Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Attention those on Chicago Fire or Police Duty Disability - Sun-Times reporters are knocking on doors for a "Investigative Piece"

Per several sources but no personal knowledge:
The Chicago Sun-Times used the "F.O.I.A." Freedom of Information Act to obtain the names of all police officers and firefighters currently on duty related and non-duty related disability (This does NOT include the regular medical roll, such as cold or flu)

Reporters are currently going door to door attempting interviews of these disabled firefighters and police officers about their injuries and also to sneak a few photos of you and your injuries.

Personally if a reporter were to ask me anything medically related, I would tell the reporter that my personal health, injuries and medical conditions are privacy protected by the Federal H.I.P.P.A. Laws but thank you for checking on me.

I would then call the Fire or Police Pension Board and let them know about the reporter's visit to your residence.