Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our asswipe Governor Quinn... We need to spend $40,000,000.00 (Yes, that's $40 Million Dollars) on a STUDY about Chicago's Circle Interchange

Quinn starts Circle Interchange rehab with $40M study - Thta's $40 Million Dollars on the STUDY.... No work being done....

Gov. Pat Quinn yesterday announced the state would spend $40 million to study potential fixes for Chicago's gridlocked Circle Interchange.

Delays at the junction of the Eisenhower, Dan Ryan and Kennedy expressways typically run about 10 minutes per car, and the interchange is considered one of the worst in the country.



Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Ten minutes? It often takes me 20 or more.

$40 mil is fucking ridiculous though.

Anonymous said...

I can save you 39 million, we need a minimum of two (that's 2) lanes of traffic on each diverging route (turning lane)!

Right now, there is only one (that's 1) such lane. It's the east bound Eisenhower to the south bound Dan Ryan.

This could have been many years ago when they did the last update and saved us tons of money.

Make my money order out to John Q. Public, City of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is considered the worst governor in the country.

When gas hits $10 a gallon the interchange will be empty.

Only obama and quinn will be driving then.

Anonymous said...

Too many cars and not enough road coupled to screwed up traffic patterns.

Thank you. Please forward the check to DSLC for holding.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I'm perplexed as to why Illinois has budgetary issues.

CT said...

It's for the children; get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Shit I would've do that study for 5 mil!!! I would've even included on my payroll 2 niggers and 2 spics!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell We got the money why not spend it?

Anonymous said...

It was called the cross town expressway....Idea came up 30 years ago....city spent money on something else..

Anonymous said...

Not enough lanes, and no one knows how the fuck to merge around here. Put up some nice solid concrete barricades so people can play those "cut in the front of the line" bullshit games and traffic will be a lot smoother.

Put the signs up about 5 miles back - merge to "X expressway in 5 miles. START MERGING NOW"

At 3 miles "X EXPRESSWAY in 3 miles. If you haven't merged yet, you're an asshole"

At 2 miles "X express way in 2 miles. Move over now or get on the wrong expressway fool"

At 1 mile "X expressway in 1 mile. This is it. Enter barricade lane now or tough shit."

At the point of the turn (protected by barricades), post "X expressway was over here --> You missed it you dumb fuck. No backing up on the shoulder or other stupid shit. Get on the wrong highway, find an exit, and do it right. Better luck next time idiot."

Yeah, I'd LOVE to see those!

Anonymous said...

Asshole Extrordinare.

Anonymous said...

Commie Fruit..........

Mississippi Madman said...

gee concealed carry will GENERATE 65 MILLION dollars for the state each year but this nigger loving liberal fuck wont let it happen...


Anonymous said...

I'll lower the bid 2.5 mil and my two youngest grandsons ages 11 and 10 will do the study: complete with drawings from the fifth grade class at St Celestine's...

I'll check their spelling an formatting.. probably be better than minority bid contractors..For an extra half a mil we will throw in some photographs..and another 2K gets video...

Anonymous said...

And it's our pensions that are bleeding the state dry? What a giant pile of shit he is.

Anonymous said...

Put the $40million back into our pensions, even though that's a fucking tear drop in the ocean of what they need to put back in the pension system that they've spent on BULL SHIT like THIS. My son can figure out how why there's traffic jams on the fucking Circle Interchange. It's not rocket science and if he spends the money on it and gets no flack, then we're living amongst bigger fucking nitwits that he is.

Gas prices are the worst in the country and we have libreal jagoff leaders. Until the money is put back in the pension system, he can deal with the traffic.

Anonymous said...

If all those who are suspended, revoked or have no dl DID NOT drive, there would be no traffic jams!

Anonymous said...

Another Walsh over budget ,no bid contract coming soon,

Anonymous said...

Luckily i set my own schedule and drive at the appropriate time.

I Voted For Obama said...

And all of you wonder why Obama loves Governor Quinn. No one wastes taxpayer dollars better.

Anonymous said...

Just 2 dollars more a pack and we can make it happen.

Coypus said...

Get some good traffic cops with gunships and mandate transporter and RFID chips in every vehicle and driver ass!

When he hears you over his cell phone/radio; pull over or merge immediately!

When he hears only static, sees lasers all over the vehicle and feels a twinkle in his sphincter.




Now! That's $ 39,000,0000 for the police, fire, widows and orphans, support groups, pensions, healthcare, education and puppy dogs!

($ 1,000,000 for the parasite politicians firing party)

Additional benefits: See page two!

Coypus said...

Page Too!

New paving and better signs in problem areas.
No illegal alien SNAFU!
UNUSED revenue from Expert Studies? We are the experts! and unnecessary salary,police protection,benefits and sex money for the parasite traitor politicians. To the people wop earn it and their family.
Descent jobs, food,housing, healthcare, pensions and Children education.

Build the best hospitals, Schools, parks and JAILS in the world!
The ASK THE QUESTION : What do you want to do when you grow up?


Anonymous said...

I dont understand why Everyone is complaining about this needed expenditure, If Gov Quinn says we need it then of course we need it.. Take the money from the State pension fund it;s fat, just dont cut the entitlements to the undocumented needy that are Guests of Our state.. Vote Obama..

Perry F'ing Mason said...

$40,000,000 is WAY out-of-whack for an engineering study even for corrupt and clout-heavy Illinois and Chicago.

What are they going to study for tnat much? Maybe they have includes two or three GSA-style parties in Las Vegas for employee morale.

Seriously - that SCREAMS of someone (or several) getting some prime money back.

OR - maybe they are just getting some extra money so they can send all their relatives on the job for engineering degrees at top schools before they start work, so no one will say they are not qualified.

It is like the off-ramp Rosemont wanted and the State gave them a price-tag of $26,000,000. Rosemont did it themselves - to spec- at more than $10,000,000 LESS.

If the prices were reversed - you would say, "Well that's because Rosemont has to pay off people".

WELL ,where is the investigation into the state?? AND who is getting the juice???

This SHOULD be the Next Case.

Out of the car Motherfucker!!! said...

40 million for a traffic study???? Does IDOT not have planners? Oh I forgot Quiin will give this bullshit contract to some of his and Obama's buddies to tell Gov. Potato head what he wants to hear!!! Asswipe of the fucking century!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear governor jag off, the circle is fucked. Now send me a check for $5,000.