Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Colored Shitheads abandoned their robbery attempt when the white NWU student victim pointed out they were in front of the police station

Three Negroes abandoned their weekend robbery attempt when the white Northwestern University student they had confronted pointed out that they were standing in front of the university police station.

The incident began about 10:40 p.m. Sunday as the student walked east in the 500 block of Clark Street, according to a university alert. The student passed a large group of men walking toward him on the south side of the street, and as he passed, one person in the group yelled "yo" at him, the alert states.

The student did not respond and kept walking, turning north on the east side of Hinman Avenue. Three men approached him and demanded his money.

"Empty your pockets or we'll shoot you," the alert quotes one of the would-be robbers. The men did not display a weapon, the alert notes.

The student told the three men that he didn't think it was a good idea to rob him while they were standing in front of the university police station, according to the alert.



Anonymous said...

About as bad as the fools that tried to an off duty PO using the cash station at the CPD Credit Union.

It's getting to the point that whites aren't safe alone anymore.

Anonymous said...

Another liberal whitie im sure, prob gave nigger man some cash cause he felt bad for him.

Willie the Wildcat said...

It's NU not NWU.
Go Cats!
Willie the Wildcat

Anonymous said...

I saw bugs bunny do that once. Hey what's that?! N then ran away. Dumb jigs

I Voted For Obama said...

Willie the Wildcat voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Mayer ex EPD would have fucked them bouys up!

Anonymous said...

Would have been better if Illinois had concealed carry and he shot the beasts