Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A message from FOP 7 Chicago President Mike Shields - From the FOP Update

Despicable (CLICK TO VIEW)

The City of Chicago posted a webpage and had the audacity to title it Retirement Security Honesty and Solutions. Honesty has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is, simply put, another means to spread propaganda that portrays the hard working men and women of the Chicago Police Department as the demons who are responsible for the financial woes of the City and its pension plans.

There is one simple fact that this webpage seems to ignore. We, the employees, have held up our side of the agreement. We have religiously contributed 9% of our pay, without exception, to earn a pension that was promised to us.

The webpage conveniently ignores the fact that for more than two decades the Mayor of the City of Chicago chose to ignore the annual actuarial recommendations for City contributions that would have stabilized the pension funds. Instead, he continually placed his political future ahead of the funds by refusing to modestly raise taxes to properly fund the plans.

Now, with legislation in place that was designed to stabilize the funds, the City is again taking the position that it does not want to pay its fair share. The City does not come out and state this outright. Rather, the webpage contains a "calculator" that plays on the fears of taxpayers by "predicting" huge property tax increases beginning in 2017.

There is a button on the page that seeks solutions from the taxpayers. We ask that all members and their family members submit a simple suggestion. Tell the City to live up to its promises and stop the fear-mongering.

Mayor Emanuel, just in case you have forgotten, we, the City workers who you seem to detest, are taxpayers too.


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