop annoying the rest of us who think the city, state and the country is worth saving !

Anonymous said...

WOW!! But the decline started under that thieving little SOB Richie Daley. Rahm just inherited a sucked-out shell.

Anonymous said...

There are no exaggerations about Chicago's decline.
51st worst state in debt, rampant killings and other crimes, sanctuary city and one of the least favorable for business.

The list is longer but what's the use.

Anonymous said...

And that's the good news.....

Hoosier Clout said...

"If there is any education going on in Chicago, you’ll need a magnifying glass to find it. Chicago schools suffer from 40% drop out rates and six of the worst 25 high schools in America are located in Chicago."

And the teachers want a 30% raise across 2 years? Fire ALL of them and replace them with all private sector people who lost good jobs.

Once you lose a good job, you begin to appreciate how fragile a steady pay check is. You become motivated again to do a good job. Take note CPD.

Anonymous said...

He will win one state....illannoy. The only state in the union with a populace too stupid and incompetent to be allowed concealed carry. But then given how they elect the likes of Obama, Quinn, Durbin, Daley, Madigan, Jackson etc. they shouldn't be allowed. Unfortunately for the rest of illannoy...which is is commiecago that fucks it up. So here is a big heart felt hardy FUCK YOU Chicago! Mangia merda e muori!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in chicago and I thought I would die in chicago. I guess that may happen for sure, if I go to the Mag Mile shopping.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Crime and poverty in Chicago is an industry run by the "reverends", community organizers, and the politicians. The city has been extored out of billions in taxpayer money, all in the name of "helping". Today, that well has finally run dry, and the beast they have created can no longer be controlled.

Decent people are leaving the city in droves, and the criminals are now scattering to the four winds. The implosion will be felt all across Illinois for years to come.


Anonymous said...

White people should be evacuated from Chimpcongo and a 100 foot electrified wall be built around it. Throw all of the politicians,niggers and wetbacks in there and let the entire place exterminate itself. Any one caught try to escape is executed on the spot. Give the state of Illinois back to the people. Chicago sucks the life out of the tax payers of Illinois. Chicago gets what it wants and the rest of the state has to pound sand.

Anonymous said...

I went to Gary, Indiana once. It was not ok.

I Voted For Obama said...

So what does any of this have to do with the election? His loyal drones will keep him in.

Anonymous said...

Flee west of the Mississippi!!!

Anonymous said...

Shaved, the only person I can think of who's nuttier than the batshit author of that hack piece of so-called 'journalism' (Wayne Allyn Root, a certified loonie) is YOU. If that's the best Fox News can come up with,
I'll call the ball right now and say that Obama is a shoo-in come this November.
I can't recall in my 60+ years an election in which a candidate and his party running against the incumbent are so poorly prepared to win, or even to lead.

Anonymous said...

Obama won't win ONE state, he may destroy the country/world with nuclear bombs to keep his feeble grip of power.

It's over Obots have a quick cry and man up.

June 26, 2012 12:20 AM
Unfortunately, he'll win quite a few. California, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii and Washington State for sure. There are a lot of stupid voters out there.

Back in the 60's they used to use red and blue for the parties, very much the same as we do now, EXCEPT, red was the Democrats and blue was for the republicans. I guess the media decided red was a little too close to the truth for the democrats and reassigned it.

I Voted For Obama said...

I like Gary, Indiana!