Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cops have signed confession by illegal beaner in Etan Patz murder, make first arrest in 1979 case

33 years after vanishing, an illegal beaner living in America for decades and former bodega worker Hernandez is first ever arrest; says he lured boy with soda and strangled him - Just another murdered American citizen by an illegal alien!

A heartbreaking mystery that tortured a Manhattan couple and stymied police for more than three decades was finally solved Thursday after a New Jersey man confessed to strangling 6-year-old Etan Patz.

Pedro Hernandez was charged with second-degree murder a day before the 33rd anniversary of little Etan’s disappearance — a crime that shocked New York and gave rise to the missing child movement.

“We have probable cause to make this arrest,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. “We believe that this is the individual who is responsible.”

Hernandez, 51, who worked as a stock clerk at a SoHo bodega when Patz vanished was expected to be arraigned Friday.

“We have a confession, a written confession, a signed confession,” Kelly insisted. “He spoke for three and a half hours. We have videotaped statements.”

Under questioning, Hernandez spun a sickening tale for investigators, describing how he lured the innocent little boy into his clutches with a cold soda, how he led him down into a basement, how he strangled him. Then he stuffed in a bag.

He gave no explanation for why he killed the boy. And the cruel and callous way that Hernandez got rid of the boy’s body shocked investigators.

“It was taken a distance from the bodega, to another location in the neighborhood and left in the trash,” Kelly said. “About a block, block and a half away.”

Hernandez’s confession dashed whatever hopes his long-suffering parents might have harbored of burying their son.

It is “very unlikely” that Etan’s body will ever be found, Kelly said. “We can only hope that these developments bring some measure of peace to the family.”

Asked if Etan was sexually assaulted, Kelly said no.

Hernandez, who lives with his wife and college-age daughter in South Jersey and has no police record, is the first person to be arrested in a case that has long bedeviled investigators.

Although cops canvassing the neighborhood for clues were aware that Hernandez worked at the bodega at 448 West Broadway and questioned his co-workers, Kelly said that for reasons unclear he was never questioned.

A month after Etan vanished, so did Hernandez.

For the next 33 years, he lived in obscurity. And he might have continued eluding justice if he hadn’t blabbed.

“In the years following Etan's disappearance, Hernandez had told a family member and others that he had done a bad thing and killed a child in New York,” Kelly said.

And this week, one of those relatives picked up a phone and called police, sources said.

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe Hernandez lured that kid way just to kill him...there's gotta be some sick sexual angle that they haven't released to the public.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope its not another classic biased investigator fuck up confession.

I Voted For Obama said...

Sick Fuck.