Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Questions begin to surface why no arrests in the "home invasion" and beating of 80 year old Rev. Daniel Mallette of St. Margaret of Scotland Church

In December of 2010 Sheriff Tom Dart ran to the side of Rev, Daniel Mallette after the priest was allegedly beaten and robbed in his rectory by two black men. Almost 5 months later, NO ARRESTS, in what was a big heater criminal case.....

Questions now are being asked by law enforcement insiders as to why nobody has been arrested for this crime? In a crime scene as secure as a priest's bedroom it would be easy to locate fingerprints, DNA or other evidence. Others asked why was Sheriff Tom Dart so protective of Rev. Mallette immediately following this incident?

Some in law enforcement are secretly saying there may be a good reason why the two black men were never identified and arrested. This may not have happened like it was originally described.

I think thispost has said enough...you figure out the rest.

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