Sunday, May 13, 2012

Car Junk Yard - U PICK A PART but he must have picked too hard, car fell on him and smashed him - Now they are donating his spare parts

JOLIET — A 33-year-old Manhattan man died at a junkyard Saturday morning after he was crushed beneath a vehicle.

The Will County Coroner’s office has identified the man as Robert D. Trull. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday, the office said.

Police said Trull arrived about 7:45 a.m. at Joliet Auto Parts, 1014 E. Washington St., and made his way unaccompanied to a Dodge Durango at the rear of the property.

Using two jacks to support the front and rear of the vehicle’s right side, Trull got beneath it to remove parts when one of the jacks apparently gave way.

“His legs and abdomen were out, but his chest and head were pinned beneath,” Joliet Fire Battalion Chief Ron Schroeder said.

Police said another customer came back to the area at 11:44 a.m. and saw the legs sticking out from the Durango.

“We were called and used an air bag system to raise the vehicle and remove the victim, but he was already deceased,” Schroeder said.

Police learned Trull’s teenage son had ridden to the junkyard with his father and was waiting in their car in the parking lot.

Arrangements are pending, the coroner’s office said.


Kenya says...Yes we can! said...

Comrade Dear Leader the Christ Messiah will go there and resurrect the man. Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

i'm suprised that never happened at victory auto,i used to go there in the 70s and 80s to get parts and you would be working on a car and they would come by you with a forklift and start piling another junk car on top of a big stack and the fuckers would be falling all over the place.

Crew Chief said...

Jacks not good. Jackstands real good!

I Voted For Obama said...

Too bad his son had to see that.

Anonymous said...

Best place for hot parts

Anonymous said...

You are a douche! What in the hell is wrong with you? Obviously ALOT! This man was an excellent person, friend, husband and father. Now, YOU JACKASS, his wife has seen your catchy little title and feels her heart rip a little more....Get a life!