Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally coming to A&E TV - Sheriff Shaved Longmire


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that sheriff "chick" tucks and tapes her cock back into her ass crack in order to get those jeans on.

But when compared to the CPD women I've seen on runs over the years, I'd still fuck the sheriff with the tucked cock before the slobs you guys have.

Aldo Raine

I Voted For Obama said...

A and E TV voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff dickless dart will be jealous, and will want his own series.
Hmm what shall we call dart's new T.V series, Help me think of a name.

Sheriff No Ballls
Puppy love police
Sanctuary city sheriff
Liberal Lawman
Cemetery Cop
Deputy do nothing
Sheriff summons no serve

Anonymous said...

Damm... TV Tom is not gonna be happy. He is the greatest Sheriff in the whole world !!! his show is coming out soon ..."CRIMELESS COOK COUNTY...ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE "

Anonymous said...

Blondie looks fuckable to me.

Anonymous said...

im a guy but dslc gives me a woody i can tell you.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it!

Anonymous said...

I saw a commercial for this show and it looked kinda cool. A lot like the game Red Dead Redemption.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day I'll get cable and a city job and a driver etc.

Sambo Axle Grease said...

Cable teevee is shit. Just turned it off and came to this webpage.

Otis Campbell escaped said...

Ganja smoke
Miss Kitty's pity
Wyatt Burp
The lone stranger
Bat Masturbation
Sgt. Schultz
Suecock Holmes
The Jagoff Hooker
Houdini instructor
John Flaw
Elliott Mess
The Bird man of Allison
The barber of civil?
James Ragknee
Colonel Fink
Commandant of Stalag 69

I hope Arapiao was a sperm donor!

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they don't show real women cops. 5'2'' 190 lbs. Always grab their gun 1st because nobody on the street takes them serious. Calling for help because some 16 y/o made her feel bad. But due to make sgt. because the powers that be want to promote women to prove that the CPD doesn't hate women cops.

Anonymous said...


SpankDaddy said...

Just like the female reporter who was a stripper on the side, this pretty deputy has a position awaiting her at the SpankDaddy Academy any time she wants it.