Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Missing College Students Lauren Spierer & Michaela "Mickey" Shunick back in the news - Possible link to both missing women

Missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer, left, and missing University of Louisiana student Michaela "Mickey" Shunick, right.

Police in Indiana have reached out to authorities in Louisiana investigating the disappearance of a college student whose case has similarities to the disappearance of an Indiana college student last year, Fox 44 reports.

Bloomington police investigating the 2011 disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierer have contacted Lafayette authorities who are searching for University of Louisiana student Michaela "Mickey" Shunick, who has been missing since May 19.

In both cases, authorities have looked into a white pickup truck as part of the investigation. In Indiana, a white pickup truck that had driven by the area Spierer was last reportedly seen was probed after being caught on video.

The bicycle belonging to Shunick was found over the weekend by two fishermen in a remote, swampy area about 25 miles from where she disappeared. She was last seen on surveillance video riding the bike home from a friend's house.

Shunick, who disappeared just a few days before her 22nd birthday, was last seen shortly before 2 a.m., when she left a friend's house in an area popular with college students in Lafayette to go home. Spierer, 20, was last seen walking home June 3, 2011, after a night out partying with friends.

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Anonymous said...

It has always been dangerous for a young lady on her own. That's why they always had chaperones back in the day. We're much too sophisticated now to actually watch dumb ass young girls to make sure bad things don't happen to them. Sometimes the old ways were better for a reason. Now, not to be too callous, I hope the young lady is ok, but be warned, bad things happen to careless people. Don't take chances unnecessarily.

I Voted For Obama said...

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Those two are cute. Hope they are okay.

Anonymous said...

Put some fine Suburban D boys on it.They need to rack up OT and come up with nothing as usual.