Sunday, May 20, 2012

SUNDAY WILL BE "D" DAY - Saturday night live: Hundreds of protesters march through Loop, financial district, on Michigan


As many as 1,000 protesters marched through the Loop Saturday night as they protested NATO, taunted police and blocked traffic on normally busy streets.

“Basically we want to disrupt business as usual on all fronts,” said one woman who was marching, while dressed in black and refused to identify herself.

They were met by large contingents of police officers, some in riot gear, and others on bikes, who generally let the demonstrators remain in the streets.

At one point, a police van with sirens flashing drove down the middle of Jackson, forcing the marchers to disperse. A protester jumped on the front fender of the van, then got off, and someone screamed, “They hit him! They hit him!”

Before 10 p.m. an ambulance arrived and took away someone in a wheel chair.

Friends said it was Jack Amico, 24, of Staten Island, N.Y., who had been active in Occupy Wall Street.

Lauren DiGioia, 27, Amico’s girlfriend, said he was hit after “the police van started coming straight at us. It was moving slowly at first, and people in the crowd were trying to form a soft block to stop it from running people over. ... The van accelerated when it got by me. It started speeding up. As soon as it went past me I turned and Jack was lying on the ground. He’d just been hit.”

DiGioia wasn’t allowed to go see him yet at Northwestern Hospital, where he was being treated, but she said he should be okay.

“He’s bruised, but it doesn’t look like there are any critical injuries,” she said. Northwestern security supervisor Patrick McKinley said Amico’s condition was “stable.” McKinley said a policeman was stationed outside his room.

Amico’s friends said they were told Amico was placed under arrest — which was a big surprise.

“Jack’s not aggressive or loud. He’s actually a really good, sweet guy,” said one friend, Connor Hicks, of Brooklyn. Amico is “very passionate about the movement.”

At 10:15 p.m., Supt. Garry McCarthy said he wasn’t sure what happened in the incident, but said the van was swarmed.

“We need to know what the heck happened,” he said.

“The van was being attacked, if you will,” he said. “It has a slashed tire.”

McCarthy also said officers were targeted throughout the day.

“We got hit with batteries. We got hit with bottles, stuff like that.”

A law enforcement source late Saturday said there had been about 40 arrests throughout the day, mainly on misdemeanor charges.

But McCarthy said there had been only “about six” arrests.

Clashes between police and protesters continued throughout the night.

At 8:30 p.m. near Wabash and Balbo, police in riot gear carried a woman to a waiting police van. A man was taken as well, but few details were available.

That came after a crowd — possibly numbering more than 1,000 — had marched down State Street and eventually ended up on Balbo, where they were greeted by police in riot gear backed by police on horseback. The police then relented and let them march North on Michigan.

The mayor’s office said the crowd was between 750 and 1,000 at its peak.

Back, in the financial district, some protesters dressed in all black grabbed orange plastic barriers and dragged them to the street at LaSalle and Monroe.

The protesters headed to the corner of Jackson and LaSalle, where Occupy Chicago had set up a long running camp last fall.

At one point Saturday night, the driver of a Jeep stuck in the crowd in the middle of LaSalle cranked his stereo in solidarity with the protesters. As he filmed the crowd, members took video of him.

Others members of the crowd stood on garbage cans looking around.

Meanwhile, three dozen Illinois State Police officers in riot gear with batons in hand positioned themselves in front of the Daley Center.

Shortly after 11 p.m., the 100 remaining marchers — at Cermak and Jefferson at the time — said they were disbanding. They said they were tired and ready for a bigger series of protests Sunday.


Anonymous said...

It must be nice to be a trust fund baby like these kids are. They have all the free time in the world to walk around aimlessly and give middle class, blue collar workers a hard time. This weekend will provide interesting conversation material at their cocktail parties at the mansion in the suburbs when they grow up.

Anonymous said...

Fucking cop's locked Me up and the jail made Me take a shower..That's brutality Man it's My right to stink.

MoonBoy Kennedy said...

