Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thumbs up to Supt. Garry McCarthy - WATCH - LISTEN: Supt. Garry McCarthy responds to protester video

CHICAGO (WLS) - Chicago Police Department
Superintendent Garry McCarthy responded to the protester video on the Roe &
Roeper show, saying "That particular event, I watched the YouTube video this
afternoon and it is very clearly edited."... He went on to say the officers did a fine job!



Woody Shampoo said...

Yo, Garry. Did you ever dispense a "Bronx Party Hat" when you worked the 4-6?

Eric Blair said...

The law is the law!

You wanna get in the wagon or the ambulance?

You want a ticket or intensive care?

How about peacefully assembling to have you grievances redressesed.

(Just don't talk to that JOO or the guy over there, he's FOP AND NEITHER OF THEM KNOW WHAT A GRIEVANCES IS?)

DEMAND a forensic audit then you can elect real Americans and jail these traitors.

Don't vote don't bitch!

Anonymous said...

WOW! IF the Occupy Protesters think this is harassment then we have NOTHING to worry about during NATO. What a bunch of crybabies. Do us all a favor. Stop occupying your moms basement and get a job! No one held a gun to your head when you signed up for your college loan. This is a lesson that everything is not handed to you in life. You may not get your career job out of college so do what the rest of us did and find another job. They are out there. You are not too good to bag groceries or dig ditches. I know you think your special because everyone has told you that your whole life. You always goat a sports trophy even though you finished last. You were always told you can do whatever you want. Well, let me tell you your parents and teachers lied to you. We are all special in different ways. Some people are good at one thing and not another.
Stop whining and get off your asses. Obama will not be president for long so you will have to go back to work.

Anonymous said...


This was an interaction with some nit-wits and they all talked a little shit. Hey, cunt, you want intimidating? Go to China, practice your communist beliefs and just try to protest your treatment there and see what intimidation is. Go to the middle east with your atheist beliefs and learn what intimidation is. Go to the blacks beloved africa and just try to survive there without being intimidated. You don't know what intimidation or mistreatment is. You live in the USA where there is very little of that.

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama will have Supt. Garry McCarthy take lessons at throwing people under a bus. He was supposed to be on the side of the protesters because they vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

It's a non story -period. WLS trying to make "NEWS" out of someting that "isn't".

Anonymous said...

Heard this yesterday. Agreed it was a good response, finally!

Elvis Hitler said...

Pull up some APC's and open fire on some bolshevik wanna bes and the riot/rally/circle jerk will be over for good.

Anonymous said...

W G A F.....