Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three postings in a row of the young & famous passing away - Lucky Boys Confusion guitarist, Joe Sell, 33, found dead

Not the first death for Joe Sell, his musical career died many of times.

Lucky Boys Confusion guitarist Joe Sell was found dead Tuesday near the band’s West Side recording studio.

Sell, 33, of Naperville, was found dead in the 2700 block of West Superior Street, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Lucky Boys Confusion lead singer Kaustubh Pandav said the band had a rehearsal space on the block where he was found and it would not be unusual for him to be there. “We were very close. We were close like brothers,” Pandav said.

Pandav said Sell had recently been in and out of hospitals with pancreas problems. An autopsy Wednesday was inconclusive pending toxicology results.

“As for us seeing any signs of him getting sicker, we didn’t see that. We just assumed everything was OK,” Pandav said. “He scheduled his next practice. He wrote an email saying how excited he was to play the shows.”

Lucky Boys Confusion released its first LP album, “Growing Out of It,” in 1998. Other albums included 2001’s “Throwing the Game” and 2003’s “Commitment,” both on Elektra Records. For 10 consecutive winters the band played back-to-back sold out shows at the Metro, Pandav said.

Pandav said this year will be the band’s 15-year anniversary and they were gearing up for a big gig to mark it — and planning to release their first new song in five years.

“It’s incredibly sad to have someone you work with pass this young,” said David Galea, the band’s booking agent.

Sells’ Facebook page was also filled with condolences.

One man wrote, “The City of Chicago has no idea of the immense talent that it lost today. R.I.P Joe Sell. Gone but never forgotten buddy.” Another wrote, “Keep on rockin’ brother! …”

Sell graduated from Naperville Central High School in 1996 and attended College of DuPage, according to his Facebook page.

Pandav said Sell recently started a job at Caribou Coffee and was up for a promotion.


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Anonymous said...

As a friend of Joe's I am deeply offended by your insensitivity. Joe was a kind and gifted human being. Did you know that he had perfect pitch? Probably not. Your crude subtitle betrays not only an utter lack of empathy for a fellow human being and his grieving family and friends, but it also demonstrates that you have little to know knowledge of either the history of his music career or the workings of the music industry. Finally, I'd like to point out that your "blog post" is nothing more than a complete lift from the news sites covering his passing.

Joe's talents: perfect pitch, extraordinary guitarist and a kind friend who despite your oh-so- candidly worded comment managed to maintain a following of thousands of loving and supportive fans.

Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is your talent? Being able to use the copy and past shortcuts on your keyboard and making fun of death of other peoples' loved ones.

I hope when you die, someone posts your obituary on the Internet with the tagline, "No loss - he never did anything worthwhile anyways"

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Naperville? Home of those policewoman hotties on that teevee show. They can frisk me anytime. Sucks about the musician dying, I have never heard of that band or guitarist. Note to anonycunt get a nickname and stand behind your statement.

Anonymous said...

Totally hurtin', Shaved. I don't know the deceased from Adam but man, to be taking cruel shots at a guy like that is astounding.

It seems like you don't even need a real reason anymore to hate on someone.

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama said he never heard of him either, but he does like Caribou Coffee.

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama said he never heard of him either, but he does like Caribou Coffee.

Anonymous said...

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What the hell is a kid from Naperville doing in the 2700 block of superior? Herion maybe? What a waste of talent.


16 MAY 10:02PM::: I too cringe at some of the overt comments on this blog. I try and hide my prejudices and and disgust w/certain groups w/ ignorant backdoor comments that people dont get right away. But its HIS blog and you have the right not to read it. I remember when Bush's spokesman(SNOW)was dying from cancer;
youz liberal intellectuals were horrible toward him on your whore blogs.
The thing that really pisses me off
is that now this guy's supervisor has to work his hours at the coffee
shop till a new hire is found..

I Voted For Obama said...

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Johnny Thunders said...

I didn't know Joe as a fried (or lover), but I know he was smart enough to see through the garbage perpetuated by the owner of this blog. It is obvious that the host of this website is a sadist who enjoys hurting people through the convenience of anonymity. Once this person holds the hand of a dying family member, he will unerstand the pain he is inflicting. I apologize to joe's family. I hope you can see through it as well.

I first saw LBC in Iowa City around 99. There live act was mind-blowing! There were 300 of us packed into a bar with a capacity of about 100. $0.50 pitchers of Beusch fueled the party. Seeing a band made up of people my age, who made orignal music so unique was totally impressive. They described everything it felt to be a suburban "lucky boy", and forever changed my life's muscial journey.

Over the years i must admit I lost touch with the band, and I was saddend to hear of Joe's passing. Thanks to digital music services, I've been able to catch up on they're later work.

It's great to hear how the band evolved over the years, as all the great bands do. Joe and the guys made some beautiful music that had an everlasting effect on millions (yes millions) of people, whether they know it or not. Joe's lifes work will have an influence that eclipses anything this crap website could ever imagine.

Rest in peace sweet Joe. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe a human being could be so insensitive and cruel.. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit. RIP Joe Sell, you were loved by so so many, including me.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe a human being could be so insensitive and cruel.. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit. RIP Joe Sell, you were loved by so so many, including me.

Anonymous said...

If you can't believe human beings can be insensitive and cruel I invite you to one of the many crime scenes I have to be at on any given day. You will experience inssensitivity and cruelty you would never experience is your suburban, sheltered life.

Anonymous said...

Did Caribou Coffee fill that opening yet?