Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's On The Sarge' Mind Blog - Sarge's old hood cop shop needs help so lets give our suburban brother's in blue a hand

Alsip Police "Cop on Top" Special Olympics fundraiser
The Alsip Police Department is staking out the rooftop of Dunkin' Donuts, 12150 S. Cicero Av, for the 3rd year in a row in support of Special Olympics. This Friday, June 1st, from 5 A.M. until 2 P.M., volunteers will be at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru, on Cicero Av and 122nd Street and yes, ON THE ROOF of Dunkin' Donuts, raising awareness of and collecting donations for Special Olympics. Last year the APD raised almost $4,000 which was donated to Special Olympics.

Please join us and our guests, including Special Olympics gold medalists and the Chicago Police Department's Pipes and Drums, in support of this worthy cause.

Every donation receives a coupon for a free donut; a $10 donation receives a travel mug including a free first fill-up of Dunkin' Donuts coffee; a $15 donation receives a t-shirt or baseball cap, but thanks to your generosity, the giveaways go fast, so get there early!

We hope to see you there!


I Voted For Obama said...

Nicely done Alsip P.D.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the entire 30 sector from the 4th district at Dunkin Donuts, on Indianapolis Boulevard in Hammond, Indiana!

If it's free, it's for me!

Anonymous said...

Cicero Police left a legally disabled man to die in an alley behind his house. A squad car was a block away nothing else happening at the time and they were told quote "Don't break your neck getting there"

Sarge said...

Thanks for the post detective. According to the Chief Chris Radz it was a success thank you to all who helped. Again thank you shaved your the best

SpankDaddy said...

I like donuts also.