Hello everyone I'M a second generation legacy protestor, My Mom and Dad got Their asses kicked here in 68 and some cop named Clancy felt Mom up when He loaded Her in the wagon,some other cop named Aldo Raine tounged Dad's ass during a strip search. Looking forward to My turn later on today.

Anonymous said...

I love it how these trust fund kids are complaining about how "unjust" society is when they seem to think it is fair to block roads and the the city unlivable for folks who need to go to work and live in the city. Those Chinese had the right idea by running down hippies with tanks!

Anonymous said...

WGN has video of the van driving quite quickly with the guy directly in front of it being shoved along by the van. Not good video for us at all. No threats near the van when this video is being taken. You must think about what you are doing and KNOW that video is everywhere during this. The tire slasher would appear to be trying to slow the van to save the guy. We really look STUPID here.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow Brothers in Blue , I would like to apologize for our pussy, chicken-shit boss dart. He has us sitting (more like hiding us)like caged animals chomping at the bit. Morale is bad and its so frustrating not be let to do anything. Maybe today it might be different . I doubt it tho.
Be safe out there

Nutria said...

Get in front of a emergency vehicle=fail to yield !
Touch it=Trespass to vehicle !
More than one (two or more) Asshole=MOB ACTION!
While failing to yield= OBSTRUCTION AND RECKLESS CONDUCT !!!

Now if he/she/it is from a driver compact state? Suspend the terrorist and when it misses court!

Set bond at max; because flight risk AND show+exhibit the video (s).


Pay a nice fine.

Pensions fully funded!
$10 City stickers!

Maybe get the JOO boy a second circumcision ?

But definitely find some lawyers that will protect US US US and the City.

Reverse IPRA and have them prosecute the ghetto lottery players and no more free coffee for the peoples law office.

Run the plates and vin # 31days (except military) boot or tow the car a.d don't release it with out ILLINOIS PLATES AND A CHICAGO STICKER AND DON'T FORGET VALID ILLINOIS INSURANCE!

Touch a cop you limp! Hurt a cop? get used to broth and intensive care at cook county's infirmary for about two or there months. Try to kill a cop..............

Wear your "T" shirt sing your songs and stay on the side walk, we'll help you?

Anonymous said...

Duke feels left out. Duke's union said "if deys vilences in Chicago Dukes got to has a part init." "Tonight we's comin. Gonna "muh dick" dem pretty white protesters." Nine months from now. In the hospitals, gonna be a lot of surprised faces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

90% of Chicagoans despise the march scumnuts and praise the police in comments here:

Anonymous said...

You CC's MUST start a petition to remove scumbag DART. This man must be fired. PAY someone to set him up if need be.

Anonymous said...

WGN has video of the van driving quite quickly with the guy directly in front of it being shoved along by the van. Not good video for us at all. No threats near the van when this video is being taken. You must think about what you are doing and KNOW that video is everywhere during this. The tire slasher would appear to be trying to slow the van to save the guy. We really look STUPID here.

May 20, 2012 4:30 AM

There is no way this is an officer.


Bring back old man Daley. SHOOT TO KILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shit would end in a hurry. No wait, I can't say that. BUT, I JUST FUCKIN DID AND MEANT IT.

Anonymous said...

a guy who is functioning as a video spy, comm support tech, and internet organizer of NATO protestors and whose work can be seen here:

is a Chicago Ham radio guy:
KC9NCF Dan Hensley

Not a cop said...

NBC Chicago has the only video you need tosee, very clear & not shaky. The van is barely moving as two assholes get and stay in front of it, and appear to be trying to push it. They both then get out of the way after several seconds, and walk away, completely unharmed.

Also, on SooperMexican's page (on twitter El Sooper), he has more videos of the same time, showing assholes pounding on the sides & back of the van, and pounding windows with what appear to be rocks.

The problem is, those assholes can lie about what happened,both to the media and thru their lawyers, without any reprecussion. They can deny everything the city says, even when their is hard evidence disproving them. They spread the lies over twitter like wildfire, w hashtags like #NoNato and #Nato3, and serv e to get themselves worked up to "justify" going to a city where they don't live, and trying to start mayhem.

