Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tune in to JC Corcoran this Sunday - WGN-AM 720 - at 11:30AM

Dear Shavedlongcock:
Hello everyone! A good friend of mine--JC Corcoran, now a radio personality in St. Louis--is filling in for Dean Richards this Sunday 9-11:30am on WGN, 720AM. JC and I used to hang around a lot on the south side of Chicago and caused some trouble together in grammar school at St. Camillus. I listen to his live-stream-feed-whatever it is when I can, and he's still a smart-ass. Don't know what Dean Richard's show is usually about, but I do know JC is an avid Cubs fan (I know, should be Sox, but his uncle was a Cubs player). Whatever he talks about, it should be fun--he told me one of his early guests is Super Dave--yes, that guy.

Hope you listen. JC might be sticking around.


11-Tricky-30 said...

Who gives a flying fuck. Fuck you and your boyhood "friend" that took turns blowing and beating each other off behind the recycling truck in Camillus' parking lot. Dean Richards is a pole smoker and Birds of a Feather DO flock together, you rump ranger.

I Voted For Obama said...

If you grew up on the south side, are a Cubs fan, and work in St. Louis, not only did you vote for Obama, you are very conflicted.

Anonymous said...

is this the same guy who wrote CORKIES CORNER IN A SUBURBAN newspaper???if it is he is a nigger loving liberal shit bum,