Monday, May 28, 2012

Black Sexual Foreplay - Pregnant Detroit mom brutally attacked, played dead to survive

A pregnant Detroit woman remained in serious condition on Sunday after she and her unborn child survived a violent kidnapping attempt in which she was bound, set on fire and shot in the back.

The 22-year-old woman, who has not been named in local media reports, was hospitalized after the attack early Saturday, CBS affiliate WWJ-TV reported, and police are questioning her ex-boyfriend, the father of her baby, in connection with the case.

The woman was reportedly at a movie with her ex-boyfriend before she dropped him off at his new girlfriend’s home in Warren, Mich.

“He opened the detached garage and told her to pull in,” Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green told The Detroit News.

“She did and before she could turn the car off, he closed the garage door behind her. Someone grabbed her by the neck and put a gun to her head.”

She was ordered to the ground and the suspect used duct tape to bind her hands and feet and cover her mouth, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ.

The young woman was then blindfolded and driven in her own car to an alley in Detroit.

She reportedly told police her attacker’s voice was male and that he knew about her pregnancy.

“(The suspect) said, ‘You know why this is happening,’ and then he asked her about how far along she was,” Green told WXYZ.

The man poured lighter fluid on her, struck a match and set her on fire, police said. She forced her way out of the car and rolled on the ground to put the flames out.

But her attacker wasn’t finished: he fired his gun twice, hitting her once in the back.

“She said she basically played dead and she thinks that’s what saved her because she heard the guy run away,” Green said, according to The Detriot News.

The woman was able to free herself, climb back into her car and drive to her mother’s home on the east side of Detroit, believing, she too could have been the victim of violence, WXYZ reported.

Earlier this month, a day after the woman’s baby shower, an unknown gunman threatened her mother at her home.

Authorities told WXYZ that the woman’s ex-boyfriend remains a person of interest because he didn’t call 911 after she was attacked.

Green told The Detroit News that the woman’s ex-boyfriend was unhappy about the pregnancy.

The bullet went through the woman’s back, but didn’t harm the baby nor any vital organs, police said.


Anonymous said...

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I Voted For Obama said...

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Perry F'ing Mason said...

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And soon we will be saying, "Forget about it Jake, it's Chicago".

Next case. (Damn it's too hot for court today)

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Anonymous said...

Hard to work up much sympathy for anyone involved in this.

Honey badge don't care. He'd eat them all.

May 28, 2012 10:00 AM
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