Monday, June 18, 2012

‘Death Wish’ New Jersey cop Richard Klementovich surrenders after 10-hour standoff with police outside estranged wife’s home

A New Jersey cop embittered by his divorce and angry about his job had a haunting Father's Day wish: to die in a hail of police bullets.

"They will do the job I couldn't and take my life," Clifton cop Richard Klementovich wrote in an email to his estranged wife after barricading himself in their former home in Pennsylvania with several high-powered rifles and piles of ammunition on Sunday, the Doylestown Intelligencer reported.

"I hope whomever comes to our house is ready to die tomorrow because I will be."

In the end, the disturbed 42-year-old climbed out a second-story window, wearing a bullet-proof vest and a gas mask, and surrendered to police, the Doylestown Intelligencer reported.

Klementovich, who was off duty at the time, was arrested at around 11:45 p.m., nearly 10 hours after the standoff began.

Cops said the incident started after Klementovich set up a Father's Day lunch with his ex-wife, Jill Major, and their two young children, the newspaper reported.

But instead of going to the restaurant, Klementovich went to their former home in Doylestown, called police and left a note in the driveway saying he had "scoped" rifes, piles of ammunition and was "ready to die."

Police showed up around 2 p.m.

Shortly after, cops heard gunfire coming from the house.

For the next 10 hours, cops say Klementovich took potshots at local authorities and SWAT teams gathered outside the home.

Several police vehicles were hit and one officer suffered shrapnel wounds to his face.

Klementovich also sent a handful of emails to his wife, including one that said he was "angry" at the Clifton police force.

In another, he admitted to abusing steroids, and said he was planning to commit suicide-by-cop.

"Tell the police I have a surprise for them, this is the way I want to die," he said in an email, according to the Intelligencer.

Negotiators eventually coaxed him out, and he surrendered peacefully.

The Gulf War veteran and 18-year police vet was charged with more than 13 counts of attempted murder and reckless endangerment on Monday morning.

A judge set his bail at $1 million and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Klementovich earned nearly $115,000 as a police officer.

Fellow cops said he was a dedicated officer, but troubled by the breakup of his marriage last year.


Out of the car Motherfucker!!! said...

Canidate for the "Rubber Gun Squad" too bad no one saw the signs!!!

Anonymous said...

A few of the boys were doing his old lady..

Anonymous said...

If i lived in New Jersey I'd want to die too.

I Voted For Obama said...

Dude had issues.

Anonymous said...

The vertical smile has fucked up guys through out history.

Anonymous said...

Very sad! The stress took it's toll. Vey sad!

Anonymous said...

what a tool. because the big guy couldn't get his emotions in check, his life is screwed, not to mention putting his fellow officers in danger. no wonder the wife is leaving him.

Aldo Raine said...

Fuck him. Coward talked a big game, but couldn't finish it off as planned.

Do it right, or don't do it at all, that's the way I was raised. And any man that lets a bitch control him, especially to the point this pussy did, is better off eating the business end of a firearm.

Now the taxpayers get to support this loser. Disgusting.

Aldo Raine

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$115,000 thats good pay.

Anonymous said...

We shouldnt say shit about this guy this guy served his time and yes he is human was faced with many personal issues. Marriage is not easy especially when your a copper. Lets face it, your job becomes your life and this guy got into a huge human problem which has screwed him up. Good luck to you officer get help, and try to move on, my prayers are with you!

Nutria said...

McGarry's finest !

Only one of the many he let go to circle the bowl while speaking with a trident forked tongue with the yellow journalists and the taxpayers.

Remember when he laid off 200 cops on Dec 5th.

objectivity when stress hits 60% help and at 80%. FULL DISABILITY RETIREMENT! STAND UP Chicago?

Anonymous said...

There is hope for this officer. If he loses his job the CPD will hire him. He would fit right in with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

He looks fucking crazy

Anonymous said...

Looks like the wife saw the signs and divorced the nutcase! Good for her! Way to get your family to always have this incident forever attached to Fathers Day you lunatic!

Anonymous said...

Let this be a lesson to you boys and girls, stay away from the steriods.

Anonymous said...

Lot of that on the home front here in Chicago. Ranging from 35th Street to the Former TRU unit. We have our loved ones. Outside this shit job thats all we have. That falls to shit,of course we will stress.

Id go to pieces if Mine left me.
Thats my world. The job isnt.
Thats only 10 hours of my day. It isnt my life. So I can see where this guy was coming from. Too bad his "partners" didnt see the signs.

Anonymous said...

Damm She must have been a hell of a piece of ass

Anonymous said...

White guy on a power trip, realized he didn't have the power to control his ex's pussy any more...Whaddaya expect from a pollack?

Anonymous said...

It's sad. I bet that ex of his was 99.9% of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Woman, what can ya say

Anonymous said...

$115,000? Damn, that's a good salary. I'm not sure I'd want it though, they make you wear that stupid looking hat.

Anonymous said...

And in the end He pussied out and will now live in hell.

Anonymous said...

Very sad! The stress took it's toll. Vey sad!


The steroids probably didn't help either.

Nutria said...

Leave the note. Point the gun. I'll put you down and you'll save lives and stop the cuntsell.


Get help. Get good lawyer(s). Get a better pussy even if you have to rent it and hire a ugly housekeeper. Revenge is a disk best served cold §

Don't give the bastard's the satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

$115 G's!!! ??? WTF

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, your job becomes your life and this guy got into a huge human problem which has screwed him up. Good luck to you officer get help, and try to move on, my prayers are with you!
Really? I love my job but it's not my life. Your life is the total of your activities, not just your job. I miss all of my former female companions, but I'm not stupid enough to be too attached to them. They come and go, it's just a fact of life. I am not going to let my job or some nutty bitch make my life miserable.

Anonymous said...

18 Years on the job dont mean on the Job for 18 years .