Friday, May 25, 2012

Another case of what goes around comes around - Will Co. States Attorney James Glasgow gets ripped a new asshole by judge on Drew Peterson case

Will County States Attorney James Glasgow gets his ass handed to him by the Judge who ran against Glasgow for States Attorney... This Drew Peterson murder trial is going to be an international fucking circus!
Judge rips Peterson prosecutors - He calls allegations made by state in motion 'highly inappropriate'
The judge hearing the Drew Peterson case raked prosecutors over the coals Friday for filing a "hyperbole"-filled motion that he said unnecessarily "exposed the court to suspicion."

With the trial of Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant charged with drowning his third wife, set to begin in about two months, Judge Edward Burmila said he had encouraged defense attorneys to share motions with all involved parties via email before they were filed so the state had more time to respond.

But earlier this week, prosecutors filed a sealed motion seeking to bar those emails, and Burmila said the state's motion misstated the facts and implied that he had improperly made substantive rulings that should only have been done in court.

Burmila called a rare hearing for 4 p.m. — a half-hour before the Will County courthouse closes — on the day before a holiday weekend to address the matter. He said in court that the timing of the hearing wasn't "punitive" but based on the availability of the attorneys.

He first ordered State's Attorney James Glasgow or his criminal division chief, Kathy Patton, to substantiate the allegation that Burmila had limited emails to those discussing the location of the trial and the availability of witnesses.

"Mr. Glasgow, Mrs. Patton — call your first witness," Burmila said.

The two attorneys conferred, and then Patton asked for a minute to respond.

"You don't have a moment," Burmila replied. "Call your first witness. You knew this was set for hearing."

Prosecutors conferred for about five more minutes before saying they would withdraw the allegation.



Anonymous said...

I do not even know why they charged Peterson. Do not get me wrong, I do believe that he killed his ex wives. However, Peterson obviously is smarter than the Dicks and ASAs handling the case. They do not have enough evidence to get a conviction. Everything the prosecution has is circumstantial at best. Peterson will get away with murder a la O.J. Hopefully Peterson will be caught on something else like O.J.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, way to kill morale. Keep up the good work, buddy. Have the useless bastards fuck with us and it will get sooo much better, won't it? Ya blew the goodwill already. Didn't take too long now did it?

Anonymous said...

Peterson is not guilty.
How can the defense hired medical examiner decide over the will county guy that the 3 rd wife was murdered ? Then they charge him on that guys word.?

WTF,Plus the 4 th wife is missing albeit mysteriously but you can not connect him.

He will enjoy his fat check while living in thailand the rest of his life.

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama is really afraid of Drew Peterson now.

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson is going to be a Wealthy $$$$$ person once this case is tossed...

Anonymous said...

Classic Illinois legal system.That is one major reason this State sucks and is going down the toilet fast.When will the bubble burst??

Anonymous said...

Free Drew now !!!! He's innocent of both murders !!!

I Voted For Obama said...