Saturday, April 21, 2012

Off-duty Cook County Sheriff's Officer living in his plush Englewood estate scares off, shoots at burglar

An off-duty Cook County Sheriff's officer, awakened by an alarm, fired shots at a burglar while chasing him from the officer's garage early today, police said.

The officer, 41, was awakened about 3:10 a.m. when an alarm went off in his home in the 6000 block of South Justine Avenue, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.

The alarm showed that someone might be in his garage, so the officer went out to his garage and interrupted a man who was apparently stealing tools, Perez said.



Anonymous said...

Digby to the rescue, or was it Wackenhut?????

C. Brown, in the rear

Anonymous said...

uh oh here comes big Tom and his camera crew

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' jail guards... They can't even get a police job, why would we expect them to be able to shoot straight.

Here's a tip for next time turnkey, hold the gun verticle so you can see the sights, when you hold it sideways like you saw on BET, it's not as accurate.

Anonymous said...

The deputy is probably one of Dart's "do nothing," affirmative action, kaffirs.

Anonymous said...

2 flat 15,000 in dat hood.

ex cook sniper said...

That's why I left the Kuntknee for Chitcongo 23 urines ago because I heard the rumor CPD used real paper targets for qualifying!

Cuntknee just counted the brass if they found any blood on the qualifying closet floor.

ex cook sniper said...

I must commend and salute the veteran CPD range staff!

They know who you are and let the MARKSMEN that can hit the paper more than twice go first.
They wait until we're out of the building safely before everyone has to put on their vests so the veteran range staff doesn't flood the Medical Suction with IOD exposure to blood pathogen's reports every year. Nor do they have to Deport the apprentice blood mop up janitors until the blood tests come back; or not?

ex cook sniper said...

The babies are being taught how to kill a paper and guy standing still under a spot light by phone call ACTING range instructors.

I came off IOD for a bruised butt and a ear bite but had to be certified by one of the gang that couldn't shoot straight collage kids.

I put one in each tit, one in each testicle and one above each eyebrow. He said I missed the OFFICIAL box and I was suppose to talk to the target while I was shooting at the assailant?
Another week on the medical then I qualified with all five weapons even the vets came back.
Officially assailants don't have tits or testicles and head shots will NOT reduce the threat only shots aimed at the impact plate area count!

I put one in the tie knot, tongue,nose and both testicles he told b
me to get out of his range before the women and children get there!

Maybe we can get an age waiver for that retired NYPD DET. THAT STOPPED THAT ASSAILANT AT 55 FEET WITH TWO OUT OF THREE HEAD SHOTS?
Before he doubles for Lee Harvey Oswald in THE remake of KENNEDY II?

MAYBE? PUT $ SIGNS IN FRONT OF THE RING NUMBERS! 30 X $10 =$300.00 would ne nice at Christmas Time !

Hopefully not three JOO light tickets?

Anonymous said...

He shoots just like cpd. And apllpatently lives like them too.

ex cook sniper said...

Perhaps? We could give the veteran range staff ( if they want it) some OT to teach the new breed gel heads and PH GED to teach them how to break down and clean those rusty blunder buss shotguns.

For practice only: THE SMITHSTONIAN won't lend out their antique spare parts display.

When the new ones arrive we still have time,and maybe weather to practice SHEET AND TRAP SHOOTING! Final qualifications ofcourse will be alley bricks and actual flaming bags of burning toxic chemicals and SHIT that will be thrown at US during NATO catastrofuk.

First tier will have LASER shotgun shells to clear the field of fire protecting the ARSONISTS and chemical warfare international law terrorists!

ex cook sniper ( for now ) ;-@ said...

Last but not least!

The retiree auxiliary unit with RFID paint ball marking guns. Scoring will determine placard positioning at the "Special" banquet. Near the bar and breathalizer station or the washroom and colestomy emptying stations.
Transportation from the event will be in the new ambulances the City will get from Obamas redundant reelection matching funds.

All prisoners who survive will rebuild the City and County as community service until they never never never want to do it again. Time off for good behavior can be earned by successfully raising pigs and running a combination pork BBQ STRIP BAR next to the Mosque they are building across the street from the Twin Towers memorial or Downtown Baghdad mosques!

Free Political programming on all even channels and the internet 90 days before an election and citizens requests for recall at any time.

The qualifications for a voting citizen that can exercise his or her (no third category) constitutional rights will be available ASAP.



You have the right to remain silent! ROFLMAO don't count said...

Don't Ask or "announce your office?" in a situation like that!

Just say " I told you to gimme a dollar NIGGER!"
he'll stop turn and open his mouth. Put the first two down the barrel of his toy gun and the next two in his tonsils as he muderfuks you on the way down!

For stress relief and endorphine dissipation put your bare foot on his weapon first.

AFIS will classify him as a Gorilla until they recalibrate the parameters. Have a little fun?

( IPRA HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR THAT'S WHY CPD PERSONNEL MUST PUT ALL MIRRORS IN A LOCK box before talking to them and only near a portable defib in case they hear or see the truth!

I Voted For Obama said...

I can't understand why an Obama voter would steal tools. You need them for.....(gasp)!

Anonymous said...

Shots fired, Commander Mummmbles says, na moe we ain't going in, it's raining.. WOW I think that's called; Cowardice, deriliction of duty & so on.
Commander Mummmbles is proof that anal sex can cause pregnancy.
Commander Mummmbles is a ball licking inept coward.
Chief hillbilly walrus whale ass sucks cock.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Fuckin' jail guards... They can't even get a police job, why would we expect them to be able to shoot straight.

Here's a tip for next time turnkey, hold the gun verticle so you can see the sights, when you hold it sideways like you saw on BET, it's not as accurate.April 21, 2012 10:54 PM

Let me guess, you're probably the same soft as baby shit, scary-ass, poor excuse for a copper who got mad and refused to come inside of the jail because you couldn't bring your gun inside, so you sat in your squad like the bitch that you are. Next time, have a Glock sandwich!