Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emanuel talks tough on big parking meter $50 MILLION DOLLAR BILL TO THE CITY

I think below video would show all of us what Rahm Emanuel would do if Richard Daley showed up to the Chicago City Council Chambers to be questioned about how bad Daley screwed the city and taxpayers with his corrupt "Chicago Parking Meter Leasing Deal"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel stuck with the tough talk on Chicago’s parking meter deal today, pledging to fight a new bill for $22 million the meter leasing company recently sent the city for lost revenue. But Rahm won't say a word about former Mayor Richard Daley scamming a six figure salary do nothing job with the law firm that was paid millions in fees for handling the corrupt deal.

Emanuel has positioned himself as a staunch opponent of the wildly unpopular 75-year, $1.15 billion lease of Chicago street parking spaces that his predecessor engineered in late 2008.

The tab from Chicago Parking Meters is now nearly $50 million.

While an arbitrator is being asked to decide some of that amount, the periodic invoices submitted offer Emanuel an opportunity to remind Chicagoans he opposes the payments.

The latest is a $22 million tab the company says the city owes for free parking last year for vehicles that displayed disabled placards or license plates.

On Thursday, Emanuel told reporters that the city has taken steps to stop drivers from illegally displaying the placards.

The Chicago Police Department’s traffic unit has conducted stings this year.

“We have cracked down on people that are abusing the disabled placards. We have been aggressive on that,” he said.

“We have real questions as it relates to the documentation that substantiates the claims that they think we owe them,” he added.

As Emanuel did when Chicago Parking Meters presented earlier bills, the mayor pointed out he has publicly criticized the parking deal since he campaigned for mayor. And without naming then-Mayor Richard Daley, Emanuel repeated his mantra that “there’s a new day” at City Hall relating to the lease.

“Just because you sent the bill, and just because in the past it was paid with no questions asked, doesn’t mean going forward that’s how we’re going to operate,” he said during a news conference at the recently opened Morgan Street CTA train station.

Emanuel also praised outgoing U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald Thursday for “setting a bar,” noting that a lot of attention has been paid to Fitzgerald’s successful public corruption prosecutions.

But the mayor said he hopes the person who next fills the seat will fight against Chicago’s problems with guns and gangs.



Anonymous said...

Pay the bill from Daleys pension and add in all the aldermens salaries and pensions until it is paid in full!

Fat Phil

Anonymous said...

Start going after all these people with handicapped placards - there still is a boatload of them.

Senior citizens think handicapped parking is for them. Then you have all the scammers - black AND WHITE - who use their relatives' card in order to park for free.

Start making more arrests. You maybe can get a double whammy by seeing if they are using a LINK Card illegally as well (the two seem to go together).

I Voted For Obama said...

Smoke and Mirrors. For the right price they will all kiss and make up.

Former Hamburg Club Member said...

Fair is fair a $60 fine for overstaying a meter. $100 red light camera fines and the rest of the highway robbery of the citizens. Sometimes those who do the fucking end up getting fucked. You were sold down the river by Daley and crew. The parking meter deal in the end will be the true ruin of the City of Chicago, I guess the alderman forgot to rnd the bill. I guess it was like Pelosi saying you have to pass the bill to find out whats in the bill. The City of Chicago at this pace will owe the parking meter firm ilke $20,000,000 a year, his works out to at a 4% increase over 75 years to $8,972,627,311. Compounding does some funny thinkks to a dollar. A contract is a contract and your city council was group of highly paid part time $100,000 a year idiots. Old man Daley would never have got this through but his som Richie got this through with the best paid alderman he could buy. Bernie Stone leased a $60,000 on the public dime are you feeling pissed yet? Unfortunately my old man knew where some of the bodies were buried but he died before he could tell me where they were buried.

Anonymous said...

Rahm is fighting for the taxpayers! He won't pay! Oh shit, we actually owe this money even though it's a bad deal. Damn.... But he's putting on a good show for the uneducated Chicagoan.