Not a cop said...

No threats near the van? Go check out Sooper Mexican's blog. He has vudeo of the thing from several angles. Besides the NBC Chicago video, which shows these jerks clearly in no danger, and trying to "push" the van, it also has side & back angles, showing protestors pounding sides & windows with fists, rocks & bricks. No threat my ass.

Not a cop said...

If you are interested, here is the Sooper Mexican blog I referenced (don't let the silly name fool you, he's very much on the right):

Anonymous said...

Calling all PAUL KERZIES , And BERNARD GETZES, Please feel free to help the Police deal with these asshole protesters!

Anonymous said...

Saw this on that Dan Hensley kc9ncf blog mentioned:

" appears as if someone in the Timcast group of friends or Timcast himself were not home when the raid happened, but someone they were staying with who has a boyfriend on the Chicago Police Department had relayed the details of a raid that are now conflicting. This unidentified female apparently told someone in the Timcast group one story and then told Occupiers a conflicting story.

First, she said she was denied entry to the apartment and then she said she saw the police but did not make contact with them and walked away. Because of these conflicting stories and for his own safety, Timcast and their group are staying in a hotel tonight."

see? CPD has spies in their midst: "they were staying with who has a boyfriend on the Chicago Police Department" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, you sound stupid. Only in a retard pussy city with morons like you does a retarded comme t like that come out. In my opinion, if you stand in entionally in the way of an emergency vehicle you should be run the fuck over. Imagine if you were fighting with offenders who were close to disarming and killing u and they were the only backup w/I the seconds u needed to survive? I hope your not a cop. If so, go back to mcdonalds, feed your fat lazy ass while the workers are busy "hold me down squad.". We r humans at the end of the day. All frontline officers down there have showed tremendous and UNREASONABLE restraint when dealing with these worthless animals

Anonymous said...

re: KC9NCF Dan Hensley

If you google KC9NCF, this guy claims to be an emergency volunteer, but if you check his twitter account, you can see he uses his police scanner to gather intel that he then tweets to his occuppy followers. Do you want this guy volunteering anywhere near you?!/KC9NCF

Anonymous said...

Fucking commie protestors!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

KC9NCF tweeted the name of the injured police lieutenant

I Voted For Obama said...

Jack Amico voted for Obama, told him that he was a really, good, sweet guy, then slashed Obama's limo tires before jumping in front of it

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Bernard Getz post, we need roaming vigilante patrols, bring in 1,000 NRA Members, they will send these scumbags back to their gay buses and back to the shitholes they crawled out of! Be safe CPD, and all you ball-less politicians and exempts can pound sand!

Anonymous said...

the ROWAN family on the job has close ties to the demonstrators,it pays to be nice to your fellow officers and not so arrogant dosent it ROWAN,

Anonymous said...

Sunday was D day allright "Dud" day Speeches at the park went without a hitch, no one problem, po's walking around, no confrontations. Seen larger crowds after a Bulls victiry ior a concert in Grant park Actually seemed like a laid back relaxed atmosphere and thats the truth

Anonymous said...

Call Name Address City State Zip Class Old Call Effective Date Expiration Date Status KC9NCF
Hensley, Daniel P
2945 W Fullerton Ave Chicago IL 60647 G Active

Anonymous said...

Dan hensley info is as follows...


Call Name Address City State Zip Class Old Call Effective Date Expiration Date Status
KC9NCF Hensley, Daniel P 2945 W Fullerton Ave Chicago IL 60647 G KC9KOW 12/19/2006 12/19/2016 Active

Anonymous said...

NATO came and went rather peacefully. Good job, CPD!

Anonymous said...

Looking at this Shortwave America blog and comparing it to this other Chicago blog by some guy who says his name is Timmy...they both seem to serve a valid public purpose. There is something called the 1st amendment, and CPD radio traffic can always be obtained via internet streaming, and public records request and then that could always be published on the internet as well.