Sunday, April 08, 2012

UPDATE: It was four not two NYPD cops shot in shootout with ex-con felon

Four NYPD cops were shot during a wild gunfight inside a sixth-floor Brooklyn apartment by a crazed ex-con menacing his pregnant girlfriend and their 4-month-old son.

Three of the cops were shot in the leg; one was grazed in the face. All four were in good condition at Lutheran Medical Center.

“You see our police officers putting their lives on the line every single day,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “Here we were very lucky, but it could have been a great tragedy.”

The gunman, identified as 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth, was shot three times in his toy-strewn Sheepshead Bay one bedroom.

He was listed in critical condition at Kings County Hospital, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg said.

His baby and his pregnant girlfriend, Jessica Hickling, were shaken up but fine, according to relatives.

The mayhem began about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Kelly said early Sunday.

Foxworth got into an argument near the building’s service entrance with a group of moving company employees, Kelly said. He forced them back to their truck at gunpoint and one of them called police.

“He’s got a gun ... he’s got a gun,” the mover told the dispatcher, Kelly said.

Cops said Foxworth then took his terrified pregnant girlfriend — who was also carrying their baby in her arms — up to their apartment on the sixth floor of 3301 Nostrand Ave.

NYPD investigators enlisted the help of the building superintendent and they used surveillance footage to determine which apartment was Foxworth’s, Kelly said.

At unit 6K, they got no answer but by looking through the peephole, they could see a man, woman and child inside, Kelly said.

The cops settled in for a standoff and had summoned hostage negotiators when Hickling suddenly burst through the apartment door with the baby in her arms.

She said Foxworth had a gun and was holding her captive.

Cops entered Foxworth’s living room and bullets started to fly.

“When she just left and left the door open, he started shooting,” Kelly said.

“The gunfight occurred in close quarters with the assailant and the officers no more than 10 feet apart.”

Foxworth, who was in the bedroom, fired 12 rounds from his 9 mm Browning handgun at the officers, police said. They returned fire, Kelly said.

The injured officers were: Det. Michael Keenan, 52, shot in the front calf; Det. Kenneth Ayala, 40, shot once in the thigh and once in the left ankle; Officer Matthew Granahan, 35, shot in the calf; and Capt. Al Pizzano, 49, who was grazed in the face.

“Although hit, Detective Ayala and Officer Granahan returned fire, striking Foxworth in the abdomen,” Kelly said.
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New York, NY - Two NYPD cops were wounded in a furious Brooklyn gunbattle early Sunday morning, authorities said.

Miraculously, each of the Emergency Service Unit officers was grazed in the leg by the barricaded suspect’s bullets at 12:29 a.m., as they attempted to remove him from an apartment on Nostrand Ave. near Avenue T in Sheepshead Bay, cops said.

Don McGregor, who lives on the sixth floor next door to the suspect, said cops banged on his door and told him to get out. “They said it could turn violent,” he said.

By the time he got to the lobby, McGregor said he heard shots. “They all sounded really muffled and rapid-fire, almost like a machinegun was going off.”

A man who lives nearby, who did not give his name, said he saw muzzle flashes through the windows of the apartment where the suspect was holed up.

The officers, whose names were not immediately released, were taken to Lutheran Hospital and were expected to survive, police said.

The condition of the suspect, who was wounded in the torso, was not immediately known.

This brings to four the number of NYPD cops shot this year. Det. Kevin Herlihy survived being shot in the arm during a wild shootout in a Harlem subway station on Valentine’s Day and Officer Kevin Brennan is recovering from being shot in the head in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on Jan. 31.